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Am I the only who dislike the reborn MTV-generation? Piercing-laden kids, pretty boys, lil’ girls with in-your-face boobs, angst-filled lousy-poetry spouting because ‘the world just don’t understand’, short-attention span, self-induced drama, you’ve-no-brains-but-you’re-pretty-here-we’ll-put-you-on-tv, Simple Plan is the best evar band… you name it, I’d probably hate it.

I miss the era of Third Eye Blind and Gin Blossoms and the period before Mariah Carey got to be so slutty ๐Ÿ™

And imagine, it was only a few short years ago.

*getting nostalgic*

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I finally plonked my ass down to finish reading Tash Aw’s ‘Harmony Silk Factory’. I bought it months ago but somehow left it lying around, then lent it to my sister and mother, but I’m happy to announce that yes, I have read Malaysia’s golden son’s literary achievement.

Funny how Malaysians become great by doing their great things overseas. Once they reached greatness, Malaysia is always so eager to claim them as her own. Remember Sarah Marbeck and the Miss Teen USA something? Good, bad, useless (biggest mooncake) and horrible, we all want and constantly hunger for whatever claim to fame we can get.

I’m sure these people wouldn’t mind the slightest. After all, what’s a little bit more adoration, even from a country they have not entered for ages?

For once I would like to see this kind of news highlighted. No doubt the mainstream media editors would be sacked or mutilated by secret agents or something, but isn’t it time to DO THE RIGHT THING OMG!!!

I digress.

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So yeah, Tash Aw’s ‘Harmony Silk Factory’. Credits must be given to those who deserve it… I found it to be a nice relaxing read. The use of words, beautiful scenario mind imprints, the various colours of Johnny’s character as told by his son, his wife and his best friend were all rather cleverly written. Tash Aw earned his credits. Insert more coins.

Forgive my highly noobish paragraph above. I could think of no other way to say it, for I am no book reviewer. But I have some questions, which perhaps no one could answer but write them down I must.

1) Why is there no continuation to Johnny’s story? I would love to know how he cared for his son by himself, what happened to his father-in-law etc
2) Why is there no continuation on Snow, Johnny’s wife? After she was nearly ravished by the Japanese professor, what happened next? She went on to bear Johnny’s only child, how did that happen when Johnny had troubles touching her?
3) Why did Snow’s father think that their honeymoon should resemble a ‘Survivor’ episode?
4) Why didn’t Johnny control his wife’s behavior a bit? I know it’s perhaps due to his character and that he silently loved Snow so much and this question doesn’t really need an answer, but I cannot tahan la.

So many other questions. Or did I miss something while reading?

Obviously I didn’t like Snow. Felt no sympathy for her. Bitch.

Didn’t like the son also… spoilt brat.

I thought Johnny did what he had to do in his circumstances. Go Johnny!

Though I felt that there could be more explaining than just leave us making up things in our mind, the book was well-worth the money and time spent. Tash Aw writes a heck lot better than other authors I’ve read, and he damn well deserves his whatever awards and recognition.

Strongest impression: when Johnny’s small kid and his friend went swimming in an abandoned tin mine, and the friend drowned. The whole relating of the scene was just spooky.

Oh yeah I probably should have mentioned that you shouldn’t read this if you haven’t read ‘Harmony Silk Factory’. Sorry.

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I hate it when people type in all capital letters, even after I had a ‘Please do not type everything in capital letters bla bla bla’ put up above the entry box. After THAT, the number of I-MUST-USE-THY-CAPS-LOCK-SO-THOU-SHALT-NOTICE-AND-ANSWER-ME-ASAP dependents decreased significantly, but there are the odd ones now and then.

Of course they’d get my attention. I just ignore them for a bit while replying to those who can read instructions, let them sweat it out for a week or two then finally get down to the caps-locked. Despite my heavy glasses and nearly-fucked eyesight, my eyes still have many a good years ahead, and I would like to keep them that way thanks.

This is more annoying than the 250 characters business. I know I am not that literate or patient to read two pages of instructions, but 3 lines? Come on…

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Mission: Impossible 3 was Mission: Disappointment. Ethan Hunt should have died so we won’t have to endure a Mission: Impossible 4, if any. Sick sick sick of Tom Cruise’s million-dollar limited-facial-expressions ego-trips it’s-all-about-me movies. I only watched it because we were bored and Da Vinci Code sold out. Funny how I said I wouldn’t watch another Tom Cruise movie. Well I didn’t, really. Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it as well and he was worth the 2+ hours in the cinema. At least I didn’t watch ‘War of the Worlds’. Heard it sucks. Tom Cruise saved the world from machine aliens yeay, we can sleep soundly in our beds until a dangerous and sadistic arms dealer threatens to blow us all up. I tell you, the dangerous and sadistic arms dealer was probably the good man. He’d do us all a favour by…

Never mind.

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I would like people to say what they mean and stick to it, especially when friends are involved. However I accept that everyone was born different and has dissimilar values and ways of doing things than that of mine, so I won’t pursue it. It’s not my problem anyway, it just makes me contemplate on a lot of associated issues. I’ll probably get over it in a week or so.



  1. War of the Worlds royally sucked big time. It wasn’t just about Cruise, but the whole bastardisation of the story too.

    if you close your eyes and shut everything out, you could hear a faint sound of HG Wells turning in his grave

  2. is he really johnny’s son? cos i got the impression that he’s actually the ‘byproduct’ of snow and that bloody japanese dude.

    i reread the book 3 times just to find out, but i never did… tell me if u know suanie

    i reread Jasper’s description of himself, and Peter’s rendition of what happened on the island… seemed like Snow broke free from almost being raped by the Jap, into Peter’s arms and they humped each other willingly. should be Peter’s by product

  3. ultra super duper mega gummibeary juice cryptic sial.

  4. “I would like people to say what they mean and stick to it, especially when friends are involved.”

    I agree with you on this. I share your sentiment. It’s kind of disappointing and frustrating this kind of stuff can be.

    But just like you have seen pass thru it, everyone have their differences, so, guess there’s nothing we can do about it other than let it go…

  5. Erm. I feel blonde today. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Blondes have the most fun.

  7. I’m a teen but I don’t worship MTV. In fact I rarely touch the TV

    good for you! MTV generation doesn’t just mean if you watch MTV or not, it’s a set of characteries and behaviour also.

    but we’ve met and I know you not liddat one lah:D

  8. MI:3 is OK la. DVC is even worse. Bored for 2.5 hours. Some people were clapping at the end of movie, like WTF?

    Worse Tom Hanks movie EVAR.

    yeah? I heard bad stuff about it too. maybe just get the dvd la ๐Ÿ˜›

    but I read somewhere that they had to tone down the sound effects and musical score so kids could go watch the film. We get it 18PL here, hence I’m interested if the distributors gave us the ori or amended sound stuff.

  9. i read the book n sumhow had the impression johnny’s “son” was the by-product of snow and that angmoh guy who was best frens with johnny, no?

    N the mystery thickens…

    I reread some parts, I think you are right

  10. wahh so many rants…

    that was how i felt when i read the book. what she dieded?? just like that?? damn no fun… or maybe he intended to do book 2 who knows.. hmm.. plotholes here there grr…

    hehe yeah.. those artsy peps… grrrrrr rawrrrrrrrrrrrr

  11. im blonde … so is voices lol!

    no I am most blonde, check out my lion mane hair

  12. MorpheusX says:

    The higher the expectation the higher the dissapointment!!!

    For War of the Worlds, i would note that the acting of Dakota Fanning was worth my money!!!

    she’s cute

  13. Suan: pretty much ori. surprisingly uncut as well.

    yeah I saw the poster where it says NO CUTS NO CUTS NO CUTS. like damn big achievement like that. that tells us something is wrong with you-know-who

  14. Cheneille says:

    funny how passion of the christ had very very very limited screenings here (only by requests from churches i think), but Da Vinci Code which ‘sort of’ depicted a darker side of christianity gets shown with null censoring here.


    DVC oredi got confirmed success mah… I don’t think it’s a conspiracy la. Even if DVC was banned, our favourite Uncle Ho will be very happy and rich like he did when Daredevil and PTC were banned. See? Everyone wins

  15. ‘Am I the only who dislike the reborn MTV-generation?’

    I’m old, I hate all later generations … they’re scarey, cause when I was young what was ‘in’ was kewl and hip, and now everything that’s ‘in’ is weird and scarey! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘And imagine, it was only a few short years ago.’

    Only seems like a few short years ago that AC/DC were a new band to me … and Led Zepplin were new, and Deep Purple, and Moody Blues, and … and … geees, I’m OLD!!! Waaaah! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘we all want and constantly hunger for whatever claim to fame we can get.’

    Somewhere in a house in Penang above a bed is a plaque that says, ‘Dabido Slept Here!’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I thought Snow was the product of water, altitude and cold … so how did it product Jasper? Was he sort of frozen in a glacier? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Never havi read the book, here are my answers to your questions:
    ‘1) Why is there no continuation to Johnny’s story?’
    He appears in the sequel as an axe weilding maniac who bashes through a door and screams, ‘Here’s Johnny!’

    ‘2) Why is there no continuation on Snow, Johnny’s wife?’
    Spring arrived. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘After she was nearly ravished by the Japanese professor, what happened next?’
    She vowed never to ride the Tokyo Subway again! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘how did that happen when Johnny had troubles touching her?’
    She untied him from the bed. ๐Ÿ™‚
    [Or maybe she didn’t … who really knows!] ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘3) Why did Snow’s father think that their honeymoon should resemble a ‘Survivor’ episode?’
    Because he loved that show, and wanted to make a video to get on the show and win $1million!

    ‘4) Why didn’t Johnny control his wife’s behavior a bit?’
    *Laughs hysterically at the thought of ANYMAN controlling a womans behaviour!*

    ‘I hate it when people type in all capital letters,’


    *runs like hell!*

    ‘I would like people to say what they mean and stick to it, especially when friends are involved.’

    Don’t worry, you’ll probably get over it in a week or so … um … where have I heard that before? ๐Ÿ™‚

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