toilet and music meme

From KY:

What is your favourite activities while conducting business in the toilet? I used to read books, but these days I just want to get the business done.

Your favourite toilet? The one back home.

Worst toilet? The ones at Tiesto’s gig pretty much did it.

Most interesting toilets you’ve used. Jogoya’s.

Any no toilet experience? Probably by the roadside when I was a kid, don’t really remember.

Do you prefer the old school (squat) or the modern (sit) toilet? Old school.

Wash or wipe? Both.

I tag: Richard Gere.

From Dabs:

One song from your early childhood: ‘Mambo Rock’ from my mom’s cassettes.

One song you are associating with your first big love: Paul Van Dyk’s Crush

One song which reminds you of one of your holidays: none

One song you like, but you have got problems confessing to: Spice Girls’ Spice World

One song which accompanied you, while you where lovesick: Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing

One song you listened to most often in your life: Verve Pipe’s The Freshmen

One song which is your most favoured instrumental: Violin… add a short piece in any track and it’d become gr8

One song which represents one of your most favoured bands: Blur’s Country House

One song in which you recognize yourself or through which you feel somehow understood: Boy Meets Girl’s Waiting For A Star… heh

One song which reminds you to a certain occasion (and the occasion): Dusty Springfield’s Spooky, I was happy.

One song you like and which belongs to the Hip Hop / Rap genre: Generally I don’t like hip hop. So, nay.

One song which is the best for you to relax: Ibrahim Ferrer’s Boliviana

One song which symbolizes a great time in your life: Gin Blossoms’ Till I Hear It From You

One song which is your most favourite song at the moment: Antonio Banderas’ Beautiful Maria of My Soul

One song which you would dedicate to your best friend: Christina Aguilera’s Fighter

One song where you have got the feeling that no one besides you likes it: Reef’s Consideration

One song you like because of its lyrics: Roxette’s Fading Like A Flower; simple and timeless.



  1. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    ‘One song… which is your most favoured instrumental: Violin… add a short piece in any track and it’d become gr8’

    Um … that’s supposed to be an INTRUMENTAL, not an INSTRUMENT. An instrumental is a song with no singing! 🙂

    okay so I misread, was in a rush, bleh

  2. old petey says:

    Omg, how can you remember so many song titles. You googled right? :p

    not really, you remember the ones that you like 😀

  3. I CANNOT believe you actually choose squat toilets over seat toilets. Your glutes must be mega strong.

    < << hardcore chinese

  4. Which version of Banderas’ “Beautiful Maria” do you prefer – English or Spanish?

    I actually keep both, as different chickibabes respond to different versions.

    the Spanish one. Didn’t like the English one too much

  5. HardKoreSuan.

  6. xiaxue should read your post.

    hmm.. why, she likes toilets?

  7. thks for thankin me…. anyway tiesto will be here in singapore on the 14th…. ya coming? although the crowd is limited to 3k pple and only door sales…

    Don’t think I can make it… don’t think I have a chance for tickets either 🙁

  8. 3k only?!?!?! gah looks like Projekt:Singapore shall turn into Projekt:Bangkok!

  9. I agree, Jogoya’s toilet is damn strange… and to get my RM88+ worth, I’ve decided to use it three times in a night!

  10. Your gangs take turn to explore Jogoya toilet?


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