hoegaarden pints @ carnegies, kl

My colleague Jess promised to hunt down Hoegaarden on tap in KL for me and boy, did she come through.

Janice with a Hoegaarden pint
Janice couldn’t believe her luck at one so big

The heaven on earth is Carnegies KL at Central Plaza along Jln. Sultan Ismail, a proper pub where they serve proper beer and cocktails.

RM24 a pint, how wonderful
How orgasmic is that?

They cater to mostly after-work hours revellers and random beer drinkers like me and friends. It is a pretty okay place, the music is rock-ish pleasant, they have quiz nights etc.

Carnegies KL - Interior
Inside Carnegies

Beware of the stairs going down to the toilets though, especially if you are in heels and not quite sober. I still have the bruises.

It was V-day eve and we decided to have a little celebration there. The food is nothing to shout about, and Paul would not recommend the steak.

Carnegies KL - food
Which of the above caused Paul to have a toothache for days?

But the beer… oh the beer…

Suanie's precious hoegaarden
My precious…

I think that the Hoegaarden on tap in Singapore is somehow better, but Carnegies KL is the only place in KL that I know is serving it on tap, and beggars cannot be choosers.

Carnegies KL - Suanie, Janice, Jaime, Paul Tan

Drunk posers

when Paul goes wtf

We had a couple of Bellinis — champagne and peach thingy. According to J&J, Telawi Street Bistro @ Bangsar serves better cocktails.

The Rose and The Bellini

Janice has a new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N1, the touch screen thing where you can add words and images and stuff.

Paul with his girlfriend

Suanie hearts roses

Ah well. Beer, anyone?



  1. Tak ajak. Kurang ajar.

  2. Paul and his Valentine chick

  3. say lah kat plaza centralllllllllllll that day u described until i went HUH

    I didn’t know it was Plaza Central until later ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. hoegaarden taste more and more like cough syrup to me…. ahhhh…..

    u hardcore, different…

  5. I am sold! So where do I get this evil little hoegaarden liquid?

    Carnegies KL, ground floor Central Plaza, along Jln Sultan Ismail (on the way to Beach/Thai Club)

  6. Celebrity Vivids says:

    Beer is best.

  7. Janice: my valentine chick looks like the red baby octopus at Sushi King.

    beastiality or paedo? take ur pick

  8. For those who are interested, the flower ended up like this.

  9. Why don’t you just contact Hoegaarden in Malaysia and ASK them where it is served on tap. You might find somewhere which serves better food.

    Quizz nights … w00t!
    I love winning them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. CHUN… so now i know where to find you…

    no dahling.. the hair looks great…

  11. omfg the last photo hahahahahahha rotfl.

  12. did u check out the 7-11 beside the pub? it is so huge!!

    ok ok out of topic ๐Ÿ˜›

    yes, I even walked over to buy bread ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. beer….. Beer…… BEER!

  14. I hate my hair

    Now that you mention it…

  15. and nobody eats the flower?

  16. KY: you weren’t there, that’s why.

    Paul only eat Suan’s steak.

  17. Hoegaarden rocks! I had never heard of it ’til one of my locals got a bunch of Belgians on tap and now it’s one of my fav brews! To be quite frank, I probably would’ve stuck with my regular pint if it wasn’t for those big fscking glasses.

    Gotta like those Hoegaardent BFGs – I snuck one out of the pub to add to my pint glass collection a while back. Suh-weet!

    I know the pubs get them free from the distributor and I did try asking first but the ditsy blonde tarbender couldn’t clue into the “So how much would it cost me to have you break one of these nudge nudge wink wink” line… [snicker]


  18. tastes like fun jasmine green tea. yay!

  19. Master Foley says:

    pints, sweet, you go girl
    sorry I havent commented in so long

  20. glad u enjoyed yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Celebrity Vivids says:

    hoegaarden eh? good taste!

  22. Hoegaarden good beer, stella artois betterer !!! I think, cool blog.

    bah.. stella ๐Ÿ˜› thanks

  23. you should go there on wednesday nites. Ladies nite, 4 coupons for ladies after nine 9pm. u can redeem for any drinks, including hu har gern, but its just small glass.

    see u next wed!

  24. Does anyone know the correct pronounication of Hoegaarden? Please give the phonetics here, thanks!


    it sounds gross, but it tastes like heaven

  25. Thanks Suanie! Stupid people over here keep saying it as hoe-gar-den. I KNEW IT WAS WRONG!!!!!!!

    Suanie: well if you pronounce it the way it is properly pronounced, no one here would know what the heck you want…. when in Rome…

  26. Beers do cheer drinkers up and cheers to your beer!

  27. hey, you should try out Paulaner, with a piece of lemon to go with it. Refreshing..

  28. Saw lotta stupid people drinking that Hoegaarden beer with STRAWS HAHAHAHA #epicfail@”mat saleh”imitation

    • BTW this post was in 2006, when Hoegaarden draft was not as easily found as today. In fact Carnegies was the only place in KL selling it as such.

  29. I googled tiger pint glass and saw me face in one of the images… it’s been so long and yeah i remember that camera, seems so cool back then ๐Ÿ™‚ miss the days we just go drinking and so silly things, haha.. take picture with a flower? who the hell did that man? omg

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