i scare myself sometimes

I just got back from driving someone to the self-proclaimed ‘best airport in the world’. Getting there is okay, because you have someone to tokkok with for 45mins to an hour, depending on how fast or how slow you go. Coming back, especially if it is late at night/damn early in the morning is another matter all together.

There aren’t many other cars along the NKVE, not at 2.10 a.m. The road is long, brightly-lit yes (thank macaroni for small favours) but otherwise lonely and very much solitary. Occasionally you pass by a truck or two, otherwise it’s just pressing the gas pedal and zooming according to the speed limit (ahem).

Then you start seeing things in your mind.

You see, I am a highly-imaginative paranoid-er, especially when it comes to scaring myself. As KY would have mentioned, I adore watching scary ghost movies. At the same time I am absolutely terrified of them. This my friends, is what we call ‘asking for it’.

That thing that flutters by the roadside — is that an untied banner or something else? The red stains on the tarred road — red earth spilled by lorries or blood from past gruesome accidents? A knock-knock behind my seat — the usual creakiness or a different entity hitched a ride without permission? Oh shit I ran over a dead cat in the middle of the road. Hmmm… why do I, of all times have to remember specific scenes from the movies ‘The Wig’ and ‘Shutter’…

I had never been happier to see a toll plaza. That means I’m only minutes away from home, that means I can rush back and wash my feet (stupid silly personal superstition of having to wash the feet when I get home after a day/night out due to a different kind of ‘dirt’), that means I can sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!

But now cannot sleep, so I blog instead.

Hmm.. why do I hear bells outside the house…

*slaps myself*



  1. NigerLoh says:

    morning! nice posting on the monster blog but what gives??

    i get really sleepy on that highway to the airport too…though not as creeped out

  2. That is why I avoid Scary Movies like the plague.

  3. Don’t worry, when you growth…errrr up, you will stop doing/thinking those stuff.

    If you want to scare those “dirties” stuff away, just show them your housing loan, credit card bills, IRD forms, spam SMS, bad stramyx line, violent news, politikus talk ……..

  4. NigerLoh: eh? what u talking about? This is my own blog?

    I get creeped out everywhere, to and fro the airport is no biggie.

    anttyk: But for some sadistic reason I am strangely drawn to them.

    moo_t: that is damn depressing…

  5. did you hear that baby crying sound coming from your toilet?

  6. Hi Suanie,

    Hahahaha…your posts never fails to make me laugh. I’ve had my fair share of “things” flying around me when i drove him back in Malaysia 😛

    I ma long time reader, first time commenting….does that sound right? Yea..i think it does.

    yea, i answer my own questions sometimes.

    Hey, can i link you to my blog? 🙂 And you can link me too ….if you want, that is.

    Okay, gotta go..happy writing!


  7. Next time if you need a talking partner on your way back….. I’d volunteer…for the price of the Hoeegarden you’ve been whoring about…I think

  8. “..that means I can rush back and wash my feet (stupid silly personal superstition of having to wash the feet when I get home after a day/night out due to a different kind of ‘dirt’)..”

    There are people who are rationally obsessed with this washing of feet – they are animal health authorities who are afraid of foreign arrivals bringing foot and mouth disease (on their dirty feet) that could wipe out their entire cattle herd.

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