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With the increasing popularity of blogs, they are a great platform to present your voice on issues to a greater audience. Beats running naked on the street reciting a whole paragraph of what-nots. But with the focus on blogs and the cheaper and wider availability of the Internet, things changed. Three years ago you can still blog about your neigbours’ stupid smelly fat cat desecrating your garden or how his stupid fat daughter walks like a clumsy pumpkin lump or how they are so ugly that their momma left them for good. Try it today and somehow in the near future you may just be sued for libel.

Either you grow up or you don’t. If you don’t then don’t blame other people for voicing their opinions also. It’s the fucking INTERNET.

Free speech? Free speech my ass. Can I just quote T-Boy’s words on this? Hmm I think I will.

That ‘Fundamental Right’

And then there’s the ‘fundamental inalieable right to Free Speech’. While many people focus on the right to say whatever you like without fear of censorship, I say ‘bullshit’.

Freedom of Speech means freedom of living to the consequences of what you say. While you can say what you like online, you’re never, never free from consequence.

The government may not be able to do a thing to you4, but that doesn’t mean that what you say can’t get you fired, or get you verbally slapped around like a two-buck whore online, or cause your friends or lovers to leave you.

Welcome To The Land of Shut The Fuck Up

And so you do and must censor yourself. You think to yourself, “Can I say this? Is this right?” before posting your vitriol across the public wire. Of course you must. Being free to speak doesn’t mean you are free from being told, in very firm words, to be quiet.

As a matter of fact, as a Citizen of the Internet, you are allowed to speak whatever you like. Freedom to speak doesn’t mean that you must be listened or that your words deserve immortality. You are free to speak. What happens next is not up to you.

And frankly, like religious bigotry and outright stupidity, racism is hardly a defensible thing. You want to get in trouble, get in trouble by yourself. I’m not defending you, not because I do not care about free speech, but I have better time defending the right to the free speech of others who are more deserving.

That was from his post So You’re Getting Fucking Persecuted about the two S’porean bloggers who kena charged and jailed. The content of his post still applies.

Read and learn.

About Peter Tan, the ‘malicious’ disabled person:
You know, Peter is not the ogre Miss XX and Turosomething from LocalBrand made him out to be. Yes he is my friend and that is why I can tell you that contrary to XX’s post, he does not go out of his way to seek sympathy bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda. Peter has done the community much good by blogging about life as a disabled, raising SOCIAL AWARENESS which may be lacking prior to this due to the non-existent platforms. So now we understand why the accessible toilets are not meant for the able-bodied with no afflictions other than stupidity. Now we understand better why a lot of buildings are death traps for those not able to just run should there be a fire or incidents like the 2004 tsunami trembles that affected Penang. Those are not pleas for sympathy unless you are saying that disabled do not have rights just like anyone else?

And one more thing regarding accessible toilets: I understand that not many people like to use the ‘search’ function or even know that the history of his blog, so I am now giving you a link to one of his older entries regarding accessible toilets:

Two Sides of Human Nature

And Yvonne Foong just wrote a blog entry on accessible toilets and how it feels when it is not really that accessible:

Why handicap toilets are important.

We don’t really have control on the various buildings’ toilet design and build. In many other countries, public toilets are a tad bigger than those in Malaysia so some able-bodied folks can still use them for various reasons. However in Malaysia, a lot of our public toilets are cramped, some without taps even. If a pregnant lady needs to use the accessible toilets because of those two reasons then yes go ahead. If a rude older woman or a 21 year old popular ranty blogger wants to use accessible toilets because they are more spacious with mirrors and think it’s their God-given right to use them, well in the words of XX herself,


And because I’m his friend, he discusses some things with me, one of the things being Turodrique from LocalBrand’s phone conversation. I’m damn pissed because all Miss X and Mr T seems to be able to grasp is that Peter is trying to harm XX’s income and by doing that Peter would have something to gain, financially or otherwise. And since Peter is not going to be bothered if he gets misunderstood or misquoted by the sole sentence of “BECAUSE IT WORKS”, I’m going to tell you this:


If Mr. T recorded the conversations he had with Peter over the phone, please, feel free to broadcast them in their full entities. Why don’t you publish the e-mail that Peter sent also? I’m sure everybody would love to know.

Look, if you are going to devote an entire post whining about the ‘underhandedness’ of some people, why not take the entire context? Things must be taken in whole instead of picking ONE SENTENCE and use that as the sole basis to debate. Err how about the sentence where he said something like, because companies should be aware of the people who represent them?

So they have been made aware, now what? BECAUSE IT ALWAYS WORKS not because to get her sponsors to pull out, but to make the points clearer. How the sponsors deal with that issue is entirely up to them. Either they stick with XX or they don’t. In the case of Voxy (and now Kimage) they chose not to associate with her anymore, that’s their prerogative. I’m sure there are plenty of other brands and companies who would not mind their banners on her blog just to ride her waves of popularity that seep into the minds of youth (not just from Singapore, mind you) despite her blogging tone and blog content. They all can do that, good luck to them, I sure as hell am not going to believe in their products or services and I’m going to tell all my friends about my stand on it.

You know, that’s why universities have courses on marketing and branding. Consumer power, I tell ya. You should really be more aware of your choices in life.

And say you go into a restaurant and the waiter mistreats you. Do you engage the waiter or do you go to the manager?

And again because people cannot seem to find links as easily as they should, here’s one of my earlier post for you on why I oppose to this sad shit.

All Things Considered

You can actually see it happening already, with her young blinded supporters thinking it’s all right to use accessible toilets because they are there and the chances of a disabled using it the same time as them are slim to none. Talk about morality lines indeed.

Actually it’s a bit boring to write something this long because all she and her blinded followers could only see everything as:


So if you are one of those people who cry damn foul that Peter Tan is a loserlah, fuck Peter Tan lah, fuck Kimberlycun she’s fat and lumpy, fuck ShaolinTiger he’s a white man in Asia overstaying his welcome lah, all XX detractors are just jealous lah, I tell you what:


Now if you’d excuse me, I have other things to blog about.



  1. Well say Su

  2. Ari Miraj says:

    Yeah i hate that bitch too! F’ing attention whore!

  3. XX is selfish and cares only bout herself and her income. I dun think Peter’s to ‘harm’ her income, just to put a stop to all the crap that XX has to show to the blogosphere. And harming the ‘soft-shelled’ teenage minds :)Btw, XX didn’t finish high sch? lol. *grins* i’ve got an idea what to do to her

  4. Sharon N. says:

    Well said Suanie, well said. I think she just deserves to burnt at a stake! I for one, definitely wouldnt buy products endorsed by a b1@tch like her to begin with. Its high time her worshippers OPEN their friggin eyes! Its amazing to know that people like her still exist… it makes me wanna puke my guts out. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. zomgwtfbbq, suanie rocks

  6. You are right about XX’s supporters – they think we criticise because we like to criticise and because it’s XX. They cannot seem to realise that we are criticising what XX says. Instead they think we are jealous, we want her 10,000 page hits or whatever.

    And you know why – because they can’t justify her words so they attack all of us “detractors” personally. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Rock on!

  7. right on suan. xx thatpoor little demented girl… crying for attention…

  8. right to the point, and she scores a perfect ten.;)

    totally agree with you, and this is a fantastic post.

  9. Kimage is outta there! Their response to me is on my blog. I’m glad to see common sense and the good ppl prevail. ๐Ÿ™‚

    She played with fire and she got burnt good.

  10. Pwned, again bwahahaha

    Nice post girl.

  11. Alex: she has a dip in mass comm.

    And add-on: I’ve been reading some blogs about this whole thingamajig, and I would like to clarify the flow of things.

    1. She is popular and stuff yes I know that, otherwise she would not be getting thousands and thousands of unique hits per day and brands and companies would not approach her to be her sponsors.

    2. It was written to her sponsors regarding her recent take on the issue of accessible toilets, basically the entire post altogether.

    3. The companies were made aware of such a thing. Whether or not they choose to stick with her for their own reasons or disassociate themselves for their own reasons, it’s entirely ENTIRELY UP TO THEM. At this time of writing if Localbrand sticks with her because they believe in her and the power of her blog, good for them. At this time of writing Vozy and Kimage chose not to be her sponsors anymore because they DID read her post and don’t like the direction, good for them.

    No, my boss will not fire me if I had a problem with disabled people because I work for him but I do not represent him in anyway, so long my work leans towards the direction which he had set for his company. See if I had a problem with disabled people and I represent the company with my face in tow and insert in every PR release that the disabled need not come because they are not welcomed, then yes he has the right to fire me.

    All your fears are actually unfounded. People are not THAT unreasonable. But if companies want to preserve their healthy and clean image then it’s their prerogative. If that is the case then you could even be fired for eating sharks fin.

    No, it’s actually not related, but if there are those who want to associate everything together, I’ll have to disagree then.

    That said, I don’t hate XX. Hate is a pretty strong word which I’ll reserve for the more important things in life, like my internet connection rotting and dying. I disagree with her, I think she is underestimating the power of her hugely popular blog and that is a very scary thing. The world has enough shit to deal with.

  12. she had it coming.

    A-class bimbo.

    the perfect ah lian

  13. waaaiiii oohhhh waaaaiiiii yyyooouuuu nnnoooo mmmeennttiooonnnnn mmmmeeeeee waaannnnn gggeehhhh~~~~

  14. You da Queen!

  15. To XX, now that’s what I call instant karma.

  16. Who in their sane mind likes XiaXue anyway? We read her blog so we could laugh how stupid and dumb she can be.

    And then shit her all out before flushing her down the toilet. Wheeeeeeeeeee…….!!

    P/S: No wonder she’s single.

  17. Very well written. *applauses*

  18. Yay to simple cow sense.
    Boo to selfish, stupid pink cows.
    Thanks Suanie, you said it best.

  19. sighs…. I saw her on TV 2 nights ago. Uhm… Photoshop does wonders… ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. ah Suan ah!! fantastic post!! freaking good one!!
    berry berry good ah!!!

  21. wah all the bloggers shout a lot of fu*ks…it makes dem look cool meh?


  22. haha… nice post. flamewar of the century ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I am a Singaporean aged 25 and agreed with what you guys here. In fact, I am disgusted with xiaxue too and cant understand why there are still people who can just blindly support her. she has destroyed the initial meaning of blogging. it’s ironic. yes, you can blog anything you want, but somehow as i read her stuff, i feel like she is making those ppl who dun agree with her feel alienated and they are given the ONLY choice to f*** her. i mean, u dun do things this way. u just dun treat ppl this way. just my 2 cents’ worth and somehow this ‘victory’ means alot to the handicapped, at least. thank you.

  24. If I had power, I would have made XX an invalid for a month. Then she would realise how difficult it is. As for her thinking, well, her blog shows.

  25. Some people simply cannot grasp the difference between rights and privileges. More education is needed there. But seeing how Wendy’s fans had reacted, I weep for the disabled people in Singapore.

  26. Indeed, weep for the disabled in Singapore.

    I won’t be surprised that those who sent letters to the papers arguing that there isn’t a need for the public transport (MRT and buses) to cater to the need of the handicapped because that will cause the ‘normal’ people to be late for work will definitely find a great friend in xx.

    Also, I have been spreading the word around regarding all the crap from xx on this toilet matter and most of the time the response I get is a nonchalant: “What’s so serious about it? If she isn’t writing ‘controvesial’ stuff, then who’s going to read her blog?”

    Let me take this opportunity to give a round of applause to our educational system for these ‘fine’ products.

  27. Hey, you linked back at me! Yay!

    But no Trackbacks.


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