laptop died/ banned books

My laptop died. Very sad. Luckily it’s still under warranty. But everything gone… all my photos gone… all my music gone… all my documents gone…

Deja vu.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

Oh look, the motivated folks at Manuscripts Don’t Burn came up with this nice nifty banner for their cause.

Bloggers Against Banning Books

Say it loud and clear!

I was reading Bill Clinton’s autobiography yesterday (yes yes it’s been a couple of months, the book is damn thick ok) and I thought I read along the lines of… DEMOCRACY *gasp*

One thing that always weirds me out is that how people always think that Malaysia is a democratic country. We are not, plain and simple. I was even taught in school that we are not fully democratic, we are not fully this or that (but we all know that lah) so bite the stick and move on. Which sometimes is fine by me, because I don’t believe in the notion of free speech (there’s no such thing as FREE), everything has a cause and effect, sometimes the consequences are minimal and not so important, sometimes a seemingly minimal consequence could lead to a larger societal problem later on.

Blah I’m rambling. Anyway shouldn’t we ban Bill Clinton’s My Life as well? I mean, the dude endorsed Al Gore’s kurang ajar’s speech at some global conference held at Cyberjaya a few years ago. That’s like evil, dude… like Saddam Hussein in South Park evil-O-meter. Plus what is this democracy you speak of? Me Malaysian, me no understand. Two term presidency at most? Foreign, damn foreign idea ye foreign devils. Soon you’d have us going around protesting this and that without getting arrested! I mean, the very notion! Scandalous beyond scandalous, so let’s just ban Bill Clinton, yeah.

I was also looking through my library and boy, were there some books that are just WAITING to be banned! Look at Lord of the Rings! For cryin’ out loud, can’t you just SEE that it REEKS with homosexuality?!? Hobbit, hobbit, hobbit, hobbit, Ranger, man, wizard, elf king… all the gory battle scenes are just introduction to anal probing. I mean, shooting an arrow… how descriptive can you get?!?

What about Enid Blyton? Mr. Pink Whistle?!?! Dude… strange man in weird outfit going around talking to little kids and performing magic tricks… erm… what are we waiting for again?

And The Magic Faraway Tree… do we really want our children exposed to incredulous never-going-to-happen fantasies of climbing trees and being exported to foreign lands?!? By golly, soon our kids will think it’s all right to follow a stranger wanting to take them to ‘somewhere else’ with the promise of a candy and a hobbit. Odd connection, but hey, that’s the purpose ain’t it. To prevent something from happening by banning the materials that by no scientific research COULD induce such things happening. Geniuses, we lot.

Doraemon be gone! Dik Cergas be gone! Stephen King be gone (unsur-unsur yang menyeramkan)! Catherine Lim be gone! Amy Tan be gone! Marina Mahathir be gone! Karim Raslan be gone! Lilian Too be gone (with or without book banning :D)! Jeffrey Archer be gone! John Gray be gone! Judith McNaught be gone because we don’t want our women’s head be filled with such preposterous fluffy romantic foolishness. The absurdity!




  1. don’t understand why they even bother with banning a selection only. might as well just burn everything lah, motherfuckers. anything from the tanah penjajah and tanah orang putih is evil! burn burn burn!

  2. Re. Laptop – you don’t keep a running back-up?? is free and works…

  3. maybe we shd all compile a list of books they shd ban instead. like those chicken soup for the soul stuff. and books by footballers / ex models.

  4. I can so relate to the demise of ur laptop. Jit-Ngoi-Soon-Pin lah.

  5. What did you do to your laptop?

  6. I hardly read books… but I’ll join in just for kicks… GANYANG KEBODOHAN MEM-BAN-KAN BUKU!!! GANYANG!!! GANYANG!!! **add petrol… minyak tanah… nitro… bakar beb… BAKAR LAGI…**

  7. Meh. Stopped caring about the retarded censorship laws a while back, easier to go get books off Amazon. Nuff said.

  8. LOTR promoting homosexuality? Aragorn and Legolas … hmmm … why, the horrors! Ban them already!

    Oh, The Faraway Tree … I love that! Especially Moonface.

    They should ban the Malay Mail as well, in view of their recent sex issue!

    Soon, there won’t be anything left to ban.

  9. i’m going to note that list down and see if they’re banned in Aussie as well. w00t.

    oh and what’s up with the prisongotnobroadband tag? 😀

  10. btw, it’s actually quite weird why malaysia would even have a banned books list, considering the percentage of our reading population is lower than J Lo’s Versace plunging neckline aqua dress. must be trying to make our IQ drop even lower, to accomodate the… uh. nvm. 😛

  11. you must have bought an Acer.
    so do i … grr!

  12. scorkes,
    So did I.

  13. Giant Sotong says:

    Whoa. Grammar police!

    …So, which notebook is (relatively) better than Acer?

  14. “if we tolerate this then our children will be next”….

  15. FA: yeehaww!!! burn baby burn!

    Dr Buck: oO nope, but will do so now! Thx for the link

    simon: blah I hate the chicken soup stuff. BURN!

    Samm: sniff you too you too

    Peter Tan: sat on it. bleh. nah it just died.

    cmos: mem-ban-kan? dude you just like, invented a new word 🙂

    julianME: shipping expensive, no?

    derek: yeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwww! moonface is evil! all the clankering of pots and pans is obviously the devil at work!

    Chen: dono, something started by Mr. Miyagi and Mr. Brown. I just think itÂ’s funny as hell, so itÂ’s there for my own amusement 😀

    scorkes: AYE! told you already mah hahaha

    GS: la.. rileks 😀 fujitsu, toshiba = good, but for the specs of my Acer, I would have to pay arm leg torso and innards.

    beefstew: manic street preachers, nice.

  16. I think Sharon Bakar mentioned something about these KDN officers *looking through* the stuff you sorta import – from Amazon or wherever – and then deciding for you what you should read or what you shouldn’t. Any confirmation whether this is true is most welcome, though, coz I don’t know the facts on this.

    In the meantime, I say ban Asterix & Obelix. Small man and Fat man make mincemeat of organized, civilized Romans after drinking magic potions. The fellas are pendatangs (or potential pendatangs – they’re french, heh), encourage witchcraft and instill obsessive tendencies toward menhirs.

    Tintin and offensive tufts of hair are next!

  17. Lessons Learnt: always backup what you need. PCs must fail and will fail – Murphy’s Law.

    Democracy cannot exist in a vacuum…the law of nature and jurisprudence must exist for a society to have certain control.

  18. imagine you reading your that speech out loud about the books coupled with a suit and thick glasses…

    wahlaousss.. can rule the parliament floor hehehe

  19. That really sucks about our laptop. If it was an Apple, I’m not surprised. Kudos for trying to read Bill Clinton’s book. Don’t drop it on your foot! It very heavy!

  20. Recent buyer of Acer here! *waves* OMG, I’m doomed, better get that external hard disk or thumbdrive soon.

    Derek – more likely candidates are Gimli and Legolas – sad but true.

  21. IBM Thinkpads ftw?

  22. Lenovo Thinkpads suck big time.

  23. Shipping is teh okay. Gather few friends who want books, all tumpang in together.. makes the shipping more cost effective~

  24. Get one of those with one button backup. Very useful in virus situations. But may still take a while to restore everything though.

  25. xpyre: yeap that was a v. informative article. in any case hereÂ’s the link:

    I have heard about it before also. Friends who ordered via Amazon reported that their packages were ripped open, checked and so on. Lucky Amazon wrap their stuff in bubble wraps yay!


    Mav: yes sniff unfortunately I have to learn that the hard way sniff.

    reta: or bring the house down in laughter I hope.. but donÂ’t think those people can take a joke 😉

    mad: already done that. still got the bruise.

    Suertes: good luck have fun 😛 computerwarÂ’s got some nice cheap stuff..

    Paul: showoff!

    julianME: nah canÂ’t think of any books that I want THAT badly. canÂ’t even finish reading the books I have at hand

    James: better than nothing kan? Like, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING kekeke

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