it’s been the mother of all fuck ups

I think I should buy a mountain bike.

I had one, but Mom gave it away when I moved to KL. You know, because I was too fat to get on a bike.

Of course I wouldn’t be able to cycle to, say Midvalley.

But for dinners and such, it shouldn’t be a problem. Heck, I could even cycle to KY’s house! Save petrol money and all that.

It is a wonderfully brilliant idea. Now if only crime rates could be reduced, and Malaysians were nicer drivers…

Hahaha… yeah I was really joking.

Now this really applies atm.

Then there’s the shitty feeling of being covered in shit particles throughout Sunday and Monday.

I washed my face with shitty water, I brushed my teeth with shitty water, I showered in shitty water, I washed my plates with shitty water, I scrubbed my toilet walls with shitty water, I flushed my toilet with shitty water, I washed my ass with shitty water which kind of defeats the purpose. Lucky for me I drink water bought from the water vending machine.

Sure it’s ammonia. But let me tell you this: the only thing that smells like human shit is human shit.

Like I wouldn’t know right now.

p/s : The Internet is for Pr0n



  1. FUBAR. FUBAR!!111

  2. I can’t really bike all the way from PJ to Cyberjaya. T_T

  3. C’mon! Be like Eric Brockovich and send a sample of the water to your caring and beloved MB and say ‘Would you like to sample that, sir?’

  4. fedup.

  5. get a pair of rollerblades.

  6. Mountain bike, lol. Think of the scene of “40 years old virgin”, the main actor tug his slack into the socks to prevent the grease dirty the slack.

    For the urine water.. well, better to be urine water than chlorine water.

  7. In Adelaide we used to be able to slice our water.

  8. Suanie,

    Our gomen is stupid. All the price increases just show how bad they are at planning and how they manage our resources. I will not vote them again come the next general elections. It’s time the dead wood pack their things and leave!!

  9. If it’s any consolation, Canadian drivers are probably just as bad for sharing the road. They seem to act like the bicyclists aren’t even there!

    The only time we seem to have a problem with the water here in Ottawa is during the Spring or when we get torrential rain that raises the level of the Ottawa River – the water turns kinda brown and skanky. Not that it matters to me – I get all my drinking water from my water cooler anyways…

    BTW, I was ROTFL watching that pr0N video – thanks for the link!



  10. STFU my water has always been brown.

    does it smell strongly of shit?

  11. foodcrazee says:

    its all a memory to us for clean tap water….

  12. KL water seems to be OK. I do have a guest room & bathroom to offer, if anyone really cannot tahan the water in PJ area.

    I like comment number 9. Cliched rhetoric, with a somewhat naive perception that the Government actually has any influence on prices. Market forces, anyone? Anyone who’d like to discuss market forces further will also need to read up beyond the good ol’ supply & demand rhetoric.

    Price Increases = Bad Planning = Bad Government

    Perhaps someone is really keen to win a Nobel Prize this year.

  13. I remember my smelly water experience long ago.

    A dead pigeon died in our tangki.

    I washed my face and brushed my teeth with it.

    ARGGGGHHH!!!! Luckily I am ok now. Didn’t fall sick from it.

    But this Malaysia’s version of unfiltered NewWater is really really gross !

  14. SYABAS said it’s safe for normal consumption, but then, who the fuck is ok to drink a “normal water” which smell like shit?

    I’m not expert in drinking shit water, probably the CEO can demonstrate a proper technique.

  15. Hey girl, I had sampled PJ water, it’s not so bad compared to my BP water, which is sticky sometimes. smell? It always is there.

    mom, it smelt of human shit… ๐Ÿ™

  16. /// water bought from the water vending machine. ///

    how u know those did not come from shitty water?

    coz i filled my bottles a couple days before the shitty situation

  17. let me knwo if you want to buy one MTB…



  1. […] It’s a good thing I don’t live in PJ otherwise there would be a long rant about shitty water here too. But then again in Cheras, there&’s always no water anyway. And my electricity was cut for the whole day yesterday. The country’s system seems to be run in a makeshift fashion. […]

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