I was reading Rocky’s blog on Nicol David deserving a Datukship, when I saw one of the comments (sarcastically) suggesting that Mawisux receive a Datukship.

Dude, if that ever happens, let me know in advance so I can go kill myself.

Ok, or at least bitch about it forever on my blog.




  1. Before you kill yourself, please kill me first.

  2. friend and i were just saying that yesterday. and that we want to go support one of her games, but we never seem to know when she’s playing in msia.

    trying to get to the next one though. whenever it is.

  3. I will join you!!! count me in! we mass suicide!!

  4. Wait..wait. Hang on there guyz. We’re all smart ppl, lets think this way. Dont take ur precious life, take out the moron (a.k.a mawisux) life. Then we all can live in more ‘meaningful’ life, rite?!

  5. Giant Sotong says:

    Don’t be too quick to place your bets. This is Malaysia, after all. Anything can happen.

  6. vomit blood

  7. Datuk Suanie!

  8. Hahahahaha… that’s a nice way to say it. I? Agree fully!

  9. Bryan: ok!

    Lainie: heh too bad I really have no interest whatsoever in squash. or golf. or tracks. or uh.. anything sporty. but i morally support nicol david, yay!

    wingz: ok!

    ajip: hahah kenot, later all the makcik kampung patah hati

    GS: that is my worst nightmare

    reta: wuek

    gamB: yes, dear? 😀

    Mav: which part? 😀

  10. They gave that overweight Malik fella a Datukship and a house, for swimming across the English Channel in around 22 hours (I think.)

    Lennard Lee did it less than a year later in only 9+ hours. I think he only received a token monetary award (that he donated to charity).

    No way they will give Nicol a Datukship. She’s not even Bumiputera. Plus she wears all those athletic attire that the local idiots will think is too revealing. But good thing is that CIMB seems to be taking good care of you.

  11. you? Freudian slip? *shakes my head to clear it* her!

  12. I can never forget or forgive Nicol for letting malaysia down in the commonwealth games. She just play for herself but when it comes to the country she was unprepared and embarassed malaysia when her so called no 1 lost and not even in the semi final.

    For me that is reason to forget nicol. Praise her and she will let you down. Let her win her own prize money….

  13. Mawi Sangat Fakap says:


    that’s all mawi know how to sing.

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