poor malaysia, we get dumb fucks for tourists

If you think that XX was bad, check this out:

“Be Forewarned. Death for drug traffickers under Malaysian law.” This is the sobering welcome you receive at the Malaysian border. Don’t get caught with even a seed! What a difference a political border makes — from the anything-goes Thai people, to the this-is-not-a-place-for-weirdo-freaks Malay Muslims. Buzzkill for certain, but a necessary evil if you need to get off drugs or just pass through.


Apart from haggling with ticket agents over prices, there’s not a whole lot else to do. Oh yeah, there’s an old fort, some crumbling colonial buildings, a few mediocre beaches, and a modern shopping mall, but so what?


I did not have a good experience in Kuala Lumpur the capital. In fact, I hated it. The unrelenting heat put me on edge, especially at the Indian embassy where I was told I would have to wait a week for my visa.

That is really mature isn’t it? Blaming the entire city for having to wait in line for a visa.

I set out to explore the city and try to find some semblance of fun. I was let down time and time again. Nothing much in this city but modern mosques and skyscrapers. Since Malaysia is mostly a devout Muslim country, and Kuala Lumpur is the capital, the streets are clear by 10:00 P.M. without even a bad excuse for a nightclub.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Right? Right???


Brad Olsen, you are a sorry excuse of a miserable carbon form that needs to be exterminated immediately, let alone be allowed to go on a worldwide rampage.

Lainie says you are the stupidest traveler ever. Lainie is right.

A great place for tickets and nothing else
A hot and humid hellhole
Destruction in the highlands




  1. Poor schmuck. The cabbie must have let him off at Inner Jinjang or something.

  2. even the dull n the ignorant…..they too have their story

  3. i really really hate these sort of people. eventhough its HIS FAULT for not knowing where to go, HIS FAULT for not respecting the muslim laws about their masjid and HIS FAULT that he doesn’t know how to get to jalan p. ramlee doesn’t mean the country sucks. it means he’s an arrogant gwei lo prick

  4. even the dull, dumb and ignorants have names. who are you?

  5. another typical idiot who is at the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong people (if they were any). poor shmuck most probably can’t find thrills anymore without his hallucigenic stash.

  6. yer, dumb fucks are not welcome to our country. we have enough of them already.

  7. hahahah.. maybe the farjer landed himself in Taman Negara and coem out to some jungle clearing that he claims to be KL…

  8. From what little I understand of his site, he likes going off to seriously ulu places and doing adrenaline-junkie-type things.

    Maybe he would be happier racing kupchai in Taman Negara while on Class A substances?

  9. he was stoned lah the moment he saw the customs clearance warning he decided that this place sucked. WHEEE!

  10. I like doing the adrenaline junkie type thing too – skydiving, white water rafting, patting live tiger, scuba with hammerhead sharks, snorkled with a tiger shark (okay, I didn’t know the tiger shark was there when I got in).
    I still have enough brains to know that when in a foreign country, you have to respect their laws, appreciate that they do things differently, and know that if I want to go to a decent nightclub, you buy a copy of Lonely Planet or something else which tells you where to go.
    (Or ask one of the helpful locals, they always tell me where to go!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. not worth it to even link to that fella. hehe

  12. Giant Sotong says:

    – That’s a baaad Photoshop job of Mahir Cagri.

    – Web site sucks. Steven Lim has a dance partner.

    – Did the CIA pay him heaps to defame Malaysia like that? Not accurate some more. Oil prices must be taking their toll for them to hire amateurs.

    …Did he just diss Penang?! War!

  13. oh god!!

    stupid traveller … he doesnt even deserved to be here in malaysia!!!

    *shakes head*

    did he really expect malaysia to have some utopian skyscrapers n super duper flying cars like in Fifth element?? or … he thought we’re still living in jungles??

    this fella needs a book …. or a tv …

  14. I cannot stop laughing. I really cannot stop laughing. How silly and shallow can one be. Gosh

  15. Aiya, why so sensitive? That is just his personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to his free speech. You Malaysians just want to control everybody’s words – deleted by Suanie Let free speech prevail and a hundred flowers bloom. KL can be a boring city with all the “pau-taus” running around too you know. If you travel the magnificent world of other great cities like Paris, Zurich, Beijing, Toronto, Capetown and Rio – you will see what I mean lah!

  16. Free speech? You just contradicted yourself right there. Free speech is an oxymoron and FYI does not exist, especially for someone who does not even leave his real e-mail address, let alone his name. That was why your defamatory and irresponsible remark was deleted.

  17. He sounds like a real unhappy camper.

  18. Free speech means that one still gets to make fun of dumbfucks after the dumbfuck expressed his “right to free speech” and said something fucking dumb…

  19. OMG..even in this thread itself there exist a shallow & a racist person.

    “Pau-Taus” running around in KL = Boring?

    I am laughing my uterus out.

    Whatever it is, make sure you do your researches online or anywhere before you visit any country.

    Streets are clear by 10 pm? Traffic jam gotlah!! I wonder if he really visited KL.

  20. Beefking : Pau tau running around town can be boring ???? den ?? u wan naked women running around only fun is it ???? Why ur brain like small peanut ah when making such comments?

  21. Wahlau…that sucks. An acute case of narrow mindedness and overgeneralisation.

  22. that ***hole must be really dumb … kl got no night clubs? the roads are cleared by 10pm .. he’s either soooo farking dumb or he’s plain BLIND, kl is known for its vibrant colours and its lifestyle… this guy obviously never did his research on kl , before paying a visit… otherwise he would have known the do’s and the dont’s .. simple… and if tht person ever checks this comment! STAY AWAY FROM KL AND MALAYSIA WE DONT NEED PRICKS LIKE YOU hmph!!!!

  23. HHahHAha! I LikE ur comment la!! HAhHAhAA!!! can u imagine like .. he came down from d plane.. still got hangover… then he saw d sign.. then pi bin (change face) 2 bcome bin chi chi… HAhhaA! nvm if u dun understand wat i jz said! but yea.. HAhHA! still so funny!! HAhA! now i’m very syok sendiri … HAhHA!

  24. HAhA! eh wei wei… very funny la all d comments!! HAhhA! i like this one!!! HAhHA!

  25. I just uttered the word “bullshit” when I read that thing…

  26. That guy should be banned from writing at all. Think that he got stoned so hard trying to hide his supply of drugs in his mouth so he couldn’t see anything in front of his eyes. Then again there’s so much shallow tourist out there who thinks everywhere are like their place. If he thinks that, better not going anywhere at all. Granted, Malaysia is not like Paris, Beijing, Zurich, Rio etc etc whatever. But that’s the idea. Malaysia is Malaysia. If you want to compare might as well not coming at all.

  27. Aiya Suanie,

    You just proved that authoritarian and Big Brother censorship is alive and well in Malaysia…

    “That was why your defamatory and irresponsible remark was deleted.”

    Why you want to delete my very true remark lah?

    You must learn to appreciate the Hegelian concept of “thesis, antithesis and synthesis.”

    True creativity will only follow when you let people debate the facts in open.

    KL is not the most interesting place in the world lah. In fact it is among the dullest places on earth. I know, I spent 30 years there lah. All the incompetent Datuks, Tan Sris and Tuns running the city and country has brought it to the standard and level of cities like Teheran, Dharan and Islamabad.

    Let free ideas flow and a hundred flowers bloom and KL will be great again!

  28. Aiya beefking, i was going to type a longer reply but then i realised that you wouldn’t understand it to be a matter of liability

  29. *this comment is for August 24th

    Your site exceeded bandwidth limit for the past few days, duh~~ Not enough bandwidth don’t kembang lar. :PbPbPb

  30. I am sorry I ever mentioned that KL made me sick. Please don’t hate me for that.

  31. Aisehman…BeefKing, you ate too much beef in KL until it clogged up your poor shallow brain is it?

    C’mon lah, you have been living in KL for 30 years (so you say), of course to you, when you visit other cities abroad you’d find that it’s more interesting than KL lah coz you don’t live there everyday of that 30 boring-KL years of yours. Duh.

  32. I went to “his” site, Georgetown is muslim? There are more temples in Georgetown that I can name than Mosque. There is a masjid kapitan keling.. that is all I can remember. Maybe he thinks that everything with a “onion” is a mosque.

    hah! can’t be bothered with these kind of people. they are not welcomed here… bah..

  33. I wish KL’s road was cleared by 10pm. Then I can drive smoothly ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure he’s stucked in some kampung called Tanjung Rambutan.. wait a minute… is that kampung?

  34. roads clear by 10pm? no bad excuse for a nightclub? he’s either kidding, being sarcastic, or is simply a moron.
    maybe he was in Kuala Langat not Kuala Lumpur.

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