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the lifetime war

They say that in order to understand a person, you have to look at his or her past.

Say hi to my sisters, way back in 1977.

Baby twins

This was my second sister holding up a cousin.

Hold up

And then there was me. It’s all war, if you knew the history of this photo. Apparently I hated the both of them, but if I turn left then kena kissed by my eldest sister. If I turn right, well the outcome is in the photo below.

Suanie with her twin sisters

(p/s: yeah I bought a new scanner. Not the bestest but it works ok. Going to scan all our old photos, HUGE LOADS of them)


I just realised that I was an ugly baby. No wonder they all called me ugly duckling lah.

Baby Suanie

And this one is me at a young age. It was just after I had to have my hair cut ‘coz I got them burnt. Short story, but don’t really feel like telling it.

Young Suanie

state of mind

Thanks to the miraculous wonders of MSPaint, I am able to convey my current emotions and state of mind to anyone who could be bothered to know.

my current emotions

I feel exactly like that.

Something is missing. I don’t know what. It seriously sucks.

On another person’s state of mind, do check out Zeus’ archived post on Jack West, a pedophile, criminal and sly bastard. Some seriously sick shit going on.