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I was at the hospital for a change of dressing when I mentioned to the nurse that there was green gooey coming out from the inside of my ear. She was a little stunned because I had never mentioned this to her, and she took some sample for the doctor to examine. Roughly the order of things is as follow:

  • Green smelly gooey from the wound = normal
  • Green smelly gooey from the inside of the ear = not normal
  • which I thought was normal because of an earlier conversation with another nurse, and because the doctor mentioned something about the cyst being connected to the inside of the ear bla bla bla
  • Doctor asked me to go to his consultation room where he poked around my ears a bit with his high-tech jing-a-lings
  • Green smelly gooey from the inside of the ear = fungal infection = separate matter from the cyst
  • Perforated ear drum in the right ear
  • A massive piece of hard wax inside my left ear, the reason why I have difficulty hearing
  • Two ear drops, one large bill and an appointment with the doctor next week

The plot thickens.

Am also nursing a terrible flu and controlling an insatiable desire for seafood/eggs/chicken. I have been a very good girl for two weeks now. I am also very hungry for prawns and squid.

On a side note, how can Chilis Bangsar and Midvalley run out of molten chocolate cake? Fireangel wants to sayang me and belanja me choc cake also cannot. WHY?!?!?!?!?

We watched She’s The Man last night. Kids’ flick. Amanda Bynes shone though, she has a rubbery face similar to mine. But all the guys in the movie… bleargh. MTV kids. Ptui.

Not complaining. Wasn’t expecting something like ‘Shawshank Redemption’. Good mindless movie. Plenty of laughs, suprisingly.

Go look for Mrs. Henderson Presents. Favourite line: “We need British nipples!”

Also met KinkyPugKevin last night. J’adore.



  1. We try again next week.

  2. The plot thickens…

    The goo too.

  3. no seafood yet Suanie…..wait till it all recovers….dont want green gooey shit turns into blackish shitty dont we ?

    no we don’t!

  4. we go talipon when u’re fine, k

  5. that’s grosss laaa babeeee

  6. Whoa… Sounds like last time when my little sister had an ear infection. I hope the ear gets better, and the molten chocolate cakes get restocked!

    tyty πŸ˜€

  7. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    Your new nickname – Goo-anie! πŸ™‚


  8. Kesian.

  9. Cyst can be removed, but ear cannot

    though you could if you wanted to…

  10. Giant Sotong says:

    Yikes! Full-tilt emergency! How the heck could get a perforated ear drum?

    Guess I won’t be able to buy you more Hoegaarden anytime soon… .

    no no no no beer helps, beer helps!!

  11. take care, suanie!!! eh, sarks about the non-protein .. life without eggs is like meaningless!

    you think? life without squid has been… pretty much depressing

  12. Get well soon, Suanie!


  13. There seems to two common threads with all visits to Dr…
    1. “large bill”
    2. “appointment with the doctor next week” (where one gets another large bill.

    I should have studied harder…

    if you and i get together right now, all we would be able to manage is, “WHAT?!?!? CAN YOU REPEAT THAT?!?!?!? CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    could be fun πŸ˜€

  14. I was having my lunch during my break at the desk. Read your post mentioning ‘goo’ more than a few times, and I looked back at my thick, greenish soup. Then I felt something churning in my stomach… Well done. Hehe… But I still managed to finish them all lah…

    I wish you a speedy recovery…

    work on mayday? sedihnyer…. πŸ˜›

  15. Slinky says:

    Whoah… Sounds awful. I had the same jing-a-ling being poked right up in my nose for diagnose some time ago. Somemore can be viewed live from the small little TV over there. Hehehe!

    Oo I had the tv thing once for my ear a couple years back. what’s with your nose?

  16. Perforated ear drum – that’s scary.

    issit? kids get it a lot apparently. i never had this prob as a kid so it’s coming to me now

  17. “MTV Kids. Ptui.”

    Ahahahah. Well said.

    And please take care of yourself, and get well soon. πŸ™‚

    heh tyty

  18. La Bodega’s hot choc fudge cake is better than Chili’s molten choc. πŸ˜›

    teapot cafe has decent choc cake too… for those who can’t afford la bodega πŸ˜›

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