happy birthday pinky!

My dearest Pinky

How old are you now, 18? ๐Ÿ˜€

I love you long time!

And as promised, here’s your ghost story that I’d been withholding till your birthday! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Pinky: i tell u ghost story, want?

suanie: ok

Pinky: office one

suanie: u think i sked ar? i not sked… COME ON

Pinky: the ‘permanent resident’

Pinky: so anyway, my place and my colleague place.. like in between is the ghost’s original place lah. den now her place is taken by our shelves lor. so now she either come my side or my colleague side. den lately i sick ar, so my ‘yun’ (luck) low. so she come my side alot. den i very the cold. so dat day i complain alot lah. i tell my fren say . eh can ask the good good fren to go somewhere else..i very the cold. i wear denim jacket zip up all the way. den ar .. my colleague ask me .. u wanna be fren wif her issit…tok so much. den i say no, den i shuddap

Pinky: later my neck ar, got blue black, pain. i ask my colleague see, she say cuz i complain mah .. if someone ask u to move from ur place, u wont be happy oso rite. ‘she’ like wack me lah. den i say … sorry loh .. i write on a piece of paper …. sorry, but i am really cold

Pinky: den ar .. my colleague’s table got one of those toys that is activated by sound … play music. the thing started singing by itself. den my colleague say . eh that song is dedicated to u. den i ask my colelague if it means apology accepted…..she say maybe, she dunno

Pinky: den ar…..at nite hor… my colleague got 2 msn account lah … 1 on her pc .. 1 on her laptop, she usually use her laptop … den her pc one her name put ‘dun tok to me here’. at nite…that account log on .. the one tat say dun tok to me here…. dat one is in office pc one…

Pinky: den that acct msg me, “HELLO” in big caps… my fren dun msg me like dat one mah… den i msg back… den i find it weird . cuz in the middle of the nite, near 11pm liao… i wanted to ask .. eh how come u use dis acct, but din… instead i call my fren to ask her… she no reply… i sms her she oso no reply… den that acct after a while log off

Pinky: next morning, my colleague call me …. say u look for me ar? solly ar, when u call i am sleeping oredi… den im like… HAAAAHHHHAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. the ‘good good fren’ msg me on msn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinky: nowadays ghost very the high tech hor

Pinky: den i ask my colleague why the ghost msg me? she say cuz i tried to communicate wif her earlier .. so she wants to get to know me … den i ask..how now? my colleague tell me pretend nothing happen

suanie: hahahahahhahahaha omg u asking for it

Pinky: LOL… now i scared leh… cuz next week hor… office not many pple around… later i alone… she come tok to me how? den sekali she let me see her… den i will pengsan… i better go pray pray

suanie: hahahahahahha i gonna blog this

Pinky: LMAOOOOOOOOOO wah lau… later she go read ur blog… den she go malaysia visit u

Pinky: i ask evon say.wah nowadays ghost so high tech… she say ya lah… she hang wif us so long oredi, will learn oso

suanie: why no one want to give her a ceremony?

Pinky: how to give? we oso dunno her background?

suanie: ask the priest lah… they sure know one what

Pinky: hai…. dunno leh… we are moving early next year… den me and evon say …. i hope she dun follow us… so from now on, we better shuddap about the ‘good fren’… later she think we good good fren wif her… den she follow us to new office… den… gong xi fa cai…



    tyty darling! I lub you too! wah lau, some of the pics so obiang!!!!!! can censor not? LOL

  2. is that taken on the Petronas Towers sky bridge?

    happy birthday again.

  3. Pinky: ywyw ๐Ÿ˜› changed changed ๐Ÿ˜› you da boss ๐Ÿ˜€

    spiller: yeap it was


  5. happy birthday pinky!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t

  6. Pinky so the cute and pretty, happy birthday babes.

  7. Happy birthday PINKY!

    i lup u toooooooo…………….



  9. FA: I scare girls like u ๐Ÿ˜›

    KY: that was like 2 yrs ago when you weren’t even back in msia yet? noob.

  10. LOL. ty everyone for the bday wishes! hehe :D:D:D

  11. Happy Birthday pinky! ๐Ÿ˜€

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