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There was a rumour floating around my sister’s residential area about a covered-up tragedy that struck a family who lived two blocks down the road from her. A man saw two guys trying to steal a car, and in an act of bravery (or these days, dumbness) tried to stop them. The robbers overpowered him, stole everything he was carrying and forced him to bring them to his apartment where they took everything and THEN raped his wife.

The incident was never published in any papers, a friend of a friend who got the tale from a security guard said. The recent police blocks along the roads quite ‘confirmed’ the validity of the story — if nothing had happened, why would the police patrol the area so frequently these past couple of days? Not that anyone is complaining, just a lot of speculation on our side.

When the tale was related to me, I was silent for a while, rather scared. Not for me but for my loved ones who are living in the area. When such tragedy strikes so close to home, it makes you think real hard about what might have been, what could have been and the possible aftermath. I felt for the victims of the crime — it must have been a real horrible nightmare especially during the emotional recovery period, and I could only imagine the pain they are going through.

Today I read the papers and found the real story:

Rape of model at condo: Duo detained

PETALING JAYA: Two men were arrested on Thursday in connection with the rape of a 24-year-old model early last month.

The first suspect was nabbed in Petaling Jaya in the Proton Wira stolen from the victim’s boyfriend in Kota Damansara.

The second suspect was detained hours later at his home in Klang.

Petaling Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Hazam Abdul Halim said both men had been remanded until Wednesday. A third suspect is still at large.

Police are investigating whether the three men had used a stolen access card to enter the Palm Springs condominium complex or had inside help.

In the 6.30am incident on June 5, the victim’s boyfriend stumbled upon three men trying to remove the tyres from his car. The suspects overpowered the salesman, bundled him into his car, and drove him to an ATM in Klang.

Not satisfied with the RM150 he withdrew, they assaulted him and then drove back to the condominium where they ransacked the victim’s apartment and raped her.

Okay, so it is not THAT close to home now. Guiltily I felt a little relieved. All I can offer for an explanation is that there is a difference between someone robbing your next-door neighbour and someone robbing the neighbour in the next block. It’s a natural instinct to want to protect your own loved ones especially when your perceived space in the darn big world feels threatened, even if it’s just a strong word of caution to ‘let them take the tyres, the car even if it means saving your own life’.

I still feel damn bad for the victims. The robbers are most inhuman. Rhetoric, yes but I still have to voice it out. If not, tak puas. Not content with taking away someone’s hard-earned money, they just HAD to commit rape. Pouring buckets of salt to the open wound. There is no sense of humanity left. I wonder what circumstances led them to do what they did. I wonder if I should even wonder, for even in other cases there are grandfathers/fathers raping their own flesh and blood.

Shit la, damn emo.



  1. best defense is self defense. no tools, no weapon is going to be helpful. becareful πŸ™‚

    next hint: your gift is a book πŸ˜›

  2. And sometimes I wonder why I stopped reading the news…

  3. Giant Sotong says:

    Death to all violent criminals. Period.

  4. You haven’t seen the worst to come yet.

    Sit tight, and enjoy what is going to happen soon.

    Economic catastrophe is going to happen and Malaysia might never recover from it unless they’re willing to cut the corrupt limbs of the government and cronies.

    Otherwise, expect more cases like you mentioned.

    Nowadays you can just pop someone’s life and get away with it especially if you’re a non-registered citizen aka illegal immigrant.

    Malaysia’s time bomb is ticking.

    Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.

  5. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.

    I agree… why does Malaysia have such high levels of rapes and violence against women?

  6. Shadowfox: Ahem. According to police crime statistics, the percentage of crimes committed by foreigners is very small compared to crimes committed by locals. Get your facts straight, can or not?

    And yes, cronyism is a problem. But you’re blowing it slightly out of porportion. We’ve got a stupid government but your doomsday picture smacks too much of sentiment, not reason.

  7. Didn’t u guys read the earlier news report regarding this case? Was published in the chinese papers. The model fought for her life and the assholes brutally beat her up b4 raping her. These assholes don’t care about ur life.

  8. Well said Erna.

  9. Sharon Natasha says:

    Hey Suanie,

    I live at that condo. And according to some sources, its not your usual rape, robbery kinda case. Apparently its an along case. Husband didnt pay up, one thing leads to another etc. Still scary nonetheless. That aside, this place is actually quite a nice one.

  10. sebat them kau kau!

  11. Erna, you’re bloody braindead to believe our police statistics. *LOL*

    Another StarBucks sipping yuppie.

    If you think the problem with corruption and cronyism is blown out of proportion, you must be living under the well.

    Let’s see you get smug about that when it’s your turn to be raped one day. πŸ˜‰

  12. Shadowfox: CHOY!

    Braindead? What does rape and cronyism have to do with each other? You make yourself sound like a racist, government-hating wanker.

    See, I’m not calling you any names, I’m just saying what sort of impression you’re giving off.


  13. I’m just waiting for Vincent to blog about the previous two comments.

  14. it did, on Malay Mail.

  15. Seems like Bernama is slow in getting the news nowadays.

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