not another post on carnegies

… but there are some photos, so might as well :P

It was all David Tall’s fault. He told us here that they have some ladies night thing going on every Wednesdays, so off we went yesterday in search of barely-drinkable-but-wallet-friendly alcohol.

The ladies night thing starts at 9 p.m. Because we arrived early, we had a couple of Tiger and Hoegaarden. By bottle not tap because they were out of stock, WTF?!?!?!?!

Fireangel loves Hoegaarden

KY had a dinner of very healthy grilled prawns on a bed of tossed salad, which was a lot nicer than what we had the other day.

KY's prawns

One thing didn’t change though — the service was excruciatingly s-l-0-w. I suppose they are constantly understaffed… shouldn’t the management be doing something about this? At one point we waited 45 mins for our drinks to arrive, and any beer drinker can tell you that this is BAD.

It was so bad that the next round, Paul decided to order three whiskey coke at one go.

Paul's best friends

Then later Jaime arrived. She waited a bloody long time for her first drink as well, and half an hour later it was officially ladies night so every girl was handed 4 coupons to be redeemed at the bar for small portions of house cocktails and beer.

Carnegies KL - KY and Jaime

Oh yeah, Encik David Tall was there as well but he ignored us most of the time… hmphhhh :P

Anyway the ladies night serving of Long Island Tea, according to Fireangel tasted like mosquito repellent. I liked it.

Suanie not drunk

It was quite fun, except for the waiting. KY and Paul got bored with the girls dancing and went outside to chat… but we went home relatively early :D

As a parting shot, here’s a photo of Fireangel that is bound to increase my hits and comments, as always.

Fireangel is a lady

Though I just noticed that it’s a little scary, only the whites of her eyes are showing, OMG FIREGHOSTTTT!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone

suanie can cook, so can you!

Sometimes when I feel the overwhelming desire to control the world, I don’t bomb embassies. Nor do I run naked in public singing “We are the world”.

Instead, I cook. It is a really therapeutic solution minus the bloodshed and hatred, and I don’t do harm to anyone but myself.

So yesterday I got down to it and prepared spaghetti with seafood.

First, the ingredients.

Ingredients for seafood spaghetti

Fresh prawns, cuttlefish, fish fillet and the world saver Prego’s spaghetti sauce. I can’t really make my own sauce YET so this would have to do for now. Besides it’s not bad.

You have to wash them stuff really clean. You need to de-vein the prawns because it’s like the end of the world if you don’t. You need to peel off the purple-ish skin from the cuttlefish then slice it into many little pieces. You need to slice the fish into bite size — by the way dory fish is cheap and tasty; that massive fillet above costs like what, RM3?

Process of cooking seafood spaghetti

Then you need to heat up the pan a little, then pour in some cooking oil so that you could fry some chopped garlic. You don’t really have to, but I like chopped garlic in my food, so now you know. Next empty the can of the spaghetti sauce and add some water, because I find that Prego’s sauce is usually too thick and a tad salty. For a full can, add half a can of water, and maybe just a little bit more, depends on how you like your sauce (or how stingy you are).

Dump all the ingredients in and let it cook for a while… I don’t know, maybe 5 – 10 minutes? It all depends on how non-raw you like your food, ahem. I like it very cooked, go figure.

Oh yeah, you should have some spaghetti boiling too. This should be done a bit earlier because they take some time to cook.

Bla bla bla, everything is ready, serve to feed yourself for two to three days.

Suanie's seafood spaghetti

It’s not quantum physics but even if I don’t get hitched, at least I’d never go hungry.