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straight out of klia, babeh

As a teen I semi-worshipped Fly Guy of the Lil’ Kev & Fly Guy Hitz fm morning show. He was smart, witty and ever so sarcastic even especially at the crack of dawn. I listened to their show a lot and faithfully bought a magazine (whose name I forgot now) every month because they gave Fly Guy a column. I wrote to him at that mag asking him how to be a radio DJ (one of my now-never-to-be-fulfilled childhood dreams, if you’d talked to me before you’d understand why) and he actually answered my letter the following month in his column… BOY CAN YOU IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT AT THAT TIME!!!

Then I called him one early morning when he was hosting the show alone, he remembered my name, we chatted for a bit (more like he layaned me a bit) and that was that. When he and Lil’ Kev left Hitz FM, I was quite devastated. Not many DJs in Malaysia could match his singular style, though I did ‘discover’ Jeevan (Red 104.9 fm, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm ) much later but that’s another story.

But Fly Guy is BACK! YAY the JOY, the DELIGHT, the BLESSINGS, the GLADNESS… yes I know how to use the thesaurus.

FLYfm broadcasts live from KLIA 24 hours a day (95.8 in Klang Valley) and Fly Guy is on from 6 am to 10 am, just like his old slot back at Hitz.


And here’s a crappy MS Paint thingamajig as an almost-final tribute to my long time adoration for the satu dan satu sahaja Fly Guy.

Suanie loves FlyGuy

I love you long time!!!

blog nazi

Oh the self-righteous prick that you are, you self-proclaimed all-seeing-eye?

How DARE you bemoan and whine that the state of Malaysia’s blogosphere is becoming a downright bitch?

How DARE you imply that things are less interesting now with bloggers blogging for the wrong reasons?

How dare YOU not give a chance to aspiring pro-bloggers who seek their fortunes in the clicks of wealth that is adsense?

Oh you… you… blog nazi!!!


And yeah, I agree with you anyway.