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the run-around guys

For some unknown reasons, this past weekend I’d been having a lot of conversations on the topics of being single, being in a relationship, being a male and being a female. The eternal incomprehensible tangles of having different organs and functions that make sad love songs top of the charts and people like me bitching about it.

I don’t know what it means, maybe all it means is that when you talk, someone else will talk back. I don’t know, it’s not like there’s a big big mystery waiting to be uncovered. Despite assurances that I am still young this that, despite my overplayed dramatisation of singlehood, I am not overly worried. Maybe I *should* be, maybe I should start thinking about worrying.

Meanwhile, drinks all around!

Back in high school I used to hang out with this circle of friends, and over the years I noticed the ‘changing partners’ game. Girl A goes out with Guy A, they break up, Girl A gets together with Guy A’s buddy Guy B, Guy A gets together with Girl B, everyone breaks up, Guy B and Girl C gets together, Guy A then has interest in Girl C bla bla bla… the point of the matter is, everyone was dating everyone else within the same circle. Not my cup of tea but it seems to have continued on till today, Girl B and Guy N finally got together.

Then I came to KL to discover a whole new breed of men — the ones who would try their luck with every girl within the same circle. There may be a proper name for this type of men (desperate, horny, asshole, jerk, slut), but I call them the ‘Run-Around’ guys for lack of a more polite better term. Single girls worldwide may know of this situation — you get to know a guy, he seems nice and all, then you introduce him to all your girlfriends and he hits on them. Some do it discreetly, some don’t even bother to cover their tracks but you, the single girl is most likely to remain ignorant until you exchange notes with your girlfriends.

Quite sad lor. I don’t know if those guys realise it, but once notes have been passed around over and over, the circle of girls that they try so hard to infiltrate would mark them as history. Adios, tata, goodnight and goodbye. Or at least that is what I would do. So don’t bother, thanks.

There are also the girls who attempt to steal her friend’s every potential male in sight, but that’s another story.

While on friendships, I was still a kid in primary school when I experienced my first non-friendship friendship. A toddler my age and I mutually agreed to cease all communications.

“I don’t want to friend you already.”

“Don’t friend, don’t friend lah!”

Behold the cold war! How glorious it was back in those days to give the cold shoulder because if you even give the slightest hint of looking at the other person, there goes all your 8 year old credibility. Your friend who dared lend the other warring party a pencil would be semi-permanently marked as belonging to the other side, unless she comes back with her tail between her legs offering some juicy gossip for sniggers and laughter, such as the other one got into trouble with so-and-so teacher. Until then she is not worthy of your mighty attention. Feel free to look the other way and completely ignore her even if she was still standing in front of you, pretty much bewildered at the change of situation.

It was cute. But when adults still do it, it is downright stupid and childish and marks you on the losing end. You are no longer 8 years old. Grow the fuck up, why don’t you?

On another note, a big hi to Jazz Mamma of The Top Room! The place was nice, the music better.

And happy birthday eyeris! May your balls never sag till the end of time.