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I’ve been spending the week at my sister’s, playing the ‘invalid’ and milking her waterfall of sympathy like no tomorrow. Even though I am bigger, taller and heavier than her and could crush her puny lickle bones that make up her tiny weeny existence in a world of giants into the deepest darkest echoes of oblivion, she is still my elder sister and therefore this curious organism of a similar DNA and blood group as the greatest person to walk the cobbled mortal path — that would be me, still carries certain weight in my life, so when she says ‘stay for a few days’, I stay for a few days.

Plus she lives in a nice place.

So if my housemates cannot answer our shared acquaintances’ queries regarding the health of my ear, blame them not for truth to be told, they really have no blinking idea as to where I am (well they do now).

I’ve been going to the medical place to have my dressing changed everyday — rather expensive at RM23 – RM 26 per visit not including transportation fare on certain days when I am left to the mercy of sometimes scrupulous and sometimes unscrupulous taxi drivers. But the wound is very clean, so they say; it is getting smaller though there is still green-ish discharge, I am seeing the doctor again this coming Monday and if what he removed was anything more threatening than non-malignant cysts, I’m sure he would have told me… /end dry tone.

There’s no more bleeding from the inside of the ear, but I think it’s very slightly swollen. Will get it checked this Monday.

So, anyway. My sis has been taking care of me, and frankly speaking, it’s grreeeaaaaatttt!!!! I get to use her car at certain times, I get 3 square meals a day (often more), there’s cable with Discovery/National Geographic/various sports channels, there’s fresh air and nice quietness (you try living next to a highway for a couple years and not appreciate the difference) and there is someone to pamper me *sniff*.

Since I can’t eat the ‘poisonous’ stuff, I’ve been consuming a rather lot of leafy greens, fish, bread and banana nut crunch cereal. Yes Paul I miss Williams’ very cheap very good very large seafood tomato spaghetti but if I eat that I’d die. I’ve been drinking a lot of milk, not a drop of carbonated water since Monday. Impulse purchase is buying 2 cartons of Daisy milk when there are 4 or 5 cartons of Dutch Lady milk in the pantry. I feel slightly more productive — two book reviews and a host of other things completed. I sleep a lot better and easier even if only on the couch. Anne Rice’s Vittorio the Vampire almost made me want to be a Christian, what with the lights and guardian angels, unlike Queen of the Damned which made me almost want to be a vampire. There’s Internet — not great with wifi but it’s been a lot better since I hunted down a 5 metre long network cable and made a couple long calls to the provider. By the way, not a single shop in IKANO sells network cables.

Ahh, well… family life. I *could* get used to this.



  1. When will you not die then? So long never limteh already. Drinking coffee before a movie does not count.

    I’d die anyway.

    Wait till the ulcers in my mouth heal.

  2. Wah! living the good life ya. Sure you can bear to leave? Greenish discharge still?? Did they clean it properly or not? My colleague’s case was a rare situation where the goeey stuff caused by sinus somehow found its way there. Take care Suan. Be good?

    yeah still got … it’s supposed to be less when the hole grows smaller. dont know why liddis. mwahhhhhh

  3. Your sister is a camwhore too!!!

  4. Suan looks scary sial…

  5. alcohol = poison?

    for now

  6. u want a role in Scare Movie 5 is it?

    pirated version issit? ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. your sis is sureeee purrrdyyyy…

  8. Don’t ever die on me Suan…without leaving numbers behind of contactable kin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Nah, you won’t die so easily. The worst thing that can happen… maybe the ear will drop off. Not so bad right?

    oh, always so optimistic ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I dont know u that well and i should not say this but being a vistor of your blog since october 2005. i would agree with peter he is right.. U are though in a nice way

  11. good to see u getting better…..

  12. “Scare” Movie 5. rofl.

  13. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    Is this the elder sister who is married, or another one?

    The other one as opposed to the one getting married soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Beware of the Cooper Cobra.

  15. foxtrotecho says:

    Is it me or does suan’s sister look like an older version of Pinkpau. Hmmmm ?

    it’s you

  16. “I’ve been spending the week at my sister’s, playing the ‘invalid’ and milking her waterfall”

    dammit that just sounds soooo wrong STOP GIVING PICS OF HOLES AGHAGH

    you yang berfikiran kuning.. bleh

  17. Typo la Paul.

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