dj tiesto pwn3d @ renault f1 pit party, sepang, kl

When? 18 March 2006 (Sat)
Where? Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Who? DJ Tiesto aka Tijs Verwest aka trance god
Why? Renault F1 Pit Party / Asian Tour 2006
$$$? RM67 (pre-sale), around 15 Euros

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia - DJ Tiesto

First of all, thanks to Spongefox for the tickets and some ‘closer’ pix, and Janice for the vids and pix.

Kenneth drove and we reached the KLIA Limousine Shuttle Bay (with some confusion) at around 8.30 p.m. Since it was Renault’s party, they had one of their cars on display but I didn’t go there to look at sexy chicks in seriously tight lycra. So yeah, no photos of them.

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia - at the scene, Sepang
People people lots and all sorts of people

The first opening act was already playing — Derb and Drum Connection were bloody fantastic! Their energy level was very contagious; I wish I’d been there earlier.

Then Francis Cobb & Bass Agents came on, his ‘working the crowd’ was a bit off but oh well. Around 10.15 p.m. he made way for some lion dance show… it was a bit wtf but Tourism Malaysia probably had a hand in that…. Then some fellas lined up to play the kompang and 10.30 p.m. Tiesto appeared. Yeay!

(So the 5 hour set promise was fluff… )

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia-  Tiesto close up

The opening was great… I was just a tad stunned to see him live, albeit from a distance but better than pixelated, you know. Then something ridiculous happened — 10 minutes into Tiesto’s set, some dudes came from nowhere and plonked their fat arses beside us and konked out. WHAT THE….. shitheads who just want to pop pills, get high and get knocked out should stay in whatever ulu disco they frequent, instead of sabotaging our movement space. FFS it was only 10.45 p.m. … omg fucking noobs.


Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia - more party goers

Tiesto played the first set from ‘In Search of Sunrise 5′, then tracks from the album ‘Just Be’ and later ‘Magikal’ then ‘In My Memory’… Halfway into the show there was this little Indian dance troupe that was meant to complement the ‘muhibah’ spirit of Malaysia, seeing that the Chinese lion dance and Malay kompang dudes already did their stuff… but these dancers, they were good to watch.

Btw I hate whistle blowers like that.

There was also a female singer whom I’ve seen in some of Tiesto’s live gigs vids, not sure of her name, she was ok,rather good and happy and lively and all that, except that I wish she’d stop massacring ‘As The Rush Comes’.

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia - singer

When Derb & DC were playing, Kenneth told me that he saw PassedOutBen and suggested that KinkyBlueFairy should be there as well. Sure enough, this is a photo I nicked from KinkyBlueFairy:

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia - Tiesto

We kept dancing and drank some while Tiesto worked the crowd to a feverish pitch; great presentation, great lighting, great showmanship, great atmosphere and from what I could see on the big tellies, he was phenomenally happy. A++ all the way.

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia - Party goers

And if anyone remembers the name of this track and let me know, I’d be most happy and highly grateful: Thanks bobdoom from the Tiesto forums!

Something else noobish happened as well;
the organisers ran out of warm beer to sell.
Though at any rate they were so much better
Than the Zoukfest organisers
There was also laser lights,
Blinding they were to my eyes,

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia - laser lights

But I suppose they do look quite pretty
When they are not glaring directly at me.

Overall it was fun and I was happy
Even though my limbs were weary
If you think I bitched too much earlier
It’s only ‘cos I spent quite some time preparing this post for ye.

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia - Tiesto in action2

Tiesto F1 Renault Pit Party Malaysia.jpg - Tiesto in action

We left at around 2 a.m. just as Tiesto played ‘Love Comes Again’. I was told later that he ended with ‘Traffic’ for his encore — not surprising and I told you so :P

We limped out to the car
Didn’t get too far
Before we had to stop to pee
Then we got hungry
So off we went to William’s
Who was still open, bless ‘em
And all the dancing that I did
Went down the drain when I eat
Damn it Suan ‘Kate Moss’ Nie
You go all out to elude me.

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if i had a million dollars

If I had a million dollars and none of it goes to taxes, Britney Spears couldn’t be happier if she could sing.

You won’t find me donating it to charity… okay maybe a tiny bit to orphanages, what’s a little loose change? I’d make sure those kids go for therapy though, it’s never fun when you are left behind either by death or abandonment. Self-esteem’s got to take some serious knocking.

I’d buy an apartment. With the rising crime rate, I’d be daft to live in a house, seeing as how I don’t plan to get shackled for a good many years. None of those crappy crampy apartments either, but as I am not a very large person (ahem) a good 1200sq would do. Three bedrooms, the master bedroom soundproofed. I like my music loud, you see. I won’t go into decorating plans; think grey substance within the grey mass of the consumerist world.

I’d travel around the world. I know, it’s somewhat cliche to say that these days, but I’d do it. Two years and one big luggage… I don’t need to stay in plush hotels and various expensive accommodations, though the money would mean that I would never find myself lying on flea-infested beds. It also means whatever stuff I buy abroad, I can just Fedex back home. I just want to walk the world.

First stop — Bangkok. Don’t know why, but got to start somewhere and I’ve never been to Thailand before, Bangkok is a good start as any. Then Vietnam, Taiwan, then Hong Kong, then China, though I am not sure if you are allowed in China so soon after visiting Taiwan. Do they have those kind of restrictions as we did about South Africa? Don’t know… Then Korea and Japan… then L.A.

North America, Canada, South America, then on to Africa then Europe.

Then in Amsterdam I’d meet a highly successful diamond smuggler who falls hopelessly in love with me, head over heels and all that. We’d get shacked up for a while, then he gets caught and thrown into prison and I’d move on to Paris to meet a painter who should have stuck to his day job. He’d whisper incomprehensible words of love and it’d take me two months to realise that he really wanted my money, which is not a lot due to the currency exchange and all… but day job, remember? I’d scoff at his face and rip all his paintings coz’ they weren’t good enough to sell anyway.

Of course by this time I’d expect to be seriously fit from all the walking I’d been doing.

Then there’s the small matter of the second heir to the British Empire chasing my skirt but since British men are crap in bed, I’d run to Denmark to burn down their Carlsberg factory. Never say I’m not patriotic…

In Spain I’d eat bulls testicles, in Rome I’d eat Caesar’s salad, in Greece I’d eat Greek lamb. I’d dance the barynya in Russia, kiss a koala bear in Australia and have… err fun with cows in New Zealand. I’d hunt down the best nasi padang in Indonesia.

Then I’d return to Malaysia and two days later I’d be robbed and stabbed and left to die… you know, coz’ things never really change.

Maybe it’s lucky that I do not have a million dollars.

Oh alright, give me two million then.

*Post inspired by Terry and Galvin.

jaime’s bday celebration @ zeta bar

While I am busy with life, here are some blog pix from Jaime‘s birthday celebration at Zeta Bar, KL Hilton.

Zeta Bar - birthday girl, Jaime

Zeta Bar - Paul Tan, Fireangel, Suanie
Me and Paul and Fireangel doing what we do best… camwhoring

Zeta Bar - Jaime and Suanie
Me with birthday girl

Zeta Bar - Delia and Jaime

Zeta Bar - Jaime and Paul

Zeta Bar - Suanie and Janice
Me with Janice

Zeta Bar - Toasting the birthday girl

Zeta Bar - Drinking

Zeta Bar - bartendress

Zeta Bar - Suanie, Delia, Jaime

Zeta Bar - Southern Glow
Members from the band Southern Glow, I’m in lust with Mark Daniels

Zeta Bar - Fireangel

We love you Jaime. Hope you had fun :D

in search of tiesto


Tiesto Pit Party tickets

See you there.

Added March 13:
T’was Spongefox who got us the pre-sale tickets; I think he bought 17? But only 9 of us including me that I know are going anyway.

I started trance with Chicane, Digweed and Paul Van Dyk back in 2001 and Janice introduced house music to me and I was happy. Then one day while exploring the virtues of Napster, I came across a tune by a certain DJ Tiesto. It was ‘Honey’ and a Chicane mix, and I was hooked ever since.

In early 2004, Tiesto made his first appearance in Malaysia at the newly-ish opened Zouk. We did not manage to get tickets beforehand, thought of trying our luck at the arena but when we drove past it, it was CRAZY. There was no way we could get tickets and we (me, Janice and Jaime) adjourned to Bliss@12SI. I was sorely disappointed, but what to do? Later we found out that even those who bought tickets earlier had difficulties getting into the premise, let alone those trying to buy tickets there and then.

Meanwhile the love for commercial trance tracks grows. Though these days I am more apt to listening to the likes of Ben Sowton (it’s the aging thing) but it’s something else to be blasting DOP DOP DOP DOP DOP DOP out loud on my excellent speakers — very therapeutic. And not drinking nor on drugs, mind you :)

Even better if the flow of the track leads to a beautiful build up. Like my all time favourite, ‘A Tear in the Open’. It’s not the usual JENG JENG JENG JENG JENG, rather mild compared to other Tiesto tracks, but there is a subtle hint of release. Like letting it all out in the open, holding back the unleashing of hell, but point made. Something like that :) If you’d never heard of it before, well there’s nothing much I could do to aid you in your imagination.

I think ultimately, that’s what trance music is, at least to me. A beautiful orchestra of excellent synthesizers that I can relate to. Something about escorting your mind to a different plane with each song setting a different mood for… wherever you want to go. Allow me to stress again that all this is accomplished without illegal substance, despite the notion of some people that trance are only for pill poppers.

In short, I enjoy the music. If you are going to be there, let me know and we might just meet up ;)

Hi Reuben.

i will smack you if you say boleh


Malaysia Boleh

The phenomenal growth of Malaysia under the leadership of its fourth prime minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad has brought about a patriotic sense of achievement amongst its people.

That is all very nice. But it is getting on my fucking nerves. Why? Because every Tom, Dick, Harry and his dog in Malaysia has made it into a standing joke.

“Government servants go to Egypt to enjoy a belly dance show on tax payers money”
Wow, Malaysia boleh…

“Petrol price increase 30 cents per litre”
Government is fucked, government don’t know how to spend money, government needs to take a look at itself, Malaysia boleh mahh..

“Shitty water due to … shit, duh…”
This can only happen in bolehland.

“Sarawak Tribune revoked of publishing license and Guang Ming Daily suspended for 2 weeks…”
Freedom of speech bla bla bla freedom of expression bla bla bla freedom of media bla bla bla I weep for bolehland

“Longest popiah to be inducted into the Malaysia Book of Records”
Haha what a joke, only in bolehland, Malaysia boleh!!! *snicker*

Seriously, aren’t you bloody sick of reading everything to do with ‘boleh’ (which literally translate to ‘can’) in every single complaint ever made? It is over, passe, done with, find something new to ridicule the embarrassing state of the country as it is!

The “Malaysia Boleh!” spirit has since produced many achievers and achievements, and has been a cornerstone of the success story that is the new Malaysia.

The only thing we need to achieve is originality. For fuck sake, go coin a new phrase or eat an ice-cream, whatever.