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Assorted stuff and photos for Deeparaya, Deepavali, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Halloween, Putrajaya, KY, ShaolinTiger, Toys’R’Us, toes, cam whoring.

I would like to wish you all SELAMAT DEEPARAYA!!! No? Then Uncle Viewtru has something to tell you.

I’ve been seeing some Rangoli around, here’s Midvalley’s effort for this year.

Midvalley Deepavali decoration

The stage was for performances at certain times. I happened to pass by the area during one of the performances, it was really good so I hung around for a bit.

Midvalley Deepavali performance

They played these tunes without stopping : some old Chinese tune, Selamat Hari Raya (yes I know there are many Selamat Hari Raya songs, this was the one that goes ‘Selamat Hari Raya, kepada saudara serta saudari, setahun hanya sekali’ etc), Never on Sunday, Love You More Than I Can Say, Gong Xi Gong Xi. Then there was a pause, and they continued with Chan Mali Chan and a P.Ramlee song, then I had to go off somewhere.

But I tell you this, standing there listening to them play, I’d never felt so Malaysian in my life.

At Midvalley’s Carrefour, I saw some of the employees making a Rangoli.

Midvalley Carrefour

There was also a small one at PJ State’s Tenaga Nasional.

Tenaga Nasional Deeparaya deco

I didn’t manage to take much photos of Hari Raya decorations. Here’s Midvalley’s Hari Raya decor for this year (minus performance).

Midvalley Hari Raya decoration

Last year they had a kampung house setting, I liked that better. Anyway to make up for my not-so-many photos for Hari Raya, I am willing to be your DBKL/ MPPJ. Just e-mail me your phone number and I’ll be at your house during the first and second days of Hari Raya and I’ll personally show you how apologetic I am.

This is a backlog photo. ShaolinTiger has a friend, yay!

ShaolinTiger and DavidTall

A lot of people are seriously pissing me off. Will see what happens after the holidays.

KY thought it would be too lonely to renew his IC at Putrajaya alone, so he got me to tag along. It was my first time to Putrajaya.


It felt like we were in another country!

Totally unrelated, we have freaky toes.

the gross toes

I bought another insurance plan yesterday. Broke broke broke.

Plastic wigs from Toys ‘R Us.

Toys'R'Us plastic wigs

And Janice is exploring her life options.

Toys'R'Us Lamb Oink

And that’s almost it.

I would like to wish all of ye a Happy Halloween!!!

Suanie wishes you a Happy Halloween

That’s it.



  1. Wah, so early you already come out to scare people. Kekeke …

    Coincidentally, I wore the same pink plastic wig and Peter wore the Elvis one last night before we had our lunch together. Too bad no picture to show you all. Hahah…

    Anyway, Happy Halloween !

  2. bryan,it was dinner,not lunch. =p

    Happy Deeparaya and Halloween!
    have fun being DBKL/MPPJ!

  3. Opsss… Dinner, ya, dinner. Just now kena scared by the picture, so couldn’t think for a short while. =P

  4. Hi suanie, Dont u think it shd be “kolam” instead of rangoli?

  5. Bryan: scary leh.. makes you feel like offering me something leh…

    reallybites: kamsiah!

    Sharon: I am not very sure whether it’s kolam or rangoli. According to Wikipedia, the ones I took photos of look more like Rangolis.



  6. happy halloween

    hope i dun get nightmarre

  7. Wah, so many pictures. The last one looked like a ghost ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. EesterBarney says:

    Wow…You have one of the best Halloween costume I’ve seen so far…so freaking Real(shudder) =P.

    Wishing evryone a Haunting Halloween and a Happy DeepaRaya. (“,)

  9. DEEPARAYA is the word!

  10. bUttsHAk3r says:

    maybe i’ll show you how to scare people properly. rar.

  11. Happy Halloween. (My Aunties B’Day tomorrow too! My mother always said she was a witch!!!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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