on leave

This is an update to let you guys and girls know, that there won’t be updates on this blog for a week or two.

Have fun.



  1. mindripping orange ! yummy

  2. holland already lost la 😛

  3. my orange is better, really

  4. watermelon is more yummy than orange

  5. Oooh…

  6. This new layout is way Koooool. Totally different. Have your rest and hope you come back blazing away soon.

  7. Cheneille says:


    zomg apa jadi???

  8. hope everything’s fine suanie

  9. YEay yeay YEAY!

  10. Nia seng, this layout sucks.

    Bring back the original Suanie lah.

  11. It’s nice…

  12. myhorng says:

    Holland. who approved the leave?

  13. foxtrotecho says:

    OH NOES !!!
    NO Suan for a week or two ?

    Wait, why do I even bother. Hmmmm =\

  14. We are gonna miss you badly!

  15. Where she go……

  16. fuck it, I am sticking to this theme.

  17. much better.

  18. WTFFFFFFfffff! 11111111one.

  19. a-non-e-mouse says:

    where oh where can my suanie beeee…
    her leave took her away from meeeee…

  20. ya i love this theme oso. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  21. Cheneille says:

    fickle-minded nya….

  22. Ah much better.

  23. foxtrotecho says:

    Anyone keeping count on just how many themes Suan has since used ?

    I lost it after the orangey one …

  24. It’s back to the original Suanie. I prefer it this way.

    Better contrast and less hurtful to the eye due to bright white everywhere previously.

    And my CRT monitor will last longer without wasting phosphors.

  25. eh i wuv this old banner =)

    hurry up come backk mana pegiiiiii

  26. batu pahat rocks!
    balik kampung!
    i love rabbits!

  27. oi. balik sini. minum kopi. hey that rhymes!

  28. enjoy yourself suan….and eerrr..watch the weight? dun eat rabbits ya. brazil rocks!!

  29. Quick come back. We’re missing you.

  30. Hey, you didn’t say how long is your leave and when is it going to end.

  31. suanie on hiatus?? noooooo… =P

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