on lampe berger and mlm

A conversation with a friend actually doing Lampe Berger stuff. Edited for clarity and length.

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Suanie: You still in Lampe Berger ar?

Friend: Ya. Why? Recently a lot of people asking me the same question. Apa kang tau?

Suanie: LOL. Anti Lampe Berger, Lampe Berger Help, Mack.

Friend: Haha..

Suanie: Going to be hoo haa.

Friend: There will always be some bad apples in a basket. Those are not news to us anymore.

Suanie:So are you really selling lamps?

Friend: Yes I am. Not doing recruiting anymore, only servicing existing customers. All the while there are problems like these. Just that it is getting more serious.

Suanie: Yeah. Did you pay RM30k?

Friend: Nope. Why suddenly so keen on Lampe Berger?

Suanie: Asking only mah. I don’t want you to get into trouble.

Friend: Basically it is a business, if you treat it as such. It will turn into a scam, if you want it to be. That’s the thing with MLM. Hard to control human behaviour. I stopped doing recruiting because the market is getting worst day to day by those people who treat it as a money game.

Suanie: Basically people are scared la.

Friend : Our whole group stopped doing recruiting. There’s one group really siao one… very fierce. They are the ones who make the whole market bad.

Suanie: Do the Lampe Berger lamps work?

Friend: Yes they do. But it is a natural way of healing. So different people will have different time frame to see the effects.

Suanie: What does it heal?

Friend: Different aromas will have different usage lar…

Suanie: Continue writing k.. I am going to take a nap.

Friend: There are certain aromas for healing migraines, stress… Normally we approach people only when we see that they have a need for the products, or the opportunity to make money. Some who benefited from the product will become a distributor. It’s like you ate something good at Jogoya, you’d share it with others la. But in MLM you can make money from it lor. That’s it.

Friend: Some people might say, earning money from friends is not good. Just think the other way round. If you open a restaurant, you ask your friends not to come to your restaurant meh? Or you always treat them to dinner? It’s a perception… if you really look at it from a business point of view, MLM is also a type of business. The problem is, nobody can really control how people use it.

Friend: Although the government do have rules and regulations and laws about it, but it is still hard to control because it is run by humans. You can’t stop people from throwing price and all that crap. That’s why it might turn into a scam not unfamiliar with certain MLM, causing people to be scared and wary.

Friend: About Lampe Berger…. depends on what aroma you are using. For example, eucalyptus will help in healing asthma, bronchitis, sinus, breathing problems etc. Roses will help balance the hormones, blood circulation etc. Lavender helps with snoring and insomnia problems as well as release stress. Apple helps to whet your appetite and some detoxification. Sandal wood helps you to be calm, is used for meditation and some constipation problems.

Friend: That’s about aroma lah. It can also increase small amount of oxygen level, is anti-bacteria etc. No matter what aroma you use, these are the common effects. Aromatherapy is a type of alternative healing la… like yoga, spa… but in a natural way. Not like western medication which suppresses the illness… Natural like Chinese medication, using herbs to heal, finding the root of the illness.

Friend: That’s all lah… I lazy to write some more… Go here la.

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I don’t support MLM scams; I don’t really believe in MLMs. All my life I’ve stayed away from the “give me some money now and see more money later!” stuff, except for a couple of insurance policies. Someone comes to me with a catalogue and a massive grin, I’d run for my life.

However I thought there might be another side to it, people who actually believe in the product and not the highly inappropriate recruiting methods, hence the conversation above. What my friend said is true — MLM can be a legitimate way to make money. I personally know of people who are so involved with companies such as AMWAY that it is their full-time job. Good for them.

Recommendations is a way of life. Someone could recommend to you a job, a car, a date. I could recommend to you a movie, a restaurant or a blog. Another person could recommend to you their insurance company’s latest policy, or a doctor down the road who could give you a fake MC. It is unfortunate that there is a loop in Lampe Berger’s hierarchy and many people are irresponsibly taking lucrative advantage of it.

RM30k… wtf… *slaps your head*.



  1. If you’re in an MLM that advocates a 30k payment in order to make even more money (and not for purchasing stock) it has passed the realm of legitimate business and entered into the scam realm. In fact anytime you have to pay money but promised big returns without ever buying anything you should be careful.

    agreed. like the bomoh telling you that he could turn money into more money.

  2. My cousin bought a Lampe Berger for her spa and believe you me, the bloody things works wonders. I would get it for my house but then again, it’s just too ex.

    There are a lot of scams out there, even online ones. Writer-wannabes have to be on their toes for scammers like Poetry.com (which looks and sounds legit except for the bit where you have to pay for some award you won).

    oO Poetry.com . A friend of mine was chuffed that she received a letter from them, telling her that her poetry won some competition, and that it would be published into a book, but she would have the buy the book etc etc etc. Sounded dodgy, but it made her happy for a bit.

  3. Well, as your friend said. It depends how you perceive and carry MLM in bringing its image to your other friends or strangers. The reason many are skeptical of being involved is:
    – they don’t believe it works and I believe the average numbers won’t invest more than RM200+ on such an item if the effects were not obvious within a week.
    – too many rotten eggs in the basket that the main company or group leaders don’t really care about. this goes the same for the web industry.

    all in all..Malaysians want to see a worthy investment fast instead of allowing it to do what it’s suppose to do.

    I ponder sometimes if that’s really our malaysian culture.

    I guess a lot of people have just heard about the bad side of MLM and are scared of that. It’s just that this whole Lampe Berger recruitment thing takes the bad cake.

    Get rich fast, no effort whatsoever. A sign of our times.

  4. I like how you took a nap while the thesis was being written. 😀

    It’s true, a lot of legitimate businesses can be turned into scams. The larger it gets, the less internal control, hence more loopholes.

    I just got home and I was tired :X

  5. spot: suan takes nap everywhere, including my house.

    you should be so proud.

  6. danny, it’s not just Malaysians la. There are naive and greedy (etc) ppl all over the world.

  7. Someone once said that a typical Texas Wildcatter (independent oil producer) went to sleep in his tent while his pumps churned out $$$ from the wells. Suanie’s style (sleep while her productive resources go to work) somehow sounds strangely like…..

    ..an MLM!


  8. MLM is not for me. I’d rather invest in Kuda / Magnum / Toto tickets. Or perhaps a 4D outlet. 😛

    I don’t believe in such gambling either 😛 but I believe that sharing is caring 😀

  9. I was approached by a friend to join this “business plan” as she put it, a few months back. What turns me off was not the plan itself (although I was cynical that it would actually work for the long-term) but how my friend was pushing the plan to us. They just don’t get the meaning of ” No, means fucking NO.”

    The selling point to the new recruits?? The promise of a “secured, financially independent future”. Or from what they told me and what I saw, rm5000 LV totes and SLK Benzs and BMWs.

    The thing with MLMs and direct-sales are, I have nothing against them. I’ve seen people who are very successful in this line, but the problem with these agents are, they get carried away. College kids giving up their studies for this is plain stupid IMHO.

    LV bags are over rated 😉

  10. re lampe berger products: i’m allergic to them all, regardless of how they say it is ‘natural’ and ‘good for health’.
    which weirds me out, because it’s normally the synthetic oils that give me the reactions i get from LB oils.

    The idea behind aromatherapy is, to get the effects from inhaling whatever is in the air, the SMELL is not important – so the oils can be a lot milder.

    I have a relative who made aromatherapy oils. Very effective – and an aroma so mild you won’t really notice it. No headaches.

    So. I’m not very fond of LB. Guarantee headache everytime someone uses it.

  11. i head over to menara hla coz my company branch is there and i frequent the gym there. every time, i’d see groups of black-suited people congregating at the ground floor of the building.

    it piqued me interest – seeing people just sitting doing nothing but wearing expensive attire. most look like they’ve just graduated.

    i’ve had my share of MLMs (Amway, Cosway, Omega Trend..).. some actually do sell good products.. some just bloody sucking money from people who momentarily get blindsided by the promise of supposed wealth.

    time that they investigate the daily congregations (they do it on weekends too! don’t they have a life?)

    I’ve always had this thing in my head, that AMWAY’s dishwashing liquid is far more superior than others.

  12. Dude has been totally brainwashed into shitty ponzi scheme haha.

    It’s just overpriced aromatherapy shit, remember that guy sitting next to us at Joey Yap Ming Xiang, and we said it smelt like rotted puke? That was Lampe Berger.

    oOoOOoooOOo too strong I think

  13. One of their well known method is asking you to open a franchise business. FRANCHISE SIAL! You start thinking of McD and KFC. But it turned out that each of the recruited member is considered a franchisee. Not really complying the Frachisor Act but the opinion (it’s not fact ok)they presented to you is enough to lure those “labi-labi” out there.

    Next thing will be entering the China market, Indon market…

    Different product, same worms or the fishes.

    When they recruit more than focus on their products, it’s trouble.

  14. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    Lampe Bergers … sounds crunchier than MacDonald or Burger King burgers … and how does the stomach digest the glass bulb????
    These crazy foreign foods!!!!

  15. Some Lampe Berger fragrances are pretty nice. My mom actually had bought some a few tears ago, before the hoo-hah about the whole LB franchiese matter kicked in.

    I’ve been approached by some people and I keep turning them down. The question they usually ask when you turn them down is, “Don’t you like money?” Like duh, but I have the choice in how I earn my money, right?

    Meh. At least my friends who are doing it are not pushy and not harassing people to join up. (AFAIK la)

    I heard from a friend that there’s this guy who likened LB to joining a triad, which is a little too extreme a statement la IMO.

    But what gets my goat is when people from LB (people I hardly know, not my friends), start making half assed comments like “Don’t you feel stupid working for a living under a boss?”

    How to explain my motto in life is ‘Asalkan ada duit makan nice food, hidup is boleh!’ I’m my own boss when I choose to work what.

    Sekian. 😛

    they are also under a boss what… sort of

  16. steveneleven says:

    LB idea does not fly with me at all. It reminds me of an AMWAY subsidiary called 21st Century something. It is very similiar to it. The big difference is that AMWAY or 21st Century have some products of quality to offer and LB has a what was it? oh yea the lamp which happens to be one of france’s valuable something(if I remember correctly from the presentation long time ago) Problem with 21st Century is very heavy towards PONZI system, which totally turns me off. Even my uncle who is a typical chinaman business guy was totally emotional when talking about LB, and felt that it is the worse of its kind. Next up is that crystal thingie which also emits some sort of aromatherapy when pluuged. Most if not all ppl who sells the products have done lil or no research on the product itself besides information given by said company or uplines, what with google and other more advance way of searching online. 🙂 But then being a sales, we need to really brainwash ourselves to sell stuff to earn money, but that’s another story la. But you do learn a thing or too still, not all’s bad, but then if one has a choice, I believe there are many other quality MLMs out there which not only pushes u in sales/recruitment, but also improve u as a person through sound training, goal-settings, knowledge etc.

    Isn’t 21st Century the vitamin stuff?

    I’ve had friends who joined Amway only to attend their talks and seminars etc, and not for the products at all. It helped her for a little while, but then she stopped going because she said it was becoming more n more bs. On the other side, someone else is in their 40s and is a high supporter of the motivational stuff. Tried to pass on me some cassettes, but I got scared coz he was coming on a bit strong — the mlm way lah.

  17. your friend’s right.

    Business is business and everyone wants to make money. But when one approach is feared, is dumb to still go head strong.

    try selling Lamb Burger instead…makes more money and satisfied every hunger.

    Now everyone can burger

  18. A mamak near my house mis-spelt Lamb Chop as Lamp Chop on it’s sign.

  19. Hmm.. interesting…
    But I do agree that it all depends on how people sees it.

    I’m sure, how your friend is running his/her business is going to be good provided a very good after sales. 🙂


    I am aware that you are intent on exposing the recruitment side. But then there are people making an honest living out of it also lor 🙂

  20. Actually, selling lamb burger sounds like a good idea. Especially since not everyone eats lamb-u meat.

    Didn’t get the punchline? oh, OK.

    I’ll go away and pick numbers for the next 4D draw then.

  21. steveneleven says:

    yea, the talks and seminars also cost u lor. For some, its an experience itself.. and u get to network and who knows! get hitched!

    I read somewhere, that the actual ULTIMATE money making is standing up there talking abt how successful u are etc. U know all those talks by some supposed sucessful MLMers? yea those. Erm.. i forgot name liao.. but am sure it starts with 21st, he claimed its a branch out form AMWAY wor, here’s more info… http://www.mlmsurvivor.com/posts/post47.htm hmm I think its similiar to your fren who tried to push u training hahha. anyway dun belip everything on the net either!

    I’d be worried if my future partner is into all these stuff. I think it might strain our relationship, simply because I’ve been aware of these MLMs for a long time, I am cautious and I am stubborn.

    Anthony Robbins is making tonnes lots of money heh… but he works.

  22. steveneleven says:

    maybe the fella same as u la.. just go there to check out and look see look see wahahahahaa… speaking of which if you notice, many lookers at lamp berger, tried to sot me… cannot work, coz i broke as hell, ok this is waaay out of topic. Anthony’s works like a system does, and his diet idea is kinda workable.

    bah still don’t want lah 😛

    the diet thing, you giving me a hint ar??? 😛
    But Anthony Robbins… he is a sort of hypnotism as well.. there’s just something about his voice.
    I got something by some dude called Brian Tracey, the voice is not as convincing as A.R.
    so personality counts as well.
    I attended a pre-AR seminar before, where this dude who went thru all of AR’s courses went on stage and began to try emulate his coach’s manner of convincing… didn’t work. Still a couple of my colleagues signed up for AR for the real thing and came back quite changed.

    It helps to be good looking.

  23. fulhamsw10 says:

    i like to call it lampah berger!Maybe i should start a burger joint and call it lampah burger! Eh cho seng lee bo?

    sounds too much like ‘sampah burger’, so you think leh?

  24. KNNCCB! So expensive??
    Roses can help with hormonal problems? Eucaylptus asthma?
    wah. gonna start sending my patients that way…

    all your patients are belong to lampe berger!!! bwahahahaha

  25. I’ve seen 2 of my best friends joined LB. One fella’s gf even invested RM30k and the other is trying to persuade his mum to invest RM30k also. Now I’m not sure they are in deep shit or on the way to be wealthy. Sigh…

    I went to LB centers thrice, both Penang’s and KL’s but didn’t join after all. I’m not against MLM and I think there are something to learn from MLM scheme (that’s the reason I went) but not from the bad apples in the basket. There were once 3 Marquis-ranked members sitting in front of me. Some of they did have their points but some were just being ridiculous.

    I observed a lot of things when I was sitting in the office there. To be successful in LB you just gotta have the ability to crap. The more capable of you to crap, you will be more successful. Higher ranked LB members are pro in crapping and the listener usually don’t ask for validity of their words (except me lah ofcozZz, I asked a lot.). Most of the high ranked fellas were wearing all sorts of branded stuffs from Armani handbags to LV shoes.

    The key to avoid joining is not to go to the center. Even you go, make sure you have a very clear mind otherwise you’ll sure get brainwashed. Imagine 3-4 crapping professionals take turns to brainstorm you with their so called brilliant business plan. The best friend of mine who joined recently went to LB center every night before he quit his job and full time doing LP now.

    Next time, if anyone promoting LB solution to you, just point them to this website http://www.mywood-n-treasures.com/ for cheaper lamps. 😀

    Now I really hope to see some burger stores named as Lampu Burger.

    group persuasion oft works better. the pressure working inwards.

    “Lampu Burger, Lampu Burger
    Marilah jadi member
    Satu biji dua ringgit
    Tiga biji lima ringgit
    Makan puas-puas dompet tak sakit”

    nah, go improvise.

  26. I am not in MLM but I think nothing wrong – it’s a business model. Every kind of biz, you’ll find crooks.

    I used Lampe Berger. I don’t know whether it works or not. But I like the smell. It’s expensive … so I used sparingly (stingy mah!)

    I think it’s a personal thing — some ppl might find the smell overpowering (like Lainie and ST).

  27. well, the reason I don’t like MLM is because it is an unhealthy cycle:

    they make you join them, and to get back that large amount of joining fee, you have to seek for people to join.

    Where goes the money?

    The upline.

    Where goes the victim?

    The downline’s sponsor (the one who provided the ‘business fund’)

    To be frank, I’d rather call MLM strategy as:

    ‘Cheat people, to cheat another people’

  28. Agree. I like branded stuff, I’m kiasu like that, but I ain’t paying 5000 bucks for an ugly-ass bag just because it has LV stamped all over it. And it prolly looked like I bought it for rm20 at Petaling Street, LOL.

    Like Bryan, I went to one of their branch in Wisma Antarabangsa just to find out what the fuss is all about. It was 3 hours of non-stop brainwashing and bull-shitting. The funniest shit was they even tried to quote Bill Gates on something he never said.

    And I don’t dig their pushy-pushy, hard-sell tactics of recruiting new members. This friend tried to approach my dad with the plan several times and got some serious lecturing from the old man 😛

    Haha your dad damn keng

  29. Oh well, Suanie, I do understand.

    Sorry to the good apples, but something needs to be done against the bad apples.

    Once and for all clear things up.

    “To be sinned by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men.”

    no worries. kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.

  30. my bro nearly joined the berger thingy but i managed to talk him out of it. not that i’m against MLM but it just smells fishy when someone asks u to fork out thousands of dollars to join an MLM business.

    MLM may be controversial but some companies really do produce quality products and offer a decent marketing plan, such as amway.

    people who wanna join should consider all aspects of the company, or else they could be flipping burgers for all their miserable life.

  31. Hehehehehe, maybe most of the lampu burger user are aroma fetish. 😉

  32. i know of a few friends who are involved in this lampe berger thingie…

    i do wonder if they belong to the ethical or unetchical group but good thing is that they never bother to approach me.

    probably they’ll know that i’ll sneer and give them the birdie. 😀

    or hit them with your gitar 😛

  33. when you enter their office, you’ll smell the aroma, hence got lured into the business… lolx jks

    thats like saying, you get a whiff of a girl’s perfume which she had splattered liberally on her neck and other vital parts, and you’d be reminded of something and would like to know her better (like in the advertisements) … I can tell you that it doesn’t work

  34. I am anti LB! *Roarrrrrrr*

  35. I was involved in Lampe Berger 2 years ago. With the exaggerated income figure and easy-to-follow business plan, I quit my fulltime job of an accountant and went fulltime into LB. Results: I didn’t have any downlines and no sales for 8 full months. One thing did increase after 8 months – my credit card balances.

    I’m very open and I do believe in Network Marketing/MLM. LB was my first experience. I do believe that MLM can work and it works best for people have the willingness to work it out. However, as in anything in life, there ought to be some bad apples somewhere around.

    A legitimate business doesn’t require heavy investment or any sorts of heavy product dumpling. You earn by recommending a bottle or two to your family/friends and then they recommend a bottle or two to their family/friends and as your recommendation list grows, your income grows accordingly.

    A pyramid scheme is when there is no product movement, the top guys earn all the profits without doing anything, the group’s main activity is recruitment/head-hunting and there is excessive product dumpling at the beginning with no further product purchases thereafter. It seems to me LB fits into all the definitions of a pyramid scheme.

    No wonder they were under investigation by Direct Sales Act in Malaysia and TVB Investigation File in HK.

    Kudos to the latest breed of MLM!

    there are the good and there are the bad. like my friend said, it’s just another type of business. how one approaches it is very important

  36. BawangMerah says:

    Someone had that thing in the office sometime back. The only thing I remember is that it made me choke. But then most perfumes make me choke. Didn’t know it was MLM until lately.

    About MLM, as people say, easy come easy go. Btw came through a labyrinth of links.

  37. Soup Kambing says:

    i also have a roommate who join and invest for rm30k in the lb…wahahah…(so sui yu) u all know what is the meaning of sui yu? Tips: labi-labi…..okie.lets get in the topic..i am a very pelik people..my hobby is eating bawang and then get fart…(very smelly)…so my lb roommate say that the lb aroma can wipe off all the smell even can kill the bacteria.(b***s**t)..so he always light on the idiot lamp for a while and then the smell get in all the room..Now the show time…i expose my explosion gas—my fart…wow..i tell u la..u all never believe..all the room become very smelly and my lb roommate say”walau,your fark can kill people la,like a nuclear bomb….hahaha..very funny.i just answer that “eh,your lb lamp not can wipe off the smelly meh,somemore can kill bacteries…suddenly he speechless…[i know i very disgusting,but i hope u all don’t afraid of me because i am not the person who alwyas fark at anytime and anywhere,but i can control my fark natually but then i don’t have any button on my body]this is my natural way…ok lets continue about my friend..wow..next day he brought other aroma smell back.he say that this time my fart smell will wipe away by this aroma..so what is the ending….the result same..all the room is smelly that caused by my fart.haha..i win!!..so he is no idea again but a thing i really proud of my friend is his confident.he still really 1005 believe that lb lamp got work..walau weh…i had prove many thing but he still belive..100% brain washing…but the funny thing is he can’t get the aroma smell so he choose a way..he get the lamp into toilet and get the smell while he is taking his bath…wahahha..very kesian…am i too cruel???? now my friend still didn’t earn a cent from the lb but he decided to fulltime..(siao de)..now i just want to see when is the time he will be stop because he go out everyday and go back at latenight..all i know is he haven’t earn money but he had spend a lot of money lo….(my poor friend)..so i still have many story about my this funny friend…so i will post up in this website since i found it..thanks for everyone to read my this story…always happy and healthy…have a nice day…to be continued..

    err okay 😛 you are a tad cruel to your friend hehehe waste his LB scent money only 😛

  38. Actually LB or any MLM is not trying to cheat you or anything. It actually depends on the person itself. The idea of network marketing is to replace the conventional business, rather than making one few people rich (retailer, etc), we make everyone rich. But again it depends on individuals how they take it. Some people prefer to go shop and buy and don’t know to whom the money goes to, rather than knowing our friend is getting commission from it. That’s natural.

    As for the 3Ok, it’s just an Option, NOT a must. If you choose to become a franchisee only, yes you can. Of course your upline prefer you to become count, but then you yourself should decide about it.

    Anyway, they are some greedy people in the business who makes the wrong thing and making the LB name bad. Just like Osama attack on 11 sept, Islam is accused. Same thing here. We can’t accuse everyone, since most of them are really good.

    As for me, I’m doing this only on part time basis. I’m not crazy to regisn and go into this full time since I’m still learning in this business. Why I’m doing this, not because I want to get a BMW or anything, but only for some extra income. Talking about risk, risk is everywhere.

  39. Believe and it will come true

    Date joined

    9th September 2002

    Date qualified Marquis : May 2003
    Date qualified Duke : October 2005
    Philosophy : We must accept changes
    People to thank : Chairman Mr. Kim Huynh & spouse Ms. Mary Lim, SEA GM Mr. Anthony Chen & spouse Ms. Sally Huang, Country Manager Mr. Sean Lim, Arch Duke Steven Yeam & spouse Ms. Vena Mui, Duke KJ Yap and spouse Duke Canice Wong, Duke Chong Soon Free and spouse Erica Yap, Marquis Joan Chai Lai Wan, Marquis Edmond Ng Chu Chun, all my beloved business partners, precious key leaders, parents and management & staff of DCHL.

    Money is security and choices

    They are the youngest Duke couple in Malaysia. She is 29 years old and he is 32 years old. To them, traditional workers are like common worker ants. We have a daily work routine and no matter how hard we work, we always worry about bad economic situations, retrenchment and fear of being laid off. Being passionate about their lives, this couple did not want to be the common worker ants. With determination and effort, they reaped success.

    Duke Patricia used to be a job hopper always looking for opportunities. She says, “Money meant security to me. I have been in sales, questionnaire research, promotions work and hamper delivery. When there are seminars for opportunities, I’ll be there”. As long as there is something to learn and money to make, she will be there. She was also once a P.A. in her husband’s car accessory shop. At that time, she bought a van to ferry kids to school for more income. Duke Roy ended his studies after Form 3 and worked in a car accessory shop as an apprentice. At 21, he owned his first car accessory shop. He worked 6.5 days a week and more than 10 hours a day but he was not satisfied with the income he got. After getting married and with kids, he knew he needed to work even harder to support a family. Being in his own business for 10 years, he never thought of buying a car worth more than RM100,000.00 even if he could afford it but after being with DCHL for 2 years, they bought a car worth more than RM300,000.00.

    The chance came upon when Duke Roy’s car accessory partner, Marquis Edmond Ng joined Lampe Berger and invited them. Duke Roy never liked the idea of direct selling but Duke Patricia was looking for opportunities and with Duke Roy’s trust in Marquis Edmond, they immediately joined as a member on their first visit to DCHL. Within 3 months, they closed their car accessory shop and went into the business full time.

    Find the right company

    Duke Patricia was already exposed to various direct selling companies. At the age of 19, she sold health products. She joined another direct selling company in 2000 (5 years later). From her experience, she finds that the marketing plan offered by other companies were not lucrative. Because of the experiences, she knew that DCHL’s marketing plan was a better option with bigger expansion opportunities.

    They feel that the best job is the type that rewards you according to the amount of effort you put in. The career should provide freedom and time flexibility. This is all offered in DCHL’s direct selling career. Before joining DCHL, Duke Patricia was rejected by many people when it came to direct selling. Now, working as a couple, Duke Patricia’s father, brother, relatives and friends who previously rejected her career has started to accept it. Their friends and relatives have also joined their network.

    Toughest challenge in life – Challenge Marquis

    The Challenge Marquis period was a tough time for them till it left a deep impression in their minds. They were worn out physically and mentally. Duke Patricia says they looked most haggard during that period.

    When they started their Challenge Marquis, they were very fresh in the business. Running around like headless chickens, they did not have ideas on how to achieve it. During the last 10 days of the challenge, they were worried. They thought they would fail until Arch Duke Steven Yeam said to them, “If you did not sacrifice and put in enough effort earlier, do it all in this last 10 days”. This gave them encouragement. In the end they finally made it.

    They were also very lucky to have their parent’s support. During the hard times, especially when they needed to put more time and concentrate with their business at DCHL. Their parents took away their biggest worry by helping to look after and supporting their children. They would like to give a million thanks to their parents Eric and Jenny. A parents help and support is very important but children should never abuse the help and support of their parents.

    Accept changes and you will find success

    Their success is due to the fact that they were willing to accept changes. They accepted opinions and suggestions from others and improved. They encourage others to be opened minded and believe in your self when facing any challenges or situations.

    Duke Roy believes that sincerity is important in the direct selling industry. You need to be honest all the way and not have any hidden agenda. Duke Roy and Patricia would like to remind their partners to be aware of the importance of time management, determination and be daring enough to face challenges. After 3 years of direct selling, this normal couple has attained wealth. At the same time, it has made them more hard working and positive. In the direct selling industry, you will be rewarded based on the amount of effort you put in. It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow. Our achievements today belong to everyone.

    Success Formula

    – Attitude

    – Accept changes

    – Believe

    – Be sincere and simple

    – Time management

    – Determination

  40. Anonymous says:

    That comment above mine is blatantly stupid. All and I mean ALL fields will have their sucess stories.

    Heard the Boon Siew motor story? There are lots of that lying around. Working hard at ANYTHING will usually get you somewhere.

    Work hard at your company and you may get promoted. Or not. I’m well aware of many hard working MLMers that haven’t made it at all?

    Sure your story may be real but so is this: 9 out of 10 dentists prefer Oral-B.

    To put it succinctly: To actually beleive / fall for / put your trust in a story like that: did you fail / not take statistics in school?

  41. Network Marketer says:

    SO far the comments here are more acceptable compared to other blogs..If LB / SYN is scam, why til now nobody take any action yet? At least point out what’s wrong in their plan? Everyone is talking abt the 30K, but what’s wrong with that? Why Government still let them run the business if it’s scam? Anyone here who “joined” LB and found out the whole thing is actually a scam? I am neither a LB user nor its distributor, but just coming from a network marketer’s standpoint.

    From what I understand, the recruiters are targetting college and school leaver kids with a plan not unsimilar to a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Again from what I understand, the 30k was to purchase a position, one level up from the beginner level. And apparently these kids, wild with dreams and delusions of money and grandeur had no actual idea of what they were getting into. I think that’s why a lot of ppl are unhappy with this method as it is rightly unethical. Then the business plan comes under scrutiny, but I think that is secondary to the recruitment effect on the kids’ relationships with their families etc.

    Like that lor.

  42. LB Rocks! says:

    Hey man…Why u guys always talk about Rm 30K.. Izzit very big to u all. First of all, i invest in that position for six month, and i already got all back into my pocket. Now i really hope that all my downlines fellow does’t invest in 30K BECAUSE

    well dah-ling, some people think methods matter. congrats to you anyhow 😉

  43. Hi LB rocks,

    Congrats to you, so you got your money back..

    Of course, you can earn back your money fast, it’s a pyramid scheme.

    But the problem is, let’s say your downline has problems recruiting more guys in. So he decided to quit. He will face refund problems (they said 90% refundable, except signature lamps and promotional items).

    That downline will lose the most.

    And oh ya, you will lose too right? Your paycheck will be deducted due to refunds.

    Hope that doesn’t happen.

    Good luck to you.

  44. I was approached by 2 friends in different occasions on LB business and have been to KL Kia Peng HQ. I must say, it’s grandly decorated and up market look and feel. I attended the “brainwash” session by one of the marquis in the cubical office. It was pretty good pitch though and not surprise many people fall to that. The selling of the dream on financial independence and quick money is the biggest lure.

    “Get 5 count and you get your money back”, and that is why the people work so hard, they need to recover the 30k. Once they get their money back, they will help their downline to get their money back. This is how the bug is pass from one level to the other.

    I believe there there are many lamps sitting out there, in someone’s home. This kind of front loading effects will burst like a bubble in no time.

    My nephew borrowed money from his mother 30k, and now stuck with a full load of lamps in his car. The 6 months return policy not effective as most people will not quit within 6 months, with all the pressure and influence from upline and friends. No body want to be a quiter so quick right?

    Anyone want to buy 1/2 price lampu burger?

    don’t want la.. i smell good as it is 😛

  45. Its not Lampe Berger to blame. The product sold to a customer in the UK never has a problem with the lamp or the way it has been sold.
    the main problem is the way lampe berger is sold or any product this way a lot of presure


  46. Hey Suanie, great website. I think the arguments placed here are very constructive and gives a broad perspective.

    I’m a DCHL distributor in Melbourne, Australia. and I’ve been at it full-tim for almost 2 years now. The market is new here, and I was pretty much one of the first who introduced not only LB but also the MLM business into Austalia.

    I can tell you that it has not been an easy road. But I can also tell you that the business has prooven to myself its role in contributing to society.

    I agree very much with your friend. It is the way the people in the business conduct themselves that determines whether it’s a scam or not. Any ledgitimate business regardless MLM or conventional could be branded a culprit of degrading society eg. Enron.

    The real task, like your friend mentioned is in controlling the factors of human behaviour. As a business, the revenue was essential, but it was the requirement for a culture that would sustains the integrity of an enterprise that would satisfy that task.

    In the LB network I belong to, we emphasise a lot on culture. Let me tell you an experience.

    6 Months ago, through this business, I made enough money to buy a fairly expensive merc. But I was told that I am not allowed to drive it to any of the seminars or gatherings. Ultimately I am not to show it off, especailly to my downlines.

    It was never my intention to show off my car, I bought it mainly because it was a car that I appreciated in driving. But ofcourse, it did cross my mind that it would also help inspire downlines who were yet successful.

    Through my development in Lampe Berger I was educated with many sentimental values that we must embrace. One was that we should never show off materialistic articles that we might have acquired through our success. I believed in its merits, but unfortunately I’d hadn’t really understood it.

    When I bought the new car my old car was traded in. The new luxuary sedan became my only transportation tool to any of my business gatherings. At first not only my down-lines, others in my network were all pretty impressed. And it did inspire them to a postive extent. But the integrity of my business began to buckle.

    The car became a symbol of not only my success but also the lack of bonding between my partners and I. As had made more money I began to forget what it felt like to have a struggling life and a car that would always breakdown on the way to important LB cases. I became distant from my downlines. They no longer felt that I could comprehend what they were going through in conducting this business.

    It’s like an analogy that I had came up with. In the army, there is a reason why there is a Sergeant amongst the enlisted soldiers. In a battlefield life is always threatened, a soldier would not listen directly from the order of an officer who is sitting safely in a command post via a radio. But they would listen to the Sergeant on the field with them whose life is just as much in danger.

    MLM is a very controversial industry even in Australia, it is very dangerous grounds for the emotional welfare of my downlines when they are amongst their friends or families.

    When I drove that car to the seminar, it was like I was driving a tank into a flamming battlefield when my downlines were all still holding pistols.

    After two weeks, I went and spent 3000 AUD on a very old 2nd hand car. And I drove that around for every LB event since.

    In my network, everyone has a responsibility for the person they bring into the business. We arouse the eager desire in our prospects from talking to them deeply about our life and our dreams. And to be successful themselves they have to learn to care about people and wanting genuinely to help others. And I do despise network marketers who try to entise people into the business by showing a photo of their Porche or promising that they will retire early.

    I see Lampe Berger as a business and a place for a long and secure career. It would be fake to say that we’re not in it for the money. But really we don’t want to care about money, that’s why we’re doing the business to have the money working for us instead of us working for it and move quickly to accomplish our dreams and ideals in life.

    Refering to the 30K RM, most people cannot accept it is probably because they haven’t done business before. I come from a business background. When I was first approached by my upline about this business. I did not believe in it at first, simply because the conditions of conducting this business sounded too good to be true. Even if i did not have that much laying around, I’d seriously go for a loan. In Australia, it is 20k AUD for a count stock.

    I’m not sure how famous RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki is in Malaysia. I encourage people to read one of his other books which is about MLM, entitled – RICH DAD BUSINESS SCHOOL: For people who like helping people.

    Thanks for letting me share with my expereience, i just like to conclude that I am dedcating my efforts in helping others through this busines because I was once helped by someone as well.

    I don’t expect everyone to look at MLM the way i do, but I do hope people can begin looking at objectively as we do with Muslims and the 911 terroist attacks.

    thanks mate for sharing your experience 😀

  47. Michael says:

    Sorry, not gonna happen.
    – Suanie

  48. I just couldn’t understand why the authorities never investigate this LB and its effect. Their products certainly mark up a few notches and the blatant claims of health effect or benefits. Hmm, maybe think about. Their product price, if you search elsewhere aplenty from web sources, you will find it is definately cheapers lamp or oil from web and you’ll find it is sold retail too. The price here in Malaysia is 50% or >100% mark up! Then the health/benefit claims of or by LB members, keep away the mosquitoes la, help SARs, increase oxygens, for smoker la, etc… then you have the TVB investigation video prove otherwise. And also the newspaper report the mother accidentaly drop/explode LB issue which shows its hazardous/dangerous material to put in one’s home. Why why still people still willing to buy such expensive since proven and shown elsewhere is beyond me. Or people still make the claim when it is proven not. Maybe they where not as informed as some of us…could be. If you are LB member and know about this, isn’t this is cheating already. Also the method and the tactic that I read about.. brainwashing method…group pressuring..you can’t win them. How can 1 person outtalk a whole bunch of people when you in their session..in democracy..in their democracy system of talking no matter how valid your point is..you lose anyway. Talk is cheap. I read with pity, those who borrow money from friends, relative, loan sharks, sell their cars, swipe their credit cards etc all with the false promises of striking it rich with this LB. And all the problems and hardship that comes later…reality…when they are more clear headed. And why authorities do nothing about it…my theory, is this LB exist kinda in a legal loopholes only in Malaysia(u know), maybe. Can you prosecute them making false claim, fraud etc? I’m no lawyer so I can’t answer this…can anyone. Also, they are smart I think that they do charity here and there..close some mouths I guess..it is not nice to write/accuse/bite the hand that feeds you. Also I read that MCA Ng Yen Yen secretary is the LB Arch Duke or something..maybe that’s why..MCA do have a dirty hand part of the pie… outrageous .. conspiracy theories for some. Come to think of it, that’s why Michael Chong also been so quite..maybe he’s a Count liow. =)

  49. Think in different things, everything sure got positive and negative side right? So no point argue. I got a lot of answers to all the questions in here. The story is not made up but its a fact that got alot ppls success and those gives up. The success stories is not made up as the couple became duke because they are my partners and from poor to rich, really put a lot of efforts and what they can do now is really retired and give the best life to their parents.
    The authorities did checked on the company but nothing wrongs infact gaves us license, recognicition and so on…
    Before i join into this business, i really anti into as well, but i hope someone tell me what can give me money and time? I did work for ppls and i became boss too but what i gain? Got money but no time, got time but no money… Why not got money and time? I just believe as long what we are doing is not illegal and cheats ppls. Thats all, to forummers; please dont anti LB or talk negative even dont involve in the business. We will appreciate it. 1 more point to let you all knows, very logic! If mlm is so unpopular, alot of mlm companies came out in every year… 😉 take care… thanks everyones..

  50. Its good to have both side comment. I am in MLM too but not LB. But MLM is known as low investment business so that those poor would have opportunity to success.

    The most interesting about MLM is it divide to 2 category, one is base on product and one is base on concept. Both got adv and disadv. I just give my comment and opinion only so dont feel angry ah.

    Product base company will more focus on sharing product more than recruiting. The benefit is consumer would have good service and your net work are healthy and more stabilize. But for distributors, bad news could come along cause you have take a longer time to success and you must have patient in term of recruitment.

    Concept base company may success far more quickly but they lose stability of income and whole sales within their network.

    So i have choosen product base company. I more prefer a steady income every month instead of one month have and dun have in the following month.

    Unfortunetly, Malaysia top 5 MLM company is also a product base company. This can prove that this kind of company would have a better long run.


  51. the B-i-G~foot says:

    well.. i don really really read through all the posts.. but i’m gonna comment on post 41st, no offence..

    k, i assume this author of this web and most of the visitors from m’sia caz i’m from m’sia too as i don spent time here.. everybody know wat is so called “Skim Cepat Kaya” isnt it? for those who duno about it jz ignore me as well.. 🙂
    simple question, is our government encourage we join SCK? tv also got ad showing some sample cases..

    let’s jz put LB another aside.. there r stil lot and lots more MLM existing.. OT, AW, CW, CNI, AK and some unknown “brand”.. most of it make production.. and it is too much.. but y they r stil alive? bcaz they share a same concept or slogan which is “y buy from shop when u could but it from us and u could b a member of us where u could enjoy the “special” prices on next purchase?” y nike cant beat adidas or y adidas cant beat nike? they got their own market.. k, this is jz a crap.. :p

    a real thing that i seen is a “brand” of MLM is jz a TREND! it will gone wif the time past.. anyone here know about “ling zhi”? sorry, i duno wats the name ppl called in past.. i told u it is a “branded”, “famouse”, “well-known” and “powerful” once.. even aunty who washing plate behind kopitiam also know about it and ah pek eats dim sum in the morning also talk about it.. but where is it now? AW was top once.. is it stil active in market now?

    any kind of businesses was started to earn money.. 2day the MLMers call their plans as a BUSINESS.. k, do u think they gain from u? definitely! do u think their so called upline gain from them? u should got the answer.. if u’r a newbie in this line.. how many person involve in the “supply chain”? lol.. ok, let’s c the traditional supply chain in market.. as i know is.. supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to dealer to seller to end user.. this is the traditional ways which is one to many business..
    a sample pricing could b found here.. http://www.mywood-n-treasures.com/

    someone says, if Thomas Edison who invented bulb is selfish how would we having a bright world 2day? i say, we find good, find us no good!! 😉

    if 1 day i open a restaurant, of caz i would invite my fren to come over.. but not gain profit from them.. u expect they eat in ur restaurant everyday?? since when u c a owner of restaurant ring his/her frens come over to eat 1? unless u having some promotion or new menu.. if 1 day u able to open restaurant then ur frens is a TOOL to help u earn money NOT to earn their money! they eat wif their mouth and they ad 4 u wif their mouth.. 🙂

    enjoy readin, pls comment, very long.. :p

  52. wow suanie i impress about ur thinking..hehe…anyway i’m colven and now just join Syn for not long just half month only. But still have some problem about RM 2345. i’m sure tat u have some solution to solve this problem rite?
    (sigh) my family banned me for a month..i still donno wat to do now. I’m sure tat they can banned for long…

  53. A message from a friend of an ex-member of DCHL Lampe Berger representing few other ex-members

    Tribunal case to be heard at Shah Alam Tribunal
    Court on 18th August 2006 9:00 am.

    Total Claims : Exceeded RM 25,000
    (2 cases to be heard)

    Summary of refunds from DCHL
    * Total Group Investment: > RM 100,O00
    * Involvement: Family members & relative
    * Total Refunds: way below 90% as stated in
    Direct Sales Act if refund
    within 6 months.
    * Loss: SOB 🙁

    Please feel free to join us for the hearing.
    Your support are very much appreciated.

  54. Hi Suanie, i am interested to get into contact with Paul, post 46 if you could help, i love his mindset and attitute, and would like to learn from him. Cheers, Kev

  55. Hi,

    I’ve joined this LB for the past 2 months. I wasn’t into MLM at all bcoz I’ve tried a few MLMs and ended up using the products myself. So, when my brother invited me, he took me 2 1/2 months to get me to see his upline (not in the office). It took me another month to sign up.

    The investment of 30k is optional actually. To be a member, you just have to pay RM150. To be a franchisee, you can either invest abt 2k or you buy & sell the product until you get abt 2k (just like other MLM, you take the order, buy it with distributor price & sell to the customer). Then, you can recruit 5 new franchisees OR you buy & sell the product until you can reach the next level. It’s all up to you. You’re the one who’s controlling your money.

    LB is not a sole product of this MLM business. They have other products too. At the moment, they have skincare & haircare series & also a spa in Menara HLA. They are in the process of bringing in new products too. However, LB is the focus since it can guarantee repeat sales (Not just MLM but any other business, right? To keep the business alive means to have repeat sales, just like those selling printers & toners/ink).

    I knew LB long before i know there is LB business. My boss has been using this product for more than 8 years. All i can say is, i know this product well before i joined the business. I admit that the smell can be too strong for certain oils. That’s why we only burn the oil for only 40mins, not the whole day. Again, we have a freedom to choose which oil suits us the most. There are a lot of varieties & functions.

    And, yes i bought 30k stocks. Even though i only recruited 1 person in 2 months (quite slow haa..after all, this business can be done at my own pace & my own time) but my bf and i have sold 5 lamps (another 3 by end of this month) & repeat sales on the oils. So, nothing to lose i guess. Those people (end users, do not sign up as distributors) who bought the lamp already done repeat sales now. I didn’t recruit my bf, he’s not into MLM but he can do sales successfully..it’s just that he doesn’t like the commitments (follow up, etc).

    I didn’t buy too many expensive lamps (the expensive one i just use myself & give to my parents), as my bf & i have discussed to sell the stock instead of just waiting to recruit people in order to earn my money back. I took more oils than lamp & my strategy works. In 2 months (together with the commission) I’ve already got half of what i’ve invested.

    So, for me, whatever business you’re doing, plan it & handle it carefully. Do not invest more than you should. Don’t let your upline force you to fork out 30k or 10k from you if you are not capable of investing that much. Don’t be too stress out when your upline keep pushing you to recruit people. As they always said, this is your business. You are the boss. Then, the choice is yours. Don’t blame others if you fail.

    This is not a “skim cepat kaya”. You have to work hard to earn your money. Nothing comes easy.

  56. Hi guys, im just want 2get some infor from those who hav been joined LB. I havent join yet but i do hear alot of bad stody abt LB, i do meet some ppl who success in LB and earning alot of money, im geting confuse that is it LB can stand long in future? Is it LB is good? I know that every business sure got pro n con, so just wan 2get a clear picture on it. TQ..

  57. hi WinXP,

    have you join LB???
    If not yet, pls send me a email at joeypg@gmail.com, where I can share more about LB.

  58. Network Marketer says:

    Finally found a good place to get info on how to explain to ppl about this business. I’m a franchisee distributor n jz joined like today. n joey, r u a marquis? ur name sounds familiar though. hehe….

  59. hi all,
    I never thought that LB would ever touch my life or my close relatives/friends. But end of last month, a junior of mine-an undergrad at local U…still in her 1st semester mind U- called me and requested to borrow some money. She sounded desperate enough and said that she really needed that money because her life and her future was at stake… She refused to tell me why but promised that she will tell everything in 1 month time.

    I help her out..RM1.5k thinking that she would need the money to buy laptop/pay Uni fees or other urgent matters.

    Before long I got a call from a few friends and other juniors, claiming that this person went to them and try to borrow some money-ranging from 1.5k to 10k!!!

    I’m shocked…why a naive, innocent and single 1st semester undergrad want to borrow so much? What for?

    Few days ago I called her and insist to know what’s her real reason. She proudly announce that she invest the money to set her own company! And guess what the company is? LampeBerger!!!

    How furious i’m…parting with my hard-earned money just to let her fall into lampberger trap!

    I can’t imagine how she gonna repay her loaners considering the amount that she has collected from her friends and relatives!

    Which students (her circle of friends) in their normal state of mind want to use those lamps (no matter how good the lamps are)if those lamps costs not less than few hundred even not thousands!

    And how soon she can repay her loaners if she can’t move the products!

    And her hectic schedule as a 1st semester quatity surveyor student definitely won’t allow her to do her sales and attend as many ‘motivational’courses as her full time upliners!…

    Then what happen? Quitting her studies? Quitting lampberger?

    IMHO that’s why LB need rm2.5k (such a huge start-up capital for MLM)….it’s like an insurance policy whereby if a player drops out..the upliner or the big-boss has already got a grip on the amount of money that other MLM’s are able to collect from 5-7 levels of their downliners!

    And guess who is the biggest loser?….those naive student who think that they are able to sell overpriced candle lamp to their circle of friends who are as poor as they are!

    It’s quite ok if the up-front capital is small like other MLM…that any student can dig out from their own pocket money….without any need to borrow from relatives, friend(why so desperate?)..

    But min 2.5k with guarantee return if U invest 30k..is full of BS**t….especially when they preying on the STUDENTS who lives on scholars and pocket money from their parents!

    If I have the 30k….why do i need to invest in lampberger? Better buy a van and sell kuew tiaw at pasar malam with a guaranteed return in a few months time…

    Just an analogy to highlight the value of 2.5k or 30k to some people…..it’s valuable and worthwhile under the care of some people but hey… it’s not difficult to loose that amount either….

    i’m very worried now….seriously guys.

  60. Network Marketer says:

    reply to the dude above….
    hey dude, since ur asking so many questions, why not ask the friend of yours why she wants to join the business so much, eventhough shes already a uni stundent and has a gd future ahead of her. see her reasons, n understand what she wants first. u will get your answer.

  61. K.L. Chong says:

    Hi Suanie,

    Happy New Year, i hope!

    Your friend should asks us all to refer to http://www.lampeberger.com instead of the local http://www.dchl.com.my/sg/jp/etc….

    I don’t know man…your lampeberger friend still sounds dodgy…maybe using reverse psycho..

    I wonder how come the marketing scheme is only available in Asia. I wonder why the US, Canada and France don’t sell lampe berger the way Asia does.

    Why are we asians so cheater-koks?! Any blady con job schemes sure to start in this part of the world wan!

    I cannot tahan lah!

    Actually i see this lampe berger thingy is oklah…the 30K thing is too melebih sure. But the plan is ok mah. I mean if people want to pay a gazillion ringgit for fragrant water what can we do rite?!(cipet, i also have one at home;D)

    Don’t know the truth or science whether it really works or not, but the dang thing sure smells nice!

    I recently found a big plantation company that can extract all kinds of oil for aromatherapy lah, healinglah, etc…all cost below 10 ringgit per 10ml…Aiyoh, even the world famous Australia’s Thursday Plantations Tea Tree Oil only cost around RM30 and can do so many more stuff.

    I reckon there should be a subject in school called…The Coin Always have 2 sides…always study both…

  62. Friend of mine joined with 30k borrowed from someone I know. She didn’t tell the person what it was for when she borrowed it. In the end, I dug it out of her. Fact of the matter is, if it is such a lucrative business why are you so afraid of telling people you are in it? Those who invited her to join actually insinuated her to not tell people about her plans to join it. That happened like half a year ago.

    Last night, an aunt of mine (close to her 30s) was asking me over msgr about how I want to play out my career. Do I want to get stuck on a lousy job, working for people who are earning more out of my work than I am, or do I want to be able to get a car and my dream house within the next 2 years?

    I told her I am not into network marketing and she says I am afraid of change. I told her I am not good with persuading people to part with hundreds just to breathe in burned oil. She says I’m afraid of rejection. I told her I am not interested in a business where I am sure I will not be able to profit from. She says if you don’t work, you won’t be able to be rich. Every answer makes sense, but…

    In truth, she is not the type of person who can come up with these answers. In truth, ‘they’ taught her how to reply to these common answers of those who are reluctant to join. I know this because she is repeating the same things the first friend (see first paragraph) and I had in our conversation about LB. It’s like a well-thought out script and if it works, good for them. I’m just wondering how long can a repeated script work before the ‘audience’ gets bored of it. And in truth, the type of people targeted with this scheme (there’s no other word I can think of) are those who have been working for quite a long time without any goals in their life or those who had just entered working life and didn’t know better.

    Oh, and she ended her dead-end quest of asking me to join, by telling me to not tell any family members that she is into this. Tsk, tsk. You have to forgive me for not thinking highly of network marketers and the way they teach their members how to “do business”.

    Like Suanie, I don’t believe in MLMs either. Might as well use the money to start your own business.

  63. Hello, I work for the Security High commision investigation unit. I need information on this Steven Yeam person as i have heard alot of scam is going around in the SYN network. therefore, Please email me your contact number or send an email to me at :


    your cooperation is much needed. Thank you.

  64. MLM or Network Marketing is a plan that makes ordinary peoples dream come true…
    It just depends on which company u join n how hard u play the games…

    As the wisdom of older generation says that: “whenever there is good, bad follows”…

    We must thanks the creator of MLM because it gives ordinary people like u and me hope…

    I m working in a MLM company which major in wellness industry (not LB) and i know that i could help other people and make their dreams a reality which is why i join in the first place and before that, i also did a thorough 2 week research on the company…

    LB is a good company just that when internal restriction are not implemented then all hell break loose…

    MLM is to help people not to cheat people if u think carefully why it is created in the first place…

    All in all, my advice before any similar venture to any friends or unknown out there is to USE YOUR HEAD TO THINK..

  65. I was once watched an Oprah Winfrey show with Donald Trump as a guest,Oprah asked a question,”since u arent afraid of failling,what u’ll be doing IF u fall down to the zero now?” Simply Donald answered “I’ll do MLM”..the audience starts to boo at him.Suddenly he stands up and said “thats why all of u stand there and i’m standing here”

    Follow positive thinker not a bad one.Think big and dream big.If u have the ability to desire it,the UNIVERSE will have the ability to deliver it.

    Good luck and dun give up!!

  66. there’s mlm and there’s mlm lor.

    a mlm with good, viable products will have nothing to fear.

    people not stupid one mah 🙂 well i still trust that people are not stupid 🙂 got eye see

  67. ya rite…. their eyes are blind thats what i believe, they dare not take action for those who stand out i say your good intention will not be appreciated. MLM will always be scam no matter how u twist and turn, i will still see it, so call business, do not try to shit me here! Yes I am pissed, because you people who joined are blind, when no one join the MLM or your stupid so call business shit, your a zero shit! ok? got it?

    And you guys know what? till now no one talks about how the stupid taxi driver try to scam the passengers, now i expose how they do it, and hope u all will be aware of that.


    have a nice day. MLM just go away…turn into so call whatsoever business selling business, i wont buy it, and if you come near to my family, you should be dead ^^

  68. NosTradaMus says:

    well, its NOT DCHL that scam people, it’s a bunch of people, or so called “team”, under the name SYN a.k.a Steven Yim Network that scams others. by stating Lampe Berger, u indirectly affiliate other innocent or ethic group of mlm team with SYN.

    SYN was a shame of LB or even worse, whole MLM industry. i’m not against your, just that it seems like you haven’t know whats the relationship between SYN, and DCHL/LB.

    it was SYN that promise u a beemer. it was SYN that educate you dont have to sell goods. it is SYN that tells you pay for a count and find 5 people only. but SYN never tells you u have to maintain quota. it is SYN that promise you 5 figure income.

    again, its SYN that exploit the system build by DCHL/LB. DCHL/LB is the distributor, while SYN is the selling channel, how SYN sells it is SYN’s business, DCHL only provide the goods. how SYN wants to educate the downlines is not entirely DCHL business.

    if u research more in SYN, you’ll know more dirty secret what SYN had done to hong kong MLM industry.

    hope this clear things up, but the damage has been done, and hope u really understand what i’m trying to say, and i can’t do much clearer then that.

  69. NosTradaMus says:

    Business for Lampe Berger (malaysia), is kind of slow these days. But still there’s people joininig, which means they are not out of business yet. In fact, they are celebrating their 5th bloody anniversary.

    It’s bloody because, their money is the result of family conflicts, friends breaking up, and higher personal debt to fund a dream of lies.

    What’s funny is they treat this as a business, which is not really. It’s a system, and this system won’t last. There’s only a finite number of people in Malaysia, which are divided into 2 groups. One, who doesn’t buy the idea, and another is the one who buys it.

    But even from the group who buys the idea that DCHL Lampe Berger can make them lots of money, there’s still those who can’t afford it.

    It’s no wonder why they play with physchology and emotional high, to make you feel better once you become a member. So high is the attachment of member to his goals, that he’s willing to do anything to grab the higher ranking. He’s willing to borrow money, either it’s banks or friends, parents, with the hope, it all ends well. But at the end of the road, who do you blame when you can’t make the million dollar dream? Yourself.

    It’s all part of the package of selling you…a dream of lies.

  70. NosTradaMus says:

    This is the case of mine : i join LB last year SEPT.. it was a BIG MISTAKE i ever did as i was being frequently pyscho by my upline who is Mr.J and Miss.C . they keep pushing me until one day i cannot tahan and i agreed to join LB. the problem is i told them i had no money, imaging : RM2345 from a college student ( where can they get this huge amount of money, other than borrow from friends or family?) in the end, they ask me to join 1st and they SO CALLED dont mind PAY BACK to them later when i start to earn back.

    Sincerely, after i joined.. calls keep coming in, asking me to do this and that, follow up and down, and what so called COME OUT and MEET OUR top earners and know more friends……. i really sick of it as i couldnt cope with my studies since ever after i join LB. my housemate even ask everytime before i go out :” go sell BOMB again ar? ” SELL BOMB (i agreed after i regretted for not listening my friends and family advice)

    One day after 1 year i keep avoiding my upline cause i really feel very FAN of them… they purposely drove far down to my house and give me a call .

    conversation between us :
    Mr.J says:” Jxxxx here, i already infront of ur house, u better pay us the remain money, else we going to meet up your parents ! ”

    I says :” not i dont want to pay, but i dont have so much money at the moment ” , ” i already SMS to Miss.C said that i will settle the amount by next month. (THE SMS that i sent was this:” I on meeting now. Talk much also no point, u will say i owe u.really REGRET to join LB.Pls stop callin,thanks.Gv me ur bank account number, wil pay u bck by year end.Thanks for making my life miserable.”)

    Miss.C(was just beside Mr.J) says :” tell him dont SIN KA LAN la, i never receive his SMS !!! ”

    Mr.J says:” do u want me to tell or meet your parents onot?” (keep repeat)

    after a few minutes, i send a SMS telling them to give me their Bank Acc number so that i can bank in the money to them. and a SMS replied by them : ” Maybank xxxx-xxxx-xxxx(Cxxxxx Lx Kxxx). bank in RM2000 by MONDAY, else i will take action! ”

    that time i was at outstation. The night when i bck and i check my house letter box. this is the paper i found ………………..not just 1, but 2 paper for each letter box, not just that and also in 2 version of language.. WOW =.= i guess they are really desperate for getting back money in such a AH LONG ways.

  71. NosTradaMus says:

    One anonymous reader showed us how to refund in full..
    HoW? By just getting a letter direct to the Managing Director..

    Write your letter similar like this..

    Managing Director,
    Level 1, Menara HLA,
    No3, Jalan Kia Peng,
    50450 Kuala Lumpur.


    With reference to the above matter,I requests a full sum of RM2500 be refunded to me. I make this on the basis that

    1. The company practices front loading which is illegal as I am made to understand
    2. As a consumer I was not given a contract under the Direct Sales Act 1993 therefore I consider the contract void.

    Please arrange for your goods to be returned.

    Thank You.

    Ketua Pengarah Bahagian Penguatkuasa,
    Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Hal Ehwal Penguna,
    Aras3 Blok 2G3
    Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Perseketuan Precint 2
    62623 Putrajaya
    Pengarah Kanan Bahagian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri ( Unit Jualan Langsung)
    Aras 4 Blok 2G3
    Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Perseketuan
    Precint 2
    62623 Putrajaya

    When you mention a CC to the both ministry, please send it to them, do not
    just “cakap kosong” (empty talk) just like the network itself (Steven Yeam Network)
    On top of that, I strongly suggest you talk about your un-ethical UPLINE/TEAM.
    That would be a very strong basis for you to get a re-fund…

    Now, start writting this wonder love letter to the RZ Corporation.
    Let them wake up and give all the money back to those whom they cheated with their
    promise of dreams and empty talk by the distributors..

  72. NosTradaMus says:

    The product is expensive. Get other products like 3G phone, ipod Nano, Xbox 360 RM 1500 only. Get a lamp? a lamp? LOL. Why middle class asians needs this?

  73. NosTradaMus says:

    For me LB is nothing else but a job that allow you to

    1.Wear nice nice to work
    2.Be a pert of a big group
    3.No fixed working hour
    4.Big return if you manage to recruit anyone
    5.Big investment when startup
    6.Simple routine task (yumcha, ABP, class, NDO)
    7.Get to know more people
    8.Doing own business

    Isn’t it nice? No need interview, no need to climb the corporate ladder, no deadline, no pressure, no 9-5 working hour, no working with people you dislike and also think that you can enjoy the passiv income you cant finish spending it off.

    Get real!! The above is just empty promises and illusions those cunning LB slave trying to implant into your mind. People with little working experience and lack of business knowledge fall into this easily, can’t blame them due to our fxxk up education system and controlled media.

    The things you should know
    1.LB products is fxxking marked up and noting so special (includes Estebel and EB men plus the suffering EB Spa) How many percent of Malaysians can spend this kind of money when inflation and taxes is getting higher and higher but income failed to cope up with it?

    2.You are not boss, you stop you earn nothing, if you dun push your downline you also earn zero, that’s why you see all those at the TOP still coming down to entertain you guys (while you think they are so kind and caring about downline, damn touching) You are nothing better than a Self Employed.

    3. Passive income? Dun make me laugh. More than 90% of the products sales contributed by members, if members no longer earn big profits from the recruitment they will stop using the products and stop paying the maintanance PV. You still think you can get passive income by that time?

    4. The name of LB and DCHL is getting bad and spreading fast. Failure stories, conned experience is happening everywhere, HK & Taiwan now Malaysia. Why want to join a company with bad image and jeopardize your own reputation?

    5. If you follow the way and practise the skill you learnt from SYN you bound to lost more friends and relatives than getting them to join you.

  74. actually it all depands on the people…
    it is writen on the agreement paper whereby if u r informed that you will get rich by recruiting please contact who who who on the LB contract paper…by why does ppl still join thinkin recruiting can make dem rich??
    cant they see its dere??like amways floor wash last time…I have other things to use but y is amway now so rich ? it started of with ppl saying its not gud n stuff…but now after 30 years…there are ppl earning 1 mill per month in amway…that is the future I see in LB….they are increasing their product…eventhough slowly but it is increasing…not they have 4 of them now…who knows when will it b like am way…by then for those havent join yet…its getting thougher for u guys…but for those already in…pls play it the ethical way…or else the company will go on the short run

  75. NosTradaMus says:

    Please see if you find this useful and of any use: I cannot stand them anymore !!(Extracted from Sgforum)

    Sometime next month, a Company selling the French fragrance products by the name of Lampe Berger will be holding a grand seminar in Sentosa Island to revive their business in Singapore.(note, this time they change the name to SYN(Steven Yeam Network) to give it a fresh start.
    They have successfully revived their business in Malaysia targeting on young students and graduates. Recently a few Malaysian newspapers have published complaints by parents about how their children got brainwashed by them and refused to listen from their parents and some even thought of leaving school to go full time in the business. Today’s(June 18th) Malaysia China Press have a front page headline news about it. Such news will not affect their business but even helped and motivate their distributors who are all young, naive and rebellious to work harder for it.
    They are organising more than 1,000 active young Malaysian agents to come to Singapore together next month to revive their Singapore sales by recruiting younsters. If you have any young adults in your family or young friends, caution them ahead. These are some of their tricks used in recruitment:
    a) They will never tell the prospects what products they are selling during the 1st or 2nd business preview. The most they mentioned are “branded goods from France” and the name “LV”
    b) They will say products are not important but making money and business is the main aim.
    c) A fleet of BMWs and sport cars will be driven and parked together to impress the prospects.
    d) They will remind their prospects NOT to tell anyone else until they have joined and paid up because outsiders will not understand their business and tend to give negative effects.
    e) If anyone tell them they heard negative feedback from outsiders or any ex-members who left, they will say, “who should you learn from ? The successful ones like us or those failure ones ?”
    f) When it come to the products, they will only boost of their over 100 years history in France but they will not tell you that in US and Europe, they are sold as fragrance and perfumes only(check the websites) at only 1/3 of the prices here and NOT as essential oils or aromatherapy products claimed by them.
    g) They will use a lot of their successfuyl members all well dressed in suits to impress their prospects but they will not tell you that out of every 1 successful, at least another 50 have lost their money and left.
    h) They will not tell you the products are simply unpractical and troublesome to use. In fact a check in the websites showed the product is even dangerous. An explosion occured and someone in Taiwan got killed. HK TVB news also made a research and condemned them for cheating but their Company defended by telling their members that HK TVBS already “apologised” to them for the mistake and they forgave them.
    i) They will also tell you that some of their fragrance bottles are collectors’ items and can appreciate like antiques in future. In order to make you believe, they even display a few units for bidding and obviously their insiders and top-earners will jack up the price to make it believable.
    j) They will tell you that you can get a refund up to 90% if you decide to return the unsold stock but most people managed to get back less than half because MOST items are not returnable. They will not tell you fully all which items are not refundable. Most people got caught and lost money because of this trap.
    k) They even have lawyers and well-known people among them to give business talk so people tend to believe them easily and don’t suspect that they have many “hidden” clauses in their contract.
    l) Their business plan is designed in a manner to trick you to purchase the stock in someone else’s name(for easier promotion) so that when it comes to return and refund, you will not be able to do it conveniently.
    m) They will use their top-earner, a Malaysian by the name of Steven Yeam who is mostly based in HK now to act like a god or cult figure so that more people will adore and follow him blindly.
    n) Once you joined, they will have many ways to make you pay more money. Even attending their talk or training, you need to pay. They will not tell you when they invite you. Upon arriving or halfway, they will make you pay.
    o) They will make some big donation to some place and make a big publicity out of it to gain support and confidence from the public.
    p) They use very high figures and discounts to attract you to buy more stock. Up to as much as 40%. Most people find it diffiult to sell off later.
    q) They use lies to motivate their members and prospects. Some examples used are: “They will get listed soon in Malaysia””They will get the Singapore government to close Orchard Road for their rally and also loan them 20 helicopters to sentosa Island””They bought some share or joint-venture with Louis Vuitton in France”, etc.
    r) They will even deny themselves as MLM or direct-selling. They called themselves as a “new” franchise marketing system, leading many shopowners to get involved 2 or 3 years ago.
    They will have a lot of new tricks and tactics to close a deal and those mentioned above are just a few. So do not underestimate them. Please take it seriously and if you have any friends, please e-mail or inform them with this message before they are victimised. Last I heard of, their Singapire office is in Beach Road but they might have changed now.
    Please caution everyone and anyone who find this message useful, please help to circulate or link it to other forums.

    Thank you for your attention.

  76. Lampe Berger Suck!!!!

  77. Downline says:

    Buliding and Maintaining a downline is a difficult task and is a big part of any MLM or Network Marketing business. I uses the following techniques to effectively manage my downline:

    1. Ask questions – guide your downline to the answer for their questions by asking the right questions

    2. Find each individuals strengths – find the strengths in each member of your downline and help them build their business utilizing there strengths.

    3. Lead, dont pressure – lleading is about ,successfully working the business so that your downline members will want to follow you on their own accord. Don’t add pressure.

    4. Manage your time – view yourself as a businessperson, and keep each conversation on task.

    5. Consistency is the key to success – create a list of simple business building tasks, and your members to keep a log of the tasks completed each day. Teach them that success depends on how many of these tasks they commit to completing on a consistent daily basis.

    6. Maintain communication – send team updates or newsletters via email to your downline at least every two weeks. Recognize achievements as much as possible.

    7. Know when to move on – you cant make anyone work. You can lead, but if one of your downline wont follow – it might be a better use of your time to find a more self-motivated person.

  78. just can blame the DCHL marketing plan.people used it to earn fast money.not only DCHL,company like herbalife,dxn,cni n more++.those company marketing plan also got problem in the end.people success only 3% to 5% for those who join MLM.

  79. many people become victim of MLM.not just only DCHL.i survey quiet a lot company since from 2000 to 2007.honestly,many MLM company suck.only just know say own product good.its not mean tat their network business stable n can do long.
    u people also can go c my website.

  80. EastMalaysianInKL says:


  81. EastMalaysianInKL says:

    Sorry I couldn’t control myself. Amway has scarred me for life. Every time I read anything about MLM I want to rip out the hearts of everyone who’s approach me to join Amway.

    Fortunately I don’t feel the same way about people who want to sell me other kind of MLM schemes; I’d just lure them into my dungeon and torture them instead. But I won’t rip out their hearts.

  82. wow..the rm5000 LV bag…my fren la:)..

  83. zuco terry says:

    recently i also approach by a friend who want me to join them.

    yesterday, i just take a tour to their office at kompleks antarabangsa jalan sultan ismail.

    a lot of people say that they are trying to brain washed us. but for me, i think they just talking nonsence and bullshiting…!! i just listen what they say and ask them something related with their job, but they give me a very general answer!! thats not what i want…
    and the most important is when they talking to me they are not watching me and their eyes roll to left and right… very unnatural and seem like they memorise the script to make me fall into the tripped..
    do you think im so stupid??

    they seem like keep a distance from me and not force me to join them, maybe they know im a journalism student so…

    haha, anyway now im in the dilenma situation, becose my friend ask me to join, but in fact im not that intersted and im not dare to reject him.
    i afraid once i rejected his invitation, he wont friend with me anymore!!

    so any recommendation for me??
    what should i do??


  84. zuco terry, I am more or less in the same situation as you..
    my friend even give me solutions to fork out RM30K. Borrow from yout parents lah? Sell your second car? Make personal loans? Whoaaa…she really scares me to death!
    She even tell me that I can apply personal loan from Tan Chong Motor! Shit!

    I need help as well..sigh…

  85. latest victim… my friend ask me to join too!! help!

  86. zuco terry says:

    dear moon, fortunately my friend didn’t ask me and force me like your situation.

    he normally find me at the night and then take me to his office for group brain wash session.

    he ask me lots of time about my decision, but all the time i just give him the same answer, i have no money, but i really want to do this business, could you please give me more time to convince my parent as well as to raise the money? haha, he is damn nice, always give me the opportunity for delay..

    after a week, i feel myself just like fall in love in this kind of business..maybe is the attractive income and also the friendly colleage.

    he teach me a lot and guild me a lot, i really thanks god that i found him, he just like my sun and im a flower, without his sunlight, i can’t survive in the right way.

    however, yesterday both of us have a minor quarrel and now he refuse to take my call and reply my sms …. make me depress and sad!!

    what should i do??
    i wanna maintain the friendship with him and if it is possible be his colleage as well…

    now very sad and wanna cry!!

    help me !! i need help!!

    please help me miss suanie..

    thanks for moon and suanie

    best regards,

  87. zuco terry says:

    reply yo request

    actually it depends on you.
    you should have know whether you want to join or not.

    and after attend their brain wash session. how do you feel?

    haha, it is all the story is almost the same?

    haha, like a drama with same script


  88. zuco terry says:

    another comment on this business type is

    everything in this world contain both side effect.

    so it is depend on you how to digest and whether your stand is strong enough or not.

    there is no exactly what is true and false in this world, it depends on the people .

    sorry, crapping again…


  89. no one wanna voice opinion anymore??
    i want more!!

  90. LB Posers says:

    I really dont know why they are so many ppl donating their/parents hard-earned money just bcoz of some cock stories those lame asses told. dont u all see the picture so clearly ? Common LB Posers Sign :

    1. Chinese-educated youngsters dressed in suits (they thought they were cool 😆 !!)

    2. Driving their lifetime achievement,a BMW to show-off (thats the cheapest 2nd hand car they could merely afford for downpayment).Thats not what a person who earn at least 10k per month drives 😕

    3. Attending talks/convention at Sunway Hotel & etc such as the one they had at Sentosa Sg(heard that it sucked and lame)

    4. Boasting of 5-figure STEADY income 😯 (this is the killer lure). Their money comes from new member’s joining fee, so if no new downline = no money. Is it that steady ? Is it that easy to convince someone to throw in rm 2345 or rm 30k ?

    I pity those who helped their upline to become marquis, congratz to him but what about his downline?? hard work eh to pump rm 400,000 for the company in few months time. how much more 400,000 can u guys pump for the next downline to challenge marquis? Steven Yeam is enjoying his wine with some bitches sucking his cock while u guys conning ppl to join in and fill up his bank account. dreaming to be like him one day ? well DREAM ON.

    ITs very stupid to buy the count status because when u want to challenge marquis, u dont have any downline to do it for u. u still need to find the same amount of ppl to sell off ur 30k worth of lamps,so indirectly speaking u are buying advanced stock from them.

    Stop being a faggot and face reality, alot of ppl are laughing at u coz of the way u handle this ‘business 🙄 ‘. Its so childish to talk ppl in by showing off what u have (maybe not even urs). And they are always in button up /long sleeve shirt to act like a ‘professional’. You can tell if someone is really making alot of money and enjoying his comfortable life. They dont boast around and when ppl ask about their job, it defenitely wont be some mlm shit.

    I’ve got some friends who are in LB as well, there’s nothing much i could do to advise them but to let them experience and fall once in order to wakeup and learn. rm 2345 is ok for a lesson but rm 30k is just way too much. some even quit their job and do full time LB. what can u do in menara HLA ? just wait for new victims to walk in and start ur brain washing session. I think they spend more than they can earn coz everytime have to go out and ‘meet clients’ yamcha few times a day

    I’ve heard alot of stories from their upline, mainly telling u how important for a secure future, earn money without working, flexible time bla bla bla … DUHH, everybody wants that but how sure are u LB will GUARENTEE all that? Come on, flip thestar and get a real job, start somewhere.. at least u will really have some basic money coming in every month. Make your parents proud ! Its very hard for them to raise u up, dun listen to ppl’s flowery words and be greedy. IF u are selling products then its acceptable, but now LB’s selling point is ‘business’ and the lamp is used for coverline (what an asshole). In other words, u get a cut from ripping ppl’s joining fee, not commission from the product itself.

    And for the LB supporters or members who fuck here fuck there in this post, please ask urself honestly how much are u really making now every month ? how many downlines u have ? are ur downlines making money as well, u selfish bastard ! HOW OLD ARE U ALREADY ?

    Dont target young college students, they are the most innocent victim of all. Being naive and wanna make money before they even graduate, this seems to be the best water fish. To all the students out there, when someone wanna talk business with u and say u can make 5-figure income very fast, show them both ur middle finger and shove it up his ass. Study hard and focus,dun be tempted with some kid’s lifestyle or ride, im sure u can do better in future by urself.

    The worst scenario ive seen is that someone actually gets personal loan from bank or ah long . Shit! So young already wanna get black listed by bank negara or kena splash red paint outside ur house ? if it happens will ur upline come save you? we’ll see ……..

    I’ve been very free lately and browsed through dchl’s main website .. u guys might wanna check it out at http://www.dchl.com.my/English%20Version/BizOpp_MarquisMalaysia2006.asp …… click on every month and u will see the number of marquis decreasing and on november last year only ONE member got promoted. there’s none so far for this year(2007). Seems like their business is down the drain now but what the fuck do the dukes care right ? they already made so much money and how good if somehow the money could be refunded to those who got terribly conned.

  91. My sister got involved in this LB and cannot stop. She said once you start, you can never stop. What the hell is this?? Really scaring me you know. Told her she has been cheated. But she said I don’t understand how its works. Each and every time I argue with her.. all that she can say ‘Tu lah, suruh pergi dengar seminar tu, tanak..’ HUH!! Sorry la.. Kucing bertanduk pun I won’t go there..Crazy ppl! Never seen her being so keras kepala before. What have the upliners do to her??? Feeling like wanna shoot all the upliners!!!! For once I wanna be 9/11 terrorist.. bomb all of them and their meeting places!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!(now i’m the one being saiko)

    NosTradaMus in your comment about full refund, why we cannot really send the letter to those ministries?? its good if they know, right? *confuse*…

  92. sorry NosTradaMus.. misreading your text.. you did mention we SHOULD send the letter to the ministries… sorry again..

  93. Goto matilah.blogspot.com
    you will see more.

    alamak, must stop the cheating lah!!!

  94. hai,
    dis is d first time i read this site
    never know that so many people hate LB
    but i realize something from the negative feedback is u all are not trying to understand ur self, what life u want. if u are want to be like donald trump think like him. if u dont just thinking like ordinary people k.
    life just and only just once..

  95. by joining LB means u know wat life u want ? well fucking GET A LIFE then. U need the sohai steven to motivate u in life, u need him to give u support and hear good things in life, u need him to show u those “NICE” cars or branded shits ? defenitely u need him to suck ur cock ! grow up bitch , MARK my words …max 1 year away from now u will realise how naive and childish u were . and donald trump will never think of LB in the 1st place so please , dont ever try to associate the remark that he made that he would join MLM if he wasnt into property coz the MLM he mentioned was some Voip thing…NOT LB, i repeat NOT LB !!! Go to national library and widen ur knowledge instead of going to HLA and meet those posers everyday .

  96. haha..
    my gosh.. hey suanie! you are getting alot of traffic from here hor! 🙂
    oh well.. they are still not going down yet? Even Bel Air already kaput!

  97. destiny says:

    i’ve have been lured into this biz too. smart move by the pyramid syndicate. sounds syndicated to me.

    i quit the business.
    i dont know why.
    perhaps, my personal experience says so. sad…….

    you will see a mixture of professionals/dropouts/students/ah bengs/ah liens/human in general sitting in a large, well equipped state of the art business centre and thats where you will watch a 1 to 1 interaction, group interaction……..etc. go there yourself. mingle with them. see how they interact with you.

    they will only tell you the pros but not cons.
    that’s not business.
    brilliant creme de la creme camouflage.

    i wonder how much do they sell diffusers or tendances in france or anywhere else in this world. I understand that there is a place in france called monoprix. monoprix sells a mixture of stuff. they sell lampe berger too. why can the french people be so honest in selling their products where SYN is selling it at exorbitant prices?

    someone enlighten me. what’s the profit margin? till today, i am darn right confused about the whole god damned business. it used to be simple, quoting an ex syn member, no names mentioned here. he rose to the rank of marquis and after getting too much nonsense from his sideline members, hanky panky somehow spilled into his domain. he lost everything in 2 months. how sad.

    my business partners were horrible too. god bless them. luckily, got my investment out. i could not give a shit. all i did was to only get someone involved to send a message to them that the pyramid system is not a proper scheme at all to prosper on. you make money, what happens to your downline?

    may god save the queen.




  99. ambition is good for young ppl like us…juz make sure your ambition goes with wisdom…

  100. im very confused right now……. to join or not to join ! cant seem to decide….. i’ve been to the office twice, have an invitation to a home party next week. I really dont know much about it……… but it sounds so exciting !! my boss is challenging to be a marquis… and he is doing so well. i met a 21 year old girl who is already a marquis now…. earning like hell… they seem to be very happy in this business… what should i do ?? im on the fence now…. might fall of either way.

  101. storm….. you want to become rich by taking other peolpes money????? thing again ……. MLM concept is “rich will get richer and poor become poorer”. how many people in MLM are earning like hell??? u say they seem to be very happy but…..do u know how many people are sad & angry because of this MLM thing???? u want 2 know more go to this blogs and u will know the truth of MLM/Lamb berger by the people who got cheated, lost frienship, GFriend/BoyFriend and etc….



  102. Multilevel Marketing… hmmm… It’s just like franchising.
    How bout the gas stations (SHELL, PETRONAS, ESSO etc.), KFC, Mc D etc. They’re doing the same thing – Multillevel Marketing a.k.a. Franchising. Just the products and services differs. Franchising is using the pyramid scheme system.

  103. pliz help me…….
    i had join them b4 think about it clearly
    i’m so desperated to get money.coz i bought a laptop using my ptptn money.
    i dun want 2 burden my family.so i search 4 a part time job
    my fren offered dis stupid business.
    i’m stupid 2 coz believe in her.
    after attended ime(international member exchange) held on 9th september 2007 at sunway lagoon,i realize that there are such a bullshit talk about this business.
    she is a count earn at least 2.5k per month.but she live wif 10 frenz who are 4 of them is a count too.they juz living at the “rumah kedai” .can you juz imagine,if u earn sallary about more than 2500 per month,would you live in that kind of house?
    me who had no income live at the flat wif 3 frenz only.can u imagine what the liar they are?
    i admit that i’m so stupid b’coz believe them and put all of my money in this business.
    now, i realize it and want to get out from this lying business.
    pliz help me …..
    i afraid they will do something 2 me

  104. i own wif RZ co rm23k coz i refund all my stok….argghhhhh…..where i can fnd the maoney….my debt is maximum already….where te group support???where my upline???where rich marquis???bullshit!!

  105. SengAun Ong says:

    It is good that a person pulls out from LB. They will not do anything to you. Try to ask for refund. But I think it will not be a 100% refund. Do not be afraid of losing them as friends. You rather want to go make some new friends than to stay with such ‘positive’ friends like them. Think clearly again before you want to join MLM:


  106. Fren is LB register to this?
    Where got DCHL? LB?
    It is Pyramid!!!

  107. My friend invited me to join the talks last year, but I declined (that time I just didn’t want any commitments, coz I know how MLM works). And that was it.

    Then, a few months ago, my just graduated cousin joined. And just last week, she pratically begged (and cried to) my father to lend her 36k. She didn’t tell us what is it for, so my father refused. I was curious, as why an MLM member wants 36k? That’s when I found this site, and countless others.

    I contacted my friend who invited me earlier, and she told me she only paid the 2k, and she doesn’t go to the talks coz she doesn’t have anybody to go with. Then I told her about the 36k, and she was surprised coz her upline never mention that to her.

    Yea, like some said, it’s the bad apples. But, if it’s a truly honest industry, why does it have the ‘optional’ buy-your-way-up investment? And I’m very sure my cousin was brutally brainwashed by the ppl at DCHL, for she was a smart, quiet girl. To see her cry in front of my parents asking for money, she must be really desperate.

    And what friends she has. We asked her, if it’s true that her friends got 5-fig salary every month like she said, then why not borrow from them. She said sth like it’s against the policy of the company. I mean, wtf? Does DCHL have all their account books, or they don’t really have the money?

    And I really hate the “it’s their own choice” crap. Don’t ‘lepas tangan’ la. That’s childish.

  108. Elishares says:

    To be success in MLM, you must understand how MLM works, you must know the system. They have rules, term and conditions.

    If you think this business is bullshit, please don’t join.
    If you have joined the business, please don’t stop or you’ll lose money.
    Some of them join the business and do nothing and just wait for easy money. How can you get money without working through it? Business world is not the same as employement world. It’s just the same as any conventional business. How can you make profit without working? In business world, your profit/income is not stable. It depends on YOU yourself to make it successful or failure. Not like in employment world, you just work hard for others and you have stable salary. Being in a comfort zone won’t make you rich. It’s just like education, how can you get a good result withouth studying? It doesn’t make sense if you’re studying in Havard let say, and you don’t study and you can automatically get High grades because of the reputation of your Uni. No, you still have to work out and find a way so that you can have flying colour gradess. Still, you have to follow the system.

    Don’t be stupid and try to blame others for your own laziness and retarded mindset. If you join, try to fight and at least get back your money. The reason you join is to make money so why don’t you fight to make money.

    Do you think rich people always stay at home and do nothing?
    Just waiting for the money to come by itself?
    If that’s so, they have done something before they do nothing. Which is making the money to work for them.

    And for our nameless friend, why do your count friends live in a rumah kedai?
    Come on, be real. Your friend must have their own reason why they’re staying in rumah kedai. They might not be always staying at home, home is just a place for them to relax and have a rest. There might be some other reason. Doesn’t mean you make much money and you must spend them all. Be smart, put them into your savings. Rich people spend money wisely and fools spend money like there’s no tomorrow.

    To be success in MLM industry, you MUST FOLLOW THE SYSTEM.
    There is no short cut and only the system are to follow.

  109. I am Tet’s brother. Frankly speaking, my cousin will never be the same after this. Our expectation is high of her you know before this. Pretty, just graduated, and soon will find a nice job so she can help out her family (her single mother and a sister). But after all of these accounts, my heart saddenned. So did our parents. Why chose her? She’s very naive and don’t know much of the what is going on in the real world. I’m afraid that she will forfeit her degree and commit her body and soul to this unholy, crappy LB business. If you LB SOBs want to find fresh downline, please find people that is the same level as yours. Like me and Tet. And we will give you all a nice holy finger to be shoved in your crappy mind (or ass I presumed)!

    You have brainwashed her brutally until she was brave enough to ask our father to sign a personal loan form so she can get RM 36000! What the ****? Our father is going to pencen next year and this was how she treated him? Collectively, I can assume that you all are unethical, selfish, and “kurang ajar”. Please leave her alone…

  110. anonymous says:

    this is for all SYN members
    i want to sell my product
    i ‘m lack of money
    i’m totally broke rite now
    show ur support to SYN members
    those who are interested to add ur collection of LB can contact me at

  111. Dear people. I would like to share something from my point of view. We are all been made in this with world with different capabilities and skills. That’s why we can see some people are well in their lifestyle and career. But not all achieve the same in life. Do you agree with the fact. Now let me tell you all something ,do you agree that we are pursuing our studies in order to get a better life in future? It’s that a promising fact on it. Do you see what’s going on in nowadays
    economies. Lots of graduate with no job. Knowing nothing to do only have mind with full of theory. Can we earn a good life or achieve our dream with doing nothing at all. That’s bullshit right?. I am also a graduate with years of experience in works. Still hard to survive in this world . what exactly that we understand about MLM. Is it only the definition. If you study more about the approach it’s actually been use in most of the company such as banking and financial industry, marketing industry and others. Lets see MLM, the higher level you are the bigger you earn. So in a company the higher ranking you are the higher you earn, right?.

    1) for student :- To achieve a high ranking position you must have higher qualification right? So how many people ( parents) invest on you to studied. If you failed your study you didn’t study hard right? Implied the same to MLM no matter how much you invest you must work hard to success . do you think you have put all of your effort? If yes then you pass your study, and if yes you achieve
    higher earning (MLM).
    – thank god some student eagerly do this MLM because they know how to repay others.most of the student actually enjoying their life in campus and put only small effort on studying. Yes you can graduate but with the help of ( toyol) ( for some student). Any promising job? Depends?.
    – So don’t band those student doing MLM while studying because the gain the knowledge of life and skill of marketing from it. If they can graduate they are doing great in managing their life and time in studies.

    In life some of us was born with a silver spoon in a mouth. Does everybody are that damn lucky? Accept the fact not all. So there’s nothing wrong for people who want
    Struggle to achieve their dreams.

    Some fact in career cycle :-

    1) being an employer :-
    – we get our career based on our qualification. Our in come are fixed basis . for those who unlucky based on contract basis. Can we earn more? Only if we been promoted.
    – How many higher position are there in an organization. Limited right. Some people do a great job but not been promoted due to not been appreciate by the upper boss. Why? Simply because the boss don’t likes you personally. Some always been promoted even not doing a job well. Why? Always being a ‘yes boss’ person even if the thing actually non related ( personal) matter. This is actually the real deception. And it’s a fact in real work environment.
    – When a company decided to shrink. The lower level feel the impact more. With lower earning what else can you do.
    – In order for a company to strive the multi level marketing takes place. Higher level in marketing will push all down level to the limit. Even you are not in sales line , your whole career appraisal based on your sales. Isn’t it better if we stay in a sales line.no double work.
    – For one self If 90% person of earning comes from doing business only 10% from being an employer. Which should you choose to put your all effort.
    – When sales achieve target who get the credit. Some company for the lower level your bonus are fixed. Your increment , that’s depend on your union to fight for it. Even if the company earn high yield for the year.
    – Don’t blame anyone. For that’s the life you have chosen and you don’t want to open up your mind for the bigger world.

    2) Opening up a business :-
    – great now you are opening up your mind for doing business. Do you have all that it takes to run a business.
    – Small business need small capital and so small earning. Big business need bigger capital and so bigger earning. Just like MLM.
    – do you have the knowledge from your narrow previous job routine to run a business. Do you easily get bigger finance for a bigger promising business. Network? Support? . can you started with high quality product imported with a small capital? Can you ought to do an exclusive promotion? Should you pay for courses to learn about business? Do you have thousand of friend to share about running a business?.
    – Not all of us are so lucky to have it all right?. Fact about running a business are not all business really success in the first 2-3 month open up. If unlucky we get that Bankruptcy Declaration.
    – Higher lobby needed for higher contract ? is it a fact. You judge it yourself.

    3) running MLM business :-
    – you can start with a fixed optional capital. Depends on how you look at the marketing system. No working paper needed . Same like studying , high invest for higher and better education. In business high capital for bigger deal.
    – No resume needed as your potential based on your effort and willingness.
    – Knowledge of marketing , management and others. Group of sharing knowledge. Courses provided on small amount based on sharing basis.
    – Multi national product, exclusive promotion , high profile office and systematic provided. Easy promotion based on potential. high insured of product provided.
    – So an MLM company also works just like a professional bodies with government approval.
    In conclusion there’s nothing wrong actually on building an MLM business.
    What important is your own effort faith on the company. Same like working in a company , you put your faith on it. The important thing is knowing the business and profile of the company. We can’t blame others if we not success on it for everything is provided . It is up to yourself on how much effort have you put on it. Judge on your own either you are capable to do it or not. The company provide everything so your task would be just the same as an insurance agent , unit trust agent and others by doing marketing for commission.
    Yes I do agree some of the ‘bad apple’ make the things worse. Its a fact in this world that they are everywhere in every line of business and also in workplace. This also implied in Direct selling world but the differences are the system on generating your income. Every market would create their own system to improve their sales.
    For those who really didn’t agree with me stop pursuing other people to destruction
    Rather than improvement for you are actually the worse.Those who are really can’t participate with the business I do hope you keep it up that way. For a good business needs a good partner. Manufacturing car business wont ask a farmer to be their partners board of director , that’s the analogy . for those with a principle ‘ belum cuba belum tau’ keep up with it.

    Good day. Let’s live in peace and healthy competition.


    i am intrested u r bussiness

  113. Hi, I was also being approached by a friend to join SYN group early this year.
    I joined as a franchisee & nearly joined as a count. At first, when I told them I have difficulties coming up with the money, I thought they were being really caring by suggesting that I can get a personal to invest in the count position.They were also very pushy,contacting me a few times a day,asking me to go to training seminars,contacting prospects,even to go to another city to meet with Marquis etc etc.I had personal,family and work problems all at the same time,and they were still pushing me to attend all those trainings and meetings until late at night and on weekends.I was exhausted!Then I realised that they did not care about me,they just want to make sure that I borrow money to become a count hence helping my upline to become a marquis!And luckily I listened to my family,so I quit before too late! Basically all the points mentioned above by the others,were used to lure me in.I was such an IDIOT!My poor friend still thinks he can make lots of money from it. So I have two lamps which will be useless once I use up all the oil I have,unless I purchase more oil from the legitimate Lampe Berger website.All the things which SYN claimed about the healing property if the oils,should be questioned and reported to Lampe Berger in France.

  114. LOL…ur blog damn interesting 2 read..can send me more details about SYN ??? do u mind ?? heezz ^^ hope hear from ur soon ^^

  115. YES,agreed with Allen.From ur blog i can know pros n cons bout DCHL/Lampe Berger.everybody talk nicely n give supports or opinions bout this MLM in good way rather than other blog.

    Peoples who already in DCHL or victim or just an observer like me can get better ideas towards this business…Keep it up!!

  116. shazlan says:

    Your blog have save me rm2,500.00, THANK YOU. It all started wz my wife being influenced by her friend to invest in this LB. Day n nite she begged me for the money. Loving my wife, one evening i agreed to give her the money, she was overjoyed and quickly call her friend and agreed to see her the next day. BUT just out of curiousity that nite i browse the web, keyword “DCHL” n i stumble to your blog, and to another, and to another…. i wake her up immediately and ask her to read it herself and ask her to think carefully of her plan…she was SHOCKED…she decided not to proceed with it …
    guess what… she kiss me and said THANK YOU…1. for supporting and trusting her by giving that rm2,500.00 … 2. for protecting and looking after her not to make stupid mistake….

  117. hey.korang cerita apa nie..aku dah join…xde masalah…baru sebulan aku join..then aku invest 36k..then now aku dah dpt pulangan..stock aku yg aku invest pun dah nak abis..payment bulanan pun aku dpt..lastest payment aku terima 15,500.00..so mcm mana dgn korang semua..kepala otak korang xnampak memang ckp byk buruk..klu korang nampak mesti korang pikir balik..wei..mana kerja yg korang xpyramid..kau duduk kat kilang ke apa ker tetap pyramid..so think it..yg aku paham dan tahu ini system bukan pyramid..aku buat kerja aku dpt 15,500.00..or atas aku hanya dpt 345.00..pyramid ker..?pembohong la korang semua..pandai ckp buruk sahaja…buat pemalas..nk tunggu duit dtg bergolek..korang ingat apa duit tu..klu dah dasar pemalas dan tak berubah jgn nak ckp itu tipu..sana tipu..kata buruk mcm2..pemalas tu pemalas jugak la…bye

  118. yg kau shazlann pehal pengecut sgt..belum cuba dah tarik diri..cm ni klu malaysia kena serang jepun skali lg..aku dpt agak..or yg pertama jd tali barut adalah kau..gentle skit bro..sorry klu kasar..tp phmkan maksud aku dlu..

  119. i dun care wat other people say about LB… i juz got my first payment 13k… so wat guys? who dun want money? join me and LB lorr weeyy!!!

  120. wey syazlan… by reading other people’s comments u can beliaeve that LB will not do wonders to her? y laaaa…. u should try first maaa… me also at first i promised myself few years back dat i will neva join MLM… but this LB is different!!

    what u read is from others that didn’t work for it… it’s a business maa.. if business, sure u have to work… it’s not like u dump big amount of money n u shake leg…you will get nothing laa… if can shake leg, its not called BUSINESS!! i love LB and i believe in LB… mmuahx!

  121. haaa.kau tgkk..ada lagi yg cerani kata lb tu ok..korang semua ni penakut…berani cuba yg xbetul..tp yg betul punya korang xberani cubaa…xphmlah korang ni..yg ckp bukan2 tu..ko ni xnk buat jgn nak rosakkan market org..sendiri yg salah..bukan company..apa2 pun company xpernah salah..tp korang yg salah..sebab korang ikut sistem..org suruh makan nasi korang pu makan besi saper suruh..sendiri rasa laa…

  122. xmlm-hero says:

    Important Background for
    Red Flag #1:

    With the chaining feature in an MLM compensation and marketing plan, each person recruited is empowered and given incentives to recruit other participants, who are empowered and motivated to recruit still other participants, etc. – in an endless chain of recruiters recruiting recruiters – without regard to (de facto) market saturation.

    All network or multi-level marketing (MLM) programs, no-product pyramid schemes, and chain letters have this recruitment chaining characteristic in common. You would be wise to avoid any program in which you are recruited into a chain of participants (distributors, agents, representatives, etc.), which are organized into multiple levels, especially where the position in the chain or hierarchy of participants is determined by timing of entrance into the program and/or by success at recruiting a downline of participants. While a few earn substantial profits, the vast majority of participants in such programs lose both time and money.

    In at least four studies, chain selling schemes that feature unlimited recruitment in an endless chain of participants have been found to be uneconomic; i.e., not profitable except for a tiny percent (less than 1%) of participants at or near the top of their respective pyramids. Yet MLM promoters typically present their programs as outstanding business or income opportunities This fallacy is at the heart of a maze of misrepresentations used in MLM recruitment. Whether or not law enforcement interprets the chain selling program as an illegal pyramid scheme, it can be considered an unfair trade practice – or unjust enrichment of a few at the top of a pyramid of participants at the expense a downline of misled participants, the vast majority of whom are mathematically pre-determined to lose money.

    It should also be noted that quality of products or services often becomes questionable when incentives are tied to recruitment. This would apply to such products and services as health products, investments, or internet services. But even if the products are of exceptional quality, it is the inherently fraudulent design of the chain-selling program that misleads people into participating against their own best interests. The vast majority of recruits are destined to lose both time and money.

    For most chain selling programs (multi-level or network marketing, etc.), income is dependent primarily on downline recruitment of participants who will buy (or subscribe to) products to “play the game.” As a general guideline in evaluating MLM programs, if you must recruit to be successful, or if the primary emphasis in the compensation plan is on building a downline, it is not a viable income opportunity except for those at or near the top of the pyramid. And you must decide if your success at the expense of so many victims will leave you with a clear conscience.

    Important Background for Red Flag #2:

    The question could have been worded other ways:

    Does a participant (distributor, consultant, representative, etc.) advance one’s position (and potential income) in a hierarchy of multiple levels of participants by recruiting other “distributors” under him/her, who in turn advance by recruiting distributors under them, etc.? – or – Must you “earn your way to the top” of the hierarchy of participant through recruitment and product purchases, rather than by applying for the position based on prior experience and training?

    In MLM programs, the position in the hierarchy is determined by time of entrance into the program, volume of products purchased, and/or by success at recruiting, rather than by appointment. When consumers are recruited into such a program and then given incentives to buy products, they are being “leveraged” for the profit of those above them. They may think they are advancing, when in fact they are often being manipulated into buying more products and recruiting more people to benefit those above them.

    Why is Red Flag #2 important? Historically, in most jurisdictions, the key factor in determining if a program is an illegal pyramid scheme is whether or not the primary emphasis is on compensation from recruitment, rather than from legitimate sales to end users who are not part of the network of participants. If the only way to earn significant income is by recruiting aggressively in order to advance to higher levels in the scheme, this criteria is satisfied.

    Avoid falling for the line that you have a choice between merely selling products or building a business. MLM promoters typically tell prospects that they can choose to be a customer and/or sell products – or they can choose the “leadership” option. Usually a careful study of the compensation plan will reveal that the system is weighted heavily in favor of recruiting a downline. If you are able to get the names of more than one participant who actually profits from direct selling without recruiting, ask to see their tax return for last year. It is virtually certain that you will find few if any such persons.

    So be careful. For most MLM programs, it has become evident on close examination that both advancement and income are dependent primarily on recruiting a downline of participants who will buy products to “play the game.” If participants must recruit to be successful, or if the pay plan’s primary rewards are for building a downline, it should be considered a recruiting MLM, and an unprofitable chain selling scheme except for those at or near the top. You would likely do better selling pencils on a street corner.

    Are MLM “distributors” really distributors or “direct sales persons”? When the pay plan rewards recruits more for recruiting others than for retailing products or services, and when sales are “incentivized” (tied to qualifications for commissions or advancement in the scheme), it is a misnomer to refer to them as “distributors.” This is why in these analyses the term is often placed in quotation marks. It is more correct to refer to them as “investing participants.” Correctly viewed, an accumulation of such incentivized purchases over a period of time constitutes a substantial investment in a pyramid scheme. (You will read more on this under Red Flag #3.)

    for Red Flag #3:

    In a recruiting MLM, “pay to play” requirements are met by ongoing “incentivized purchases” (purchases tied to commissions, discounts, or advancement), with participants the primary buyers.

    “Incentivized” or “pay to play” purchases are purchases from an MLM company tied to requirements or inducements to enter the “business opportunity” or to qualify for commissions or discounts – or to advance in the hierarchy of “distributors” (or whatever they are called) – who are in effect merely participants making pyramid scheme investments disguised (or laundered) as purchases. But be careful. Often new recruits are told that they need not buy anything – unless they want to enter the “business opportunity” or “leadership” income option. This could be called “pay to play” – purchases one makes if one wants to really play the game.

    How much is actually invested in the scheme? MLM companies typically charge a nominal fee to be licensed as a “distributor” (or consultant, customer, representative, etc.) This is usually less than $100 to avoid raising the eyebrows of enforcement officials – and to escape subjecting the MLM program to more strict guidelines as a security or “business opportunity.” However, it is typical that initial registration or license fees are merely the beginning of the total investment for MLM participation. One must add incentivized purchases, which may total hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars a year. They constitute a substantial portion of the cost of participating in the “business opportunity.”

    Escalating incentives to continue purchasing products to qualify for ever-higher levels in the hierarchy of participants often leads “distributors” to hyper-consume products, to give away samples, or to fill their garages with products they don’t need. The argument that participants would have purchased the products from another source anyway, and that these purchases should not be considered an expense of doing business, simply does not hold water. Whether they are used, sold, given away, stored, or flushed down the toilet, is irrelevant in this analysis.

    If participants add the operating costs of recruiting to the cost of purchases from the company, total expenses generally exceed any payments from the MLM company. The breakeven bar is raised and is rarely exceeded by revenues. In other words, almost all participants below those at the top of the pyramid lose money.

    So when participants are expected to make product investments to get into a program – and then to keep on purchasing products, services, training, etc., in order to progress in the organization, they are paying de facto pyramid investment fees to “play the game,” one of the earmarks of a product-based pyramid scheme.

    Important Background
    for Red Flag #4:

    Other qualifying questions that could be asked include: Is it possible to have dozens, or even hundreds, of people in your downline from whom you could collect commissions? – or – Have you been told, or has it been implied (in a variety of ways) by the promoters of the scheme, that the real money is in building a downline? – or – Does the company use a binary, trinary, matrix, breakaway, “Australian 2-up, or hybrid of any or all of these compensation plans with more than four levels of payout by the company to the upline?

    When an MLM company pays commissions and bonuses on more than four levels of participants, the program can be said to be highly leveraged; i.e., a few at the top of a pyramid are enriched at the expense of a multitude of downline participants, the vast majority of whom lose money.

    For even the largest of conventional distributor arrangements, the entire U.S. can be covered by four supervisory levels in the distributor hierarchy; e.g., branch managers, district managers, regional managers, and national sales manager – and sometimes an international manager if one is needed for foreign markets. More than that is superfluous and bloated, driving up product prices and making sales at a competitive retail markup unprofitable and unrealistic.

    Why does more than four levels signal a recruiting MLM? There is seldom any functional justification for five or more levels in an MLM hierarchy of “distributors,” other than to encourage recruiting and the illusion of very large potential incomes to more participants than is mathematically possible – a hallmark of many pyramid schemes. When combined with the other factors herein, only those “distributors” at the top of the pyramid realize any significant income, and the extra levels only enrich those at or near the top of the pyramid at the expense of those beneath them. In some states, this could be considered “unjust enrichment.”

    So – with an upline of many levels, the top-level participants may be profiting to an extreme degree from the losses of those beneath them. Such exorbitant incomes result from the reaping of huge overrides from the combined product investments of as many as thousands of downline participants, which increase exponentially with each added level. (See MLM Numbers)

    Important distinction. Red Flag #4 is a key feature separating recruiting MLM’s from no-product pyramid schemes, which typically pay on only four or five levels before the person atop the pyramid collects and moves on to start a new pyramid. It also helps explain why the loss rate for recruiting MLM’s is much higher than for classic, no-product pyramid schemes.

    Important Background for Red Flag #5:

    One might also ask these questions: For purchasing products (supposedly for resale), would a participant receive about the same total payout (in commissions, bonuses, etc.) from the company as participants several levels above him or her who had nothing to do with the sale? – or – Would you need to recruit anyone at all in order to make a good living at this program? (Ask to see the tax returns of any who claim to have done so.)

    While the previous four features are fairly easy to identify, this one requires understanding of alternative distribution models and complex incentives in the MLM pay plan. Group bonuses and other incentives must be factored in to determine actual payout per sale. Sometimes the bonuses come in the form of larger discounts or commissions per sale at higher levels in the hierarchy.

    Why does this feature of recruiting MLM’s discourage retailing of products to end users? Recruiting MLM’s offer small rewards to front line “distributors” for selling products, which are usually overpriced. So to achieve significant income one must recruit a large downline from which to draw commissions from their combined purchases The end result is inadequate incentive to retail and excessive incentive to recruit. This factor, more than any other, determines whether a program is biased towards recruitment or towards retailing (direct selling to end users). It is also an important red flag signaling a recruiting MLM, or a product-based pyramid scheme.

    Why is this feature one of the main problems with recruiting MLM’s? Compensation plans of recruiting MLM’s lead to extreme inequality in payout (money paid by the company) to participants. Company payout is distributed to a few “winners” at the expense of a multitude of “losers.” Often these “losers” will invest considerable amounts of time and money and then quit, blaming themselves. But their “failure” is due not so much to their lack of effort, as to an exploitive system, which dooms approximately 99.9% to losses (after subtracting “pay to play” purchases and minimal operating expenses).

    A failure rate in excess of 99% would not in and of itself be fraudulent, except that in MLM opportunity meetings, the program is typically touted as the path to financial freedom, or time freedom, and the earnings of top distributors is posted – but without the abysmal odds of getting there.

    PLEASE – Don’t write to ask us to justify our evaluation. You have every right to your opinion, as we do to ours. The responsibility for your decision is on your shoulders, nor ours. However, we believe that with the amount of research that has gone into this analysis, you would be wise to seriously consider what we and others offer to guide and warn against exploitive chain selling programs – where you are almost certain to lose money.

    —–please safe urself before it too late LB is MLM ——-

  123. xmlm-hero says:

    “DCHL” is also MLM , please evaluate yourself……..trust only urself

    -x-MLM Hero-

  124. dchl and lb is not mlm..it is bisnes..ur own bisnes..dont try to cheat anybody if u fail do dis bisnes coz company not wrong but ur self is wrong and to fast broke up…coz u dont belive ur self..so stop say useless word…

  125. syn_undercover says:

    i think shs and sha r the same person

  126. sya and shs, i would recommend u to read as the following link




    open your eyes, open your mind… Jangan biarkan wang mengelabui mata anda…

  127. shs… what business is that… try to prove to us it is a “real” business.

  128. good article… as usual i’m posting comment so that this kind of website stayed on top of google result. need to spread the word…

  129. kai see says:

    i think SYN is developing into a cult.




    gurls in tudung also kinna already. hahah.

  130. what’s puzzling me is that why invest $10K and work no pay to help someone up there
    to earn his “share” of the $$ ? If u r really good and talented in selling, won’t it be better
    off joining some successful co earn a good base + sale commission ? See the diff ?

    Pay $10K to do basically the cheap talk shit that one doesn’t even need to know how good
    or bad the products are, and work like a dog with no gurantee of return but only high
    probability of compromised integrity and reputation.

    Or get PAID each month for your selling skills, experience and talents!

    Yeah right we see high profile successful people also get involved, almost a trustworthy
    testimony of the company itself. Who is to say that they are active participants that
    actually start low and work their way up to the top level ? Can the company provide
    evidence to support that ? I doubt it very much. These high-profile players are simply
    well off passive shareholder/investors the founder(s) bring in with agreed profit
    sharing agreement among themselves, or in the corporate world you would call them
    non executive directors. They are there for the image of the company as one reason
    but most importantly to ensure their PASSIVE investment is getting the return by
    putting their faces on a few website hoohaa party etc!

    As for the what baron, marqueue, duke , they r no diff from worker bee in the
    trad corporation. Yes, some have the skills, talents and LUCK to make it so good on
    them. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are successful. They are only LUCKILY
    successful (not!) in conning others to join by projecting a delusion of franchise opp,
    biz opp, financial freedom, wealth creation etc. The diff is that you get paid by your
    downline, not your boss/company. Simple!

    I will challenge DCHL and any MLM co for trying this. If your unsuccessful and unsatisfied
    downline fail to achieve and request for quitting, you WILL be demoted automatically
    and all of a sudden you don’t get your monthly PASSIVE income, now tell me if this is
    still a dream career/biz! Remember, you are only getting paid simply by exploiting the
    downline you recruit. Why dont we see any MLM implementing a system that has the
    demotion policy in place ? Because if they do that, all of a suddent it will not be easy
    as sit back and not doing nothing just enjoy life and passive residual income buddy!

    Please be reminded if you are or at least you are delusioned to think that you are
    successful to get to the to top level, that’s not because you are successful, it’s because
    you LUCKY to exploit the system or should I say scam early enough and please don’t
    sing team work or caring tunes that you care for your downline to help them grow etc.
    That’s all bs and we all know it. U do it so that i get your cut of the $ that’ it. You are
    only successful because you betray your own conscience, integrity, reputation and
    hardwork of your downline who are buying just a dream or delusion, and usually very
    unsuspecting and naive and trusting but NOT gullible!

    Success isn’t about showing off CLK or X5 and do some Anthony Robbin spiritual talk
    and annual hoohaa party with inspiring life experience sharing. It’s about how your
    hardwork actually earns you in a socially and morally responsible manner.

    If you are selling LB, how much do u actually understand the product itself ? The sales
    and marketing strategy ? Product roadmap ? Competitive study ? Product quality testing?
    At least if I work for BMW as a salesperson, I can produce a well and genuinely prepared
    competitive analysis and report again say Merc, Audi to plan for my new product
    design, influence marketing & sales strategy!

    DCHL so-called marketing and sales strategy is no more than, forget about the
    product, it’s not even important (might as well make it irrelevant), just focus on
    recruiting 5 members (through an “EDUCATIONAL” process, how nice) who equally
    will no nothing about the products and selling but willing to participate! So the overall
    marketing & sales strategy is in fact crystal clear, it’s a RECRUITMENT strategy!

    Man that’s prob. enough for now … until I even bother to say more.

  131. Forgot to say I don’t need to join DCHL but am equally a happy owner of the BMW X5.
    I am proud of it not because it’s a luxury car, but I do it the hard and genuine and
    ethical way and I reward myself with the return without compromising my own integrity
    and reputation. I owe no one to my own reward and return. I don’t even run a business
    at all, I am just every one of you, I work my arse off but exercising sound money
    management discipline. That’s all. I am a forex trader, simple as that!

  132. Been there done that quite long ago.
    Placed massive amount of time.
    Used ten fold more time to win back friend’s trust in you.
    Though loss, i still think it work for some people.
    Its just not my cup of tea.
    Still respect those who does it the right way.
    Learned a massive lot of skill from the trainings which helped me so much in life.

    Currently a daytime engineer, night time forex trader.
    And still learning investing in other capital market & properties.

    MLM ? To me = high risk = high effort & as they say it “its a business”.
    9 out of 10 business fails… just a matter of time.
    I doubt they even know what constitute a business.
    If thats the case, i might as well put my money on other high risk investments.

    Soooo get real.
    I bet you wont listen until you see your own blood.
    Yes we may have a boss, we may work 9 to 5, we may get hit by fuel prices, property prices, inflation and stock market falls but get real, thats what real economics are made of.

  133. hi where can i get lamp oil in melbourne? de berger lamp oil
    ive only been able to get it in NSW and I dont want to buy 1000 dollars worth -just a few bottles…can anyone help?

  134. apologies its not .com
    it is

    still seeking lamp de burger oil in melbourne 🙂

  135. someone0814 says:

    damn….why this still exist…i have read a lot of this LB..and also have an experience of their so called “millonaire biz prewier”….can i ask ..sorry to those are in LB or so whatever..

    in malaysia there are a lot of people..races and much more..we are malaysian ..

    did anyone know about the product of LB/SYN..what the perfumes is make by? what kind of chemcial or ingredient to make their product?? do anyone think about it..or just think to make a money or so called to help the people..

  136. someone0814 says:

    latest new….i have been told n see for myself that RZ a.k.a RAZOr that their license has been cancel…see to believe n think to before u act

  137. i was googling for Lampe Berger when i came across this post.

    well just a few days ago one of my best friends asked me out for dinner after almost a year of not meeting each other. i though she sincerely wanted to meet and catch up. then she said she’s at the verge of starting a business and would like to go collect a few things at the office. i sent happily sent her; but guess what she made me hang around at Wisma HLA (or whatever building) for almost two hours listening to her upline trying to make me join this MLM business.
    as the rest have stated. they gave examples of a storekeeper owning RM1,800 shoes just after a few months of joining, people who quit their job to start doing LB full-time (how stupid is that?), some 18 y.o kid who’s already able to own his BMW and they even introduced me to a group of UPM students who so-called have their own BMW Club after joining LB. why BMW? why can’t it be other types of cars? ish.

    but of course. when you listen to their ‘friendly’ talks and the promise of money, you’ll feel tempted to join. but who in their right mind would pay RM2345 (or even RM30k)? a ‘sincere’ company will not charge you that much right? and who the heck wants to pay more than RM2k for a lamp? i’d rather spend that much on other valuable gadgets. of course when i said this, my best friend tried to defend the company by saying the lamps are very valuable and can be sold if you don’t have money. no wonder i saw people selling those lamps and oil at that second hand store in Sunway.
    well so i let the ‘upline’ talked — but at one point where i mentioned the fact that my mother bought a bottle of their so-called famous Ed Pinaud perfume at the shop in Paris for less than €20 (which they sell here at €50); her face changed dramatically.

    my best friend is still trying to make me join LB; which is not going to happen. she even told me to borrow money from my parents and boyfriend as i will be able to pay back in less than 3 months. haih. to LB members — so what if you earn thousands of Ringgits every month. we are all very happy for you. but please stop trying to get more people to join just because you want to get rich fast. you have to understand not everyone are greedy. not everyone wants to buy expensive shoes/handbags/clothes. to some people; money is not everything. just try to get into your head that no sometimes actually means no.

    i have no idea whether LB is a scam or not. but if it is — i’d be grinning from ear to ear. then i can give my two cents to my now ‘so-called’ best friend.

  138. Hi everyone, i am a LB person, and i am just 22 years old and am currently studying Biotech degree lvl.

    In my humble opinion, i joined LB purely because i read lotsa of Kiyosaki’s book and i practically understood very well about the Cashflow Quadrant, Network Marketing and had some idea about building wealth and not working for money. However as the Thoughts – Action – Results formula goes, reading only at the thoughts level, and RESULT wont be reaped if i bypass ACTION. Therefore i choose an MLM company or any MLM because of I want to change from employee quadrant to the business owner quadrant where world of abundance wealth is. I need a place to practice what i read. Therefore an MLM company provide me that solution.

    As for credits of what i read detailly of all the comments above, there are concrete facts that 9 out 10 business will fail and i’ve seen that in LB. Again in my humble opinion again, quitters rarely winner. Donald Trump has his “Never Give Up!” and Anthony Robin has his positive aura. In working world, often the earning potential is CAPPED where as MLM business at least provide a person a possibility to earn more. It provide an opportunity to change your life. And some say dont need much money or money is not important but to me “Less Money is like a toothache, small matter but it can affect a person life if it is not fixed”. Moreover, even if i don’t care about for my own sake, I have to think for others in my family.

    Back to the Thoughts – Actions – Results, my result is that myself now is capable of my own expenses including paying my own costly University fees, buying my own e gadgets, spending my own GF with MY OWN money. To top of it, i am reinvesting into my own assets and acquiring new assets, another MLM which are HerbalLife and Usana with the profit i gained from LB. And by year 2009 on my next birhtday i will be able to have a pool party at my very first real estate property…an apartment.

    As for my own studies, after understanding the value hardship to earn money, i study harder and my result changed dramatically positive. It is all thanks to MLM company that opened up my mindset about the true harsh financial world since undergraduates are protected from it by their parents. Even the youngest self made millionaire in Singapore Adam Khoo said that academic and wealth are very related and he became a TOP achiever in NUS after had his mindset opened regarding the matter of wealth.

    Well for me what benefit me the most is not the money but the #1 skill in business…sales. From my journey of spending about RM 1 k for books and RM2345 for LB, i now have a strong cashflow from my own expanding assets. I am glad that now i can brush up my sales skills PART-TIME. And better still soon i can pay myself to study Master of Biotech and Entreprising in UK so that i can open my own company and to join in the best like Ez-Phamax, Stemlife and Cryocord and etc and i can then serve the humanity which is my dream after all.

    To those that failed, my advice is that everything we do there is a bad side and good side. If anyone fall to the bad side, treat a mistake as lesson and learn from it. I am glad that i am 22 and already had much opportunity to make alot of mistakes and then learn from it. I wish i did joined an MLM company when i were 13 years old.

    As a student, i would like to say that it is not fair for anyone else to condemn or BAN a student for joining an MLM. For the other categories such as adults and parents i dare not say anything. Everyone has a dream to live on, some may kill his/her own dream but please dont go on killing other peoples’ dream. The hidden values of MLM will surely change a student mindset and thus a student will strieve harder for study once they understand the WHY.


  139. the way i see it, why the MLM thing become so bad a reputation is not because how people see it, the perception or the marketing strategy of these agents. It is BAD simply because the SYSTEM itself is a fraud, not the perception.

    in simple terms; chains of recruitment = pyramid scheme = illegal..

  140. c4BombStevenYeam says:

    Wow. LB student, you sound pro. So what sales skill you learn? Concealing the truth of what you selling is overprice? or try to sell everyone under the sun? Is that your dream? Stop talking about serving humanity, as LB is causing more harm than ever to this community. Youngster forsaken their studies to get involved in LB, luring other frens to join them, for the motive of getting more people to join will boost oneself incoming. Family values broken as some of those LB peeps fight with family members to get funding for business. I bet some even involve in borrowing from ahlong to get this business moving. Yes of coz, this business is doable. But are you doing business the right way? Is that another skill you should be learning?

    One thing i dont like LB is that all the members treat Steven Yeam like some sort of GOD. I went one of their talks before @ Berjaya Time Square i think around 2 years ago. When steven yeam finally come out on stage, the crowd just went beserk like seeing a superstar or even seeing a GOD. Man, you guys have no fearing of the real Lord Almighty is it?

    Sooner or later, your greedy and conceit will consumed you. What you have sow, is what you will reap. Do LB and Robert Kiyosaki teach you about this?

    Be wise, my friend. Life is not just about money, fame and pleasure.

  141. Have u all seen the movie SPY-GAMES by Brad,Robert Redford!!!

    Look how R.Readford recruit Brad as his SPY,Uses him to does Spy jobs,Make him believe,control him and works for his only boss!!! That is how i see it under all this MLM business!

    These American ideas of making money scheme has been around for centuries! Before capture our asian market 1st they recruit u as they spies,teach their spies to gloom themself,present themself,How to recruit another spy to work for them and the cycle continue! YOU ARE BEING RECRUIT and YOU WILL KEEP on and on and on and will only realize this when your love one is hurt in this MLM scheme!

  142. agree with u there, c4bomb.

    Lb student, maybe because u worked your way up the right way, i.e. didn’t spend 40k to buy your rank that you have what you want now. but what about others who were conned into it? did you promise your downlines that if they ‘invest’ 40k they’ll get 2k every month just like that? did you go bring you downlines and potential ones to the talks every night, which could cost RM150 per session? and where did the money go?

    i agree that doing business could bring you millions, BUT if you achieve that by selling overpriced stuffs, and by conning others, where’s the pleasure in that? is morality and integrity not important now?

    gangsters and mafia leaders are also rich, mind you. money is not everything. it’s how you get it.

  143. there’s an article hinting about SYN here:


    i just wish they printed out the company’s name.

  144. every 1 just need be ready in mind.
    1) buy wat we need n afforatable.
    2) helping company to sell product but required to pay member fee is totally unacceptable except the company providing facility such shop, computer and so on. Keep in mind that without the facility provided while pay member fee, is likely we work in the company and the company never ask for member fee.
    3) nothing is free. free with condition. free with hidden price.
    4) always count with total net price, net quantity, net………… free 1 pencil but purchase few 1000 tv set.
    5) no credit card for MLM.

  145. 95% people failed in MLM cause they did it in the wrong way. They becomes sales person, that is why they failed. The reason for that is MLM business is actually more of a teaching and coaching business. You see, we’re information providers. We plug people in with information who are investigating ways to change their lifestyle, or improve their quality of life.

    MLM is about number game and mentality. If both failed to have..then definitely will fail in the business. No prospects, no customer, bad or negative thinking = Failure! If there is constant following of hot targeted prospects, a lot of people wanted you to help them to solve their problems, feeling motivated = Making Money$$

  146. SEMUTHITAM says:








  147. LoveMeOHateMe says:

    My sincere thank you to the blog owner (sorry, my english is slightly poor) for creating this blog, so that all of of whether LB member or non LB can give their opinion in good manners.

    I am not a business minded person, but keen to learn business for future undertaking. My friends just introduced me to this ‘mahu lihat peluang bagus’ . I have followed him to ‘the office’, hear them talking. Wow, what a nice talking.

    Actually, doing business is good for our own experience, learn how to talk nicely to people you just met, and can give you open mind to opportunity. I am not a pro SYN, but when I see the crowd that this SYN made, it can be successful.


    Something that I totally don’t like about this SYN ( I am not against Lampe Berger and DCHL, just my opinion of sharing ) :

    1) you have to go ‘the office’ to see the ‘peluang baik’ – all things must go through ‘the office’. The introducer also cannot talk anything outside ‘the office’. How come we want to go to ‘the office’ if ‘the office’ is far away from our house or office and stranded in 1 or 2 hours of traffic jam.

    2) Time frame. The time frame is not very suitable, how come you have to go to ‘the office’ first before you going home to your family. And after wandering around in ‘the office’, the is a small gathering outside ‘the office’. The gathering also took a long time to finish, sometimes near 11.30 pm something. Am I don’t have other responsibility ? I have a working mother to take her home every night (miss to take her twice because of this), I have a nephew to take care off ( If no people around, she will cry heavily).
    Other people have their their own responsibility and time with their family.

    3) THe gathering culture – It seems like perhimpunan haram to me. Is it supposed to have police permit to do the gathering ? Screaming every night. People pass by the area, surely think it is a ‘perhimpunan haram’. And one more thing – EVERY NIGHT

    4) Big and luxury cars, and people quit from their day / permanent job culture – Actually I don’t care to people who have their own big & luxurious car, as long they do not show off. But, as I seen, ‘they’ really show off what they achieved by buying luxury car, eg Nissan Fairlady…… They don’t think ka, the road tax, what if the car involved in accident, risk of being stolen, hardness to find spareparts….. I totally DON’T AGREE with the culture of quitting permanent job. It is an assurance policy you know. I can’t imagine if all the teachers, doctors, engineers quits their job to join. What will happen to our country Malaysia? If one to join part timely, that I agree.

    5) T ups time – it is okay if it not taking too much time ( sometimes untull 11pm, after going to ‘the office’ ) and why must do it in a luxury place where ‘air soda’ prices is RM8.00, do you want to pay for all of your downlines ? ( I can see their faces when they pay, not happy). And sometimes, the uplines , do not drink at all. ( Is it intefering other business if we just sit but not ordering )

    6) Targetting the young minds – I see this very2 critical. These young people are the assettes of the country, as for them they need to focus on their study and to achieve their goals.

    Lastly, the process to find downlines will make your poket nipis easily. By taking them to t-ups and ‘mamak stall’ everyday.

    If all these points can be ‘recorrected’, the business maybe can bring more people to the business. By the way, is this article dated 8th April 2009 :


    Thank you.

  148. LoveMeOHateMe says:

    And 1 more thing, I am not against Lampe Berger product or DCHL, but ‘wander’ about how SYN works

  149. LoveMeOHateMe says:

    May I know since when this SYN started in Malaysia?

  150. SEMUTHITAM says:

    Always be a positive minded ….

  151. Pilih la says:

    Kepada semua yg baca blog sebegini…

    Dalam google, anda type lampe berger…keluarlah dalam 7-8 blog macam ni..betul tak?

    Pastu anda sume baca baca dalam komen panjang panjang…ada baik ada buruk, betul tak?

    Pastu conpius blur macam mana ni? Nak join ada nak lari pun ada…

    Macam ni la, tuan tuan dan puan puan…satu soalan jer yang merangkumi segala blog, comment la itu la ini la berkenaan isu isu mlm..

    Soalannya begini, daripada segala komen yg kita dapat, ada dua kontradiksinya iaitu setuju dan tak setuju dgn LB betul tak?

    Maka ada dua jenis manusia di sini…

    Orang kaya dgn masalahnya iaitu ingin mengubah pandangan orang ramai berkenaan LB, mencari downline, membina bisnes, kekurangan tidur dan kepenatan kerana selalu ke event LB agair dapat memajukan diri dan macam macam lagi…

    Manusia jenis kedua adalah manusia Middle and Poor Class di sini yg memang bilangannya majoriti la katakan dgn masalahnya sentiasa tak cukup duit, kutuk periuk nasi orang lain, suka focus kepada permasalahan daripada penyelesaian, takut untuk memajukan diri, mengalah sebelum mencuba, dan macam macam lagi…

    JADI, kedua-duanya pun ada masalah betul tak? DENGAN ITU, anda macam mana pun sebagai manusia kena pilih salah satu masalah daripada dua pilihan itu…

    Nak masalah macam jenis ORANG KAYA??


    Masalah jenis ORANG SEBALIKNYA??

    PILIH la tuan tuan dan puan puan sekalian…kepada yg tak nak masalah tu, takde hal…i respect segala kebebasan anda memilih, tujuan i di sini hanya nak beri pendapat.

  152. hi fella. those not doin the biz and want to sell back the stocks essential oil or diffuser. im willing to buy by cash. reply to quiksirver_sashi@yahoo.com

  153. i want buy lampe berger with COD. clear stocks.

    email me: michaelissuperman@gmail.com

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