ignorant rats

Yo listen up.

Many kinds of people in the world today
Different things they do, different things they say
Some are fucked up some are sane
Some people are just plain lame

To tell on others when they do not know
The story behind and things that follow
I’m very pissed off, what a shame
The pain you caused is bloody insane

Well-meaning some people may be
Short-sighted some people have been
In that case, please do allow me
To introduce to you the person that is Suanie

I’ll start with religion, listen to this
Sometimes I’d call myself a Buddhist
But people may argue that I’m a fraud
The Five Precepts I follow strictly – not

But Buddhism concepts I do believe
Hence I do not think that God exists
Call it a problem with authority
But I like my mind clear and free
This is your first clue here and now
That I think some societal rules are foul
Oh respect I have, in abundance even
But I just want to be slightly different

Because you see, I’m growing up
No longer can I remain a young pup
But the more candles I blow, the more I realise
A lot of things are really not THAT nice

If it were up to me, I’d legalise homosexuality
And prostitution too but that’s another story
I am for pro-choice, and here lies my point
CHOICES mean the other side of the coin

I’m not trying to be the hero
Salah pusing I end up with zero
But one thing is clear, I don’t want to be a robot
I’ll walk my own path, you can keep up with the lot

Disclaimers do not really work I know
Yet you have the CHOICE not to follow
If you’d read the archives you can really glean
That my blog is not very clean

I do realise my stupidity
And naivety in putting up that entry
But instead of running around playing misguided noseys
Wouldn’t it be BETTER to just contact ME directly?

But what is done is done, there’s no turning back
The damage you’ve caused is still on track
In future I’ll certainly be a bit more careful
Not to severely piss off silly people like you

This was meant to be a very long rant
My blood boils, I can still feel it
But after talking to one or two friends
I came to the conclusion that you are not really worth it

At the end of the day I have this to say
It’s really MY blog, MY life and MY way
It’s not my fault if I walk not your path
Don’t go crying to OTHER people if things get a little rough

Please do me a MASSIVE favour
Go read my disclaimer
Understand FIRST before you start accusing
Of things that are and things that are missing.

Bless you.



  1. Hey Suanie

    Didn’t know you can rap so well….. LOL

    Love what you have come up with … absolutely brilliant.

    Now, if I were batting for this team, I will most probably date you. ;P

  2. SUANIE,,, You are Awesome !!! You ROCK !!!
    I am so IMPRESSED and Inspred by you … even if i dont “understand” all u say you say it so well.
    Best Wishes BEAUTIFUL πŸ˜‰

  3. Me so Nervous me make mistake

  4. This could be a rap song someday….can call it WOoyoh! hehe

  5. one girl’s loss is another man’s gain πŸ™

  6. thanks dino πŸ™‚

  7. wahh not that keng lahhhh

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