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meet eric, my love

At last I have a boyfriend…

Suanie with Eric

… and he ain’t gay! Cloud nine here I come.

bloggers pissed with streamyx

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. The reverse, actually. I thought I’d make a list of all the recent complains by bloggers on our much loved and hated Streamyx. You know, because I can.

Connection problems:

Adventures of a Blog Junkie – TMNet: Do you even know what you’re talking about?
Chapree Da Grande – Me VS. TMnet Streamyx Again
Chapter 3 : To Begin What’s Left Behind – Streamyx is the WORST CONNECTION OF ALL
Chorwin – TMNet’s Streamyx Service Complaint!!!
Foolish Guy in Act – Damn Streamyx
Groovy – Depress Owning Wallfing Nausea
Hot Screensaver – Streamyx Slow – Broadband or Narrowband?
Jane Tarzan – Crawling…
Jeff Ooi – Internet connectivity… problems
Jeff Ooi – Internet connectivity… Problems, Day 4
Messy Christian – Streamyx Sucks
Paul Ooi – TMNet Streamyx Poor Service
My Journey – Pissed Off!
Narcissism in Words – Bit of Grave
soufulow blogs – malaysia streamyx
Keroyhima’s Blog – I’m SICK of everything!!!
Alan Chung – Streamyx caurse our office cannot operate well for online service again!
What Talk You? – Streamyx: The Saga Continues

Activation problems:

MenJ– Telephone activated, Streamyx activated – but I am still not connected to The Net!
MenJ – Still no Streamyx!
Yen – bad services


LiewCF – TMnet Blame Streamyx Broadband Users on P2P Usage
Path of My Life – Ops, I was wrong! Fact: TMnet continues being sux…TMNET BLOCKS P2P ! – Fly Like a Bird
Single State of Consciousness – Streamyx upgrades, anyone?
Wingie’s Cradle – TMNet and their incompetant staffs – Streamyx is pointless
Shagadelica – Internet Bandwidth at TM Point, Menara TM
Volume of Interactions – The hypocrisy of TM Net

ShaolinTiger’s entire index of Streamyx related rage



Mood Station – Funny
What Talk You? – Ode To Streamyx

Z0mg so many people so unhappy!!! Time to buck up, I think? If you have a blog post related to this issue, leave a comment and I’ll add it. If you want.