gallivanting with homecoming

Last Sunday, Paul, Fireangel and I together with a few other bloggers harassed met up with the cast of The Homecoming at Bulldog @ Sri Hartamas.

The Cast (and one director):
Gavin Yap, Thor Kah Hoong, Patrick Teoh, Loo Jia-Wei, Ian Cheang, U-En Ng and Ben Tan.

The Bloggers:
Yours truly, Paul, Fireangel, TV Smith, Midnite Lily and damn hot Pinkpau.

Gallivanting with the cast of 'Homecoming'

p/s: I don’t know why my ‘titties’ has only one ‘t’. Where did the other ‘t’ go? Hmm….

p/s/s: I don’t know why I don’t have a photo with Midnite Lily. WHY?!?!!??!?!?!?!

p/s/s/s: I don’t have a photo of Paul here either. Does this mean my camwhoring skills are teh fading? z0mg…

p/s/s/s/s: WE BUILT THIS CITY ON ROCKK ‘N ROLLLLL!!!!!!!! Nice song, they played it at Bulldog, it’s been a few days and I still can’t get it out of my head.

It was really fun lah, sorry if I was not more sociable… was seriously lacking of alcohol and all that :( plus I am a bit shy the first time around… we should meet up more often then I won’t be so shy anymore, eh? Eh? EHHHH????? Heheheh :D

The Homecoming Blog

suanie visits the doc

I’ll just let the photos do the talking.


Ear surgery - before incision Ear surgery - close up of swelling


Ear surgery - waiting for the doctor

A while later…

Ear surgery - supposedly artistic angle

Ear surgery - needles, ewww

Ear surgery - Suanie bandaged

The next day…

Ear surgery - hospital bill

Got medical card but co-payment, is teh sienz.

Third change of dressing later (two days after the incision) …

Ear surgery - After incision

The mosaic’s cell space is 8 squares, so you go figure.

Note to self: undiluted saline (just found out it’s not saline but something else that *seriously* bites) hurts like your skin is bursting into blooms over and over again.

p/s: thanks mom, sisters and wc for being so nice.

suanie & fireangel terrorise the koreans

This was actually quite a long time ago; I’ve never had a chance to put it up; you can see its ancientness because my hair was golden instead of yellow and I was not as chubby, and Fireangel had long hair.

I don’t think I’ll get 20 PPS hits for this post. For one, Korean food is as common as teh tarik these days; everybody knows what Korean food looks like, everybody wants to shag a Korean… but since I’ve been rather lapse in taking photos of food recently, I DON’T CARE SO HERE IS A BLOG POST ON KOREAN FOOD SO THERE.


We went to Daorae Garden at Desa Sri Hartamas (same row as the Maybank, below a ‘Klinik Haiwan’). My sister took me there before and I knew the food was good, and this visit was to reaffirm the goodness of the food there.

Little bowls of Korean goodness

They just pile up your table with lots of side dishes — pickled this and that, Kimchi-ed this and that. I like the mashed potato, very creamy.

Fireangel sips her soup

The marinated beef was ze good.

Scrumptious marinated beef

Looking at the photo, I could almost taste it in my mouth.

Beautiful, just beautiful cooked beef

This is pork belly — the owner of the restaurant taught us how to eat it properly — with some sort of fermented beans and lettuce because one is ‘hot’ and the other is ‘cold’ — sort of like yin and yang balance.

BBQ-ed pork belly, Korean style

The waiters were most attentive and the owner was very nice — kept looking after our gastronomy needs.

Fireangel with owner of the joint

So yeah, we were happy.

Suanie eats Korean food

I’ve seen a branch of this restaurant in USJ before, somewhere in Taipan? I’m not sure. But if you don’t want to go all the way to Ampang for truly delish Korean, this is a pretty good alternative, a superb choice by itself really, definitely worth a visit and more.

Daorae Garden, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

20 hits? Can I get 20 PPS hits for this?

suanie spouts poetry

Tigerjoe, man-ho extraordinaire moaned that PPS hits today aren’t what they used to be. Me, of course having a blog for no purpose and with no direction decides to take him up on his skewed observations, and in this first of a four part blogglenge (blog+challenge, I dare you to say that 50 times in a row), I present to you:

Suanie’s Poetry
aka Ode to Boobies
aka I-hope-John-Keats-doesn’t-rise-from-his-grave-and-scare-me-to-death

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun
My bosoms are drooping 25 years in existence
No longer perky like 18 year old lumps
If you’re young you’d better fucking cherish your tits
Splatter age-defying cream and whatnot all over your bits
Better wear a bra if you’re more than an A
Trust me, it pays
Oh boobs of all shapes and sizes
Boobs of spring, summer, autumn and winter
Boobs like apples, oranges, melons and peaches
You’d give a straight man a seizure
Treasure them well, treasure them good
Helps if you have a nice ass to boot
Tigerjoe, I hope you are duly chastened
I bet my poetry gets more than 10 hits, bless ‘em
If I recall you owe me some beer
I’ll collect when I’ve fixed my ear.

-The End-

ear pain

My ear damn pain.

Got come out blood.

I hate my ear.