can somebody shut her up already?

The Pink Poodle said:

Woah, woah! HOLD ON DUDE. You mean only handicapped people can use handicapped toilets?

How come people have this notion that only the disabled can use facilities for the disabled?

So tell me … our government spent millions of taxpayers’ money to build so many facilities for the physically disabled, and only they are allowed to use it?

Oh, excuse me for going down the slope instead of the stairs, will you? I shouldn’t have. MRT lifts – don’t use it, cannot use it. Use the escalator instead.

WTF is this?

Sure, if I SEE that you are physically disabled, and you need to use the handicapped toilet, then yes, obviously I will let you use it and go use a normal toilet.

As far as I am concerned, you have a physical disability – and that is where you have a disadvantage. Your bladder is working fine isn’t it? So you wait, just like normal people do, when there is a queue for the toilet. The rest of us queue up to use a toilet – I don’t see why the disabled should be any different.

Don’t even go near the issue of handicapped parking lots. That is different, because waiting for a parking lot is not a matter of 2 minutes.

Pissed with unreasonable people. What pisses me off more is when the society at large condones bad behavior when it comes from supposedly piteous people. So what, handicapped have the rights to be unreasonable meh? If I ever break my leg (choy!) I think I shall use my crutch to anyhow whack anyone who comes near my MRT lift.

Ranked by Technorati at 43 as of Oct 17th 2005 with 6,951 links from 3,399 sites and people still argue that because it’s her blog, she can write whatever she wants and she has no responsibility towards society and the younger generation.

Yeah whatever, send me to Pluto too while you are at it.

Thought to self, stop self-punishing by avoiding goddamn awful material.



  1. lol wtf kinda technorati tag is omgwtfbbq

  2. She also mentions the fact that ‘it’s spacious’.

    Even her 13 year old kid brother knows that it’s wrong to use handicapped toilets.

    *sigh* some people just never learn, do they?

  3. Don’t ask me to fetch u for dinner when u’re at pluto, it’s the far.

    Just in case u’re interested, it’s at least 4.34 billion km away. That is when it’s nearest to earth. CIS

  4. W. T. F.

  5. the hell? ada jugak orang macam ni. yuck.

    btw, hehe i was looking at your wallpaper and suan gurl are those hoe-ghaaaargh-dens? yay!

  6. I only hope one day when she is old, slow and wringkly, she will meet someone like her.

  7. i truly believe now she has a brain the size of a pea. and that it’s not a bimbotic veil ala j.simpson. what a waste of good english, only for writing of nonsense.

  8. There is no doubt about it. She has lost her mind. I’ll bet it’s hiding from her out of shame. Any takers to the bet?

  9. i’m speechless . Toilets for disabled are for the disabled la. Just like toilets for males are for males, for females are for females.. Unless she likes to pee standing. duh apa bodoh punye pompuan nie

  10. Choy! the silly little girl is at it again? Can’t imagine people still read her post. Maybe this call for another round of spat. ST where are you? 🙂

  11. alo! u all dunch no meh ? in Sg they allow bimbo to use handicap toilet one leh … the Sg gomen think being a bimbo is actually hadicap WUAHAHAHAHA!!!

  12. Again, I am speechless.

  13. You people are so harsh! Common XX have the right to use the toilet as well because she is also disabled… Err… no… wait… I think I have confused it with stupid. Never mind.

  14. LT: I believe she’ll peep into guys toilet, then think to herself, this is a toilet and no one’s using… and she’ll go ahead and use. and she’ll blog on how smart she is….

  15. aiyuh, why bother…

  16. i think she’ll serve society better by becoming a welcome mat to the handicap toilet, then she can stay in that BIGGGGG room alllll dayyyy, nice. Cheers!

  17. she is amusing. becoz when ppl laugh, they are laughing -at-, and definitely not -with-, her.

  18. haiya… cant tahan, must leave some coment.

    yeaks… this idiot. realy hope that she wil experience how the disable feel. when she wanto use it.. then some stupid bimbo spoit it… hahaha

  19. to change forest gump’s quote of ‘stupid is as stupid does’, it’ll be ‘stupid is as xiaxue does’.

  20. There are actually people out there who can go this low to gain traffic. Bitch.

  21. A person who uses things for the disabled just is a “WANNABE DISABLED” hahahahahah i think that covers it

  22. I really hope she doesn’t get a stroke or something that will disable her.
    and no, the idiot, sometimes a disabled person’s bladder does NOT work fine.
    says a lot for her ignorance, or stupidity (or more likely both)
    Only rarely do i see comments by people so spoilt that it nauseates me. but this happens to be one of them

  23. apparently we must all make room for hiney. ops highness.

    stupid bimbo.

    not one inkling of how to act like a decent citizen. *sigh*

  24. haiya, she’s a retard. period.

  25. Dabido (Teflon) says:

    Suanie – Don’t go to Pluto, it’s a Mickey Mouse planet!!!

    LT – You mean I can’t use the womens toilets any more! Oh well, was fun while it lasted.

    The Pink Poodle should be allowed to use the disabled toilets, as she is the most disabled person we know. She has no social conscience. I honestly feel sorry for the poor little poodle. She has no grasp of reality. One day, she’ll get taken to the vet and put down.
    So, with that in mind, I say we gather a collection together and send her to Pluto. Then she can do what she likes on her own spacious planet in space.

  26. i wish she’d stop blogging – she’s an embarassment to singapore!

  27. OMG! there’s more of them? I did a whole post about this subject a while back about this dumb blogger who was bitching about the handicapped. Man, it pissed me off, pardon the pun.

    What is amazing is that SO many people are so dumb to think that a person who is, say, paralyzed from the waist down, can control their bladder (or their pooper, for that matter).

  28. Paul: it’s the best!

    vincent: apparently not 😀

    KY: ok mr encyclopedia. kypedia.. hmmm

    delia: aye aye

    mahagurusia: iyer.. instigator.. kekekeke

    annie: lots, worse, those with clout.

  29. wtf… where is the lightning strike when you really need it?

    looks like you can’t bring her anywhere. not even to a toilet.

  30. hater.

  31. meow.

  32. MachauHai…
    if got chance i’ll bitch-slap her with my tongkat wor..left right right left left again…tiu!!

  33. I was trying to figure out who’s this Pink Poodle…ahh…who could it be??? It didn’t occur to me till I read about it on Peter Tan’s blog. Now I get it!!

  34. Does it occurs to all of you that the comments left at the bitch’s (XX aka siah-suay) site supporting her has an uncanny similarity in language flow? I’ll bet those supporters are all herself.

    Hey, my calcualtor is cleverer than her !

  35. Xiaxue Supporter says:

    So I assume everyone who left a comment before me has never EVER used a toilet for disabled people in their ENTIRE life? You know those roomy toilets usually at the end of all the cubicles? I’m mean seriously.. if you have never used a toilet for disabled individuals in your entire life, then yes, you may cast the first stone at Xiaxue. And just so you know, insulting her intelligence will not make you a better person. You can even justify why she’s a bimbo/retard/bitch… just a simple post like, “haiya, she’s a retard. period.” shows that you have nothing on her and you can’t even justify why she’s a retard. did that one insult make you happy? did it fulfill your meaningless life? geez… if it did, you need serious help dude. i feel so sorry for u people, where i come from, physically disabled people are fighters. they know their rights, they are firecely independent and they don’t whinge about why people use their toilets. in fact, they are giving and accomodating individuals who know that they are a part of society and just because they aren’t like everyone else, they know that it doesn’t mean that the world has to revolve around them. i hope u people think about what you’ve posted and reflect on how sad it must be to get so angry over such a trivial matter.

  36. missing the point again.


    and not my fault if you are not going to click on relevant links.

  37. Instant Orgasm, Erotic Foreplays, Deep Thrustings… so moral… you are no different

  38. of course not, i’m just more self righteous with nice handy justifications.


  39. Freaky Dude says:

    To All Xia Xue Supporters,
    The place I work reserves a toilet just for the senior management.
    It doesnt matter even if your menses is dribbling down your thighs, you will be fired if you even think of going in.
    Everyone and everything has its place in this world, so get the drift. You stick a banana in your hole when you feel like it, doesnt mean I can stick mine in when its vacant.

  40. It’s just funny how a simple handicapped-toilet issue can turn into such a huge problem to the extent that it reaped XiaXue off her Voxy and Kimage endorsements. Seriously, I just don’t get all of these. Again and again, she has been trying to justify all these misunderstandings, yet many are still closing their eyes as to what she said. Just by reading this one post alone does not give most people the right to judge her. It is only after you read more of her posts will you get her flow of writing, and despite the fact that the way she expresses herself can be misleading, that doesn’t mean she has bad intentions.

    Don’t you think it’s unfair to pick on her? Sure, a lot of people do not agree with most, if not all, of her posts, but that doesn’t mean they should go all the way to sending e-mails to the companies she is (now was) endorsing for.

    What bad influence are you talking about? The Internet is a very liberal medium. Compared to many vices available in the cyber world, XiaXue (if you consider her one of them) is NOTHING compared to them. NOTHING.

    After reading many of your views, I agree with what most of you said. It was wrong of her to use a toilet meant for the handicapped. But that doesn’t mean that she deserves to be bombarded with all these criticisms.

    Try putting yourself in her shoes. If you and your blog is to receive the treatment she is currently going through, how would you feel?

  41. leave xiaxue alone… serious shit… if u dun like wad she writes dun read wad she writes. simple as dat. as a msian myself, i dun c y renown bloggers like u and peter tan get so hyped up over wad xiaxue has to say. its not like she killed ure grandmother. seriously, i rather see ure blog produce more entries wif substance more den mindless bitchin about public toilets. i dun mean to insult u bt i tink ure all over reacting.

  42. Nobody: Possibly try to understand why this is happening, and try to learn that anyone can have the right to say what they want on their blogs, but the outcome is not for them to choose.

    As I have said many times, this is the INTERNET.

    But you are right. Maybe I should go smash some lizards instead.

    Sophia: ok.

  43. Damn I missed all the bitching!

    But she deserves it, every bad comment ever wrote, every rude and overated remark thrown towards her was all very much called for. I wonder how many times must one get bitten to learn that watever you do have consequences and watever you blog about brings good or bad tidings. And I am going to shoot the next person who will say “my blog my right”!

    Maybe I should be kind enough to sponsor her a brain…

  44. disabled pple sure have their disadvantages and all, i do understand.

    but dont they ALWAYS say they want to be treated like a normal individual?

    this issue over a toilet is overrated, seriously.
    if you want to be treated like a normal individual, then you’ve got to be treated normally and queue up for the toilet, if xiaxue and you were there, obviously the priority goes to you first, you can use the toilet first, but if there isant, i dont see why she cant use them.

    by denying her of her endorsements, i think you guys are going wayy too low.

    if you want to be specially treated, dont expect us to treat you as a normal individual then, fair?

    in this world, everything’s unfair. who are you to hurt her like that.

  45. zz, what are you on about?

    anyway i’m closing comments for this post. if no one’s gonna be bothered to read the rest of the linked shit, say hello to suanie’s autocracy.


    have fun, knock yourselves out.


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