MS Paint monster

Okay look, it’s Saturday night.
I am at home.
In front of the laptop.
Doodling on MS Paint.
I am 25.
I am young.
I live near KL.
I have a car.
I am supposed to be out and having a whale of a time getting pissed drunk, having unprotected sex leading to chlamydia and a bright and brilliant future of being a sexual outcast.
But no.
I am at home.
In front of the laptop.
Doodling on MS Paint.
I am 25.



  1. Ditto.

  2. I am 30.
    I am at home.
    In front of the laptop.
    Waiting and waiting for your posts.

  3. anttyk: yeah you are sadder than me la. confirm ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. The self-pity I feel for myself is occasionally more than enough to rival a Suan.

  5. play guitar. three of us can go become buskers.

  6. I am 25.
    It’s a saturday night.
    I’m sitting in front of a desktop reading and posting comments on people’s blogs.

  7. ShadowFox says:

    31, Just finished doing some 3D modeling/animation of some mechanical Bat and some other anime style mecha stuff.

    Now gonna eat some garlic spread and any other stuff I can find.

    Later gonna check out some DVDs.

  8. looks more like the first draft of chicken little

  9. i’m 27. home sat nite (err, sunday alreadi). online. bf snoring into my ear, again. *hics* =P

  10. im not yet 30
    i hjstgot home its 3am

    ia m pissed drunk

    life i sgogod! will post teh pix son kthxbai1!!

  11. is that a new song??!!

  12. Cheneille says:

    I’m 19.


    I think that’s sufficient to ‘throw more cold water’. Hahahahahahaahaaahhaha ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Hi!

    I’m 28, I am also in front of the computer reading your blog.


  14. I am 28. I am in bed…with my laptop and Civilization 4. On a Saturday night.

  15. Giant Sotong says:

    Translation: “Lone-ly, I’m Monster Lone-ly, I have nobodee-e-e…”

    But look at the lines! The choice of colours and contrast! The mastery of symmetry! The overall composition conveys the feelings of the artist perfectly!

  16. very obviously a case of quarter life crisis lol.

  17. Right about the same time, I was in a bus 6 hours journey, on my way back to Kedah after spending a few days in KL with my kids. And I am just a few years older than you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. anywhere is better than where i am, OK. be grateful biatch!

  19. I went to bed at 10.30 on Saturday night.

  20. ‘Doodling on MS Paint.’

    Download GIMP or Blender! Or minimum Inkscape girl. lol

    ‘a bright and brilliant future of being a sexual outcast.’

    Why go to the effort of going out, when stayin at home makes us all sexual outcasts anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’ve sucessfully removed all the effort and you’re complaining?

    Just remember, doing something now pays off later, but being lazy pays off now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Besides, if you get real lonely, just go to work and organise a meeting!


    I am 19.
    I am studying.
    I am in Kedah.
    I have a house in KL.
    I have a car belonging to my mum back in KL.
    I Have no friends left in malaysia to go out with me.
    I am in Kedah.
    i am studying.
    I am 19.

  22. I am 19. I am near KL. I am young and good looking and have a wardrobe full of fabulous clothes. I should be out getting shitfaced drunk and picking up a million horny men who hope I have an amazingly short memory and parents who work overseas.

    But I am at home on a Sunday night. Looking at the results of your MS Paint doodling.

  23. You Inspired me.
    to do my own MONSTER!!!’

    My nephew liked both yours and mine. He’s making monster noises! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. In fact, my nephew liked your better than mine! lol He just told me! lol

  25. yea, i heard their rawrsssss.. haha

  26. Chlamydia burns. It’s no fun.
    You’re better off doddling with MS Paint.

  27. It’s Sunday night.

    I am somewhere in a foreign land.
    In front of a computer.
    Surfing the internet aimlessly.

    I am 23.
    I am young.
    I am far away from my hometown KL.

    I am supposed to be out and having a whale of a time getting pissed drunk, having unprotected sex leading to testicular pain and a bright and brilliant future of being a playboy.

    But no.
    I am in front of a computer.
    Surfing the internet aimlessly.
    I am 23. And Single.

  28. Diu, most depressing post EVAR. Period.

    I’m 21. I’m legal.
    Curfew 11pm.

  29. a-non-e-mouse says:

    suanie, next saturday… you, me and a bottle of wine… what do you say?

  30. apa lah susah !!!!! save 6 months of salary, go to poppy and spend every one a bottle, make lotsa friends, ask them to go over to your place to smoke some G or snort some K, everyone will be happy.

    happy people have more unprotected and RAMBANG sex.

    1 pack of med-low grade G = RM 50
    1 straw of K crystal = RM 250-300
    Alcohol for eveyrone = RM 15,000
    Feeling like a japanese porn actress = Priceless

  31. I’m 28. Doodling with a piece of paper and a crappy piece of HB pencil like some pathetic bangla in the middle of the night. And I’m not getting lucky either.


  32. hahah this post damn happening sia.

  33. I’m 26 years old.

    I’ve been working for 4 years in the same company.

    Have been working as an IT Executive for 4 years.

    Have very few / no SINGLE friends who are same age with me to go yum char with me.


  34. foxtrotecho says:

    /me slaps Suanie around abit with a large trout.

  35. hehehe.. 29 years old. got car (i love my car!!!) saturday night watched broadway beng, berry good.. that was after one whole afternoon of bumming at a friend’s place (mother in law’s friend’s place actually) sorting out photos and pigging out on nasi dagang (curry took THREE days to cook.. just imagine.. worth the effort.. the only time i’ve ever DRANK gravy)… after broadway beng went for yam cha and roti kosong GARING at Melur in USJ.. went home at 2am, slept at 5.30am (read stolibuuk)

    I think i more happening than you

  36. love this post.. lol
    saw it at the monsterblog thing that my friend put up.. good read..

  37. Uh, 25 is not that young. That’s like a quarter century. Heh.

  38. confirm we all a bunch of sad cases. sigh. nemmain, keep each other company.

    except for my sister. maybe i should get hitched, so i can be damn happening also.

  39. There are many people are at home too. Otherwise, where do you think you get all the readers here, huh ? Well, at least i’m one of those who stay at home pretty often.

  40. says:

    Nice poem!

  41. I live in Cheras.

    nuff said.


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