suanie’s animal pr0n

Not suitable for those who are underaged, easily upset, easily pissed off at the low-quality of our blogosphere yadda yadda yadda, bla bla et cetera et cetera et cetera. You know the drill.

Meet FA and Minishorts. Now because this pictorial documentary is not based on the people who bear the nicknames, there is no disputing that either FA or Minishorts is a male, the other is a female. Or the other way around. Or both also can. Whatever turns them on, right?

I like it the traditional way, so they kiss first.

Because breasts are beautiful, they shall be truly appreciated.

And ladies first.

Also have to keep the man happy.

Because it is a traditional approach, missionary takes prior precedence.

Rats love a bit of good ol’ doggie as well.

Kinky rats love to spoon.

Then comes Wally. I had consficated Wally from my sister ages ago, it’s time to put Wally to good use.

Wally being the inquisitive penguin joins the fun. Animal lovin’, y’all!

Livin’ la vida Wally!

Thank you FA, Minishorts and Wally for being great sports. Don’t forget to thank Suanie too for making the effort to capture what goes on behind the animal life and stuff, y’all!

The End.



  1. omfg double penetration

  2. Eh! i also wanna make animal porn !!!! u wait i link to lu later !

  3. woi! i am not a soft toy

  4. HOLY SHITE!!! I really dunno wot to say Suan… soft toys copulating on your blog… waaaahahaha… ROTFLMAO!!! Really funeee shite!!!

  5. I hope this animal carnage was not based on your own personal experiences. πŸ™‚

  6. Fuiyouh!

    Dear Suanie, I am Dr Sigmund Belacan Freud. According to my study of dreams, these photos indicate that you are highly sexed, which is good. so please dun deprive yourself. You are welcome. πŸ˜€

  7. omg..threesome! hahah =p

  8. Paul: yeah…. cun eh…
    wingz: ok i await!
    minishorts: no one said you are one!
    cmos: say thank you πŸ˜›
    DeathBringer: shush :O
    belacans: what’s your number again?
    reallybites: coz I couldn’t get the others to join in the fun… in real life it would mean I couldn’t balance every animal properly then…

  9. LOL!!!!You are a bad, bad girl πŸ˜‰

  10. i doubt any of them enjoyed it as they all had “soft toys”



  12. Whoa soft toy bestiality! no longer soft toys but harn pron! hahahaha

  13. whoah!! this is a NEW one…..soft toy porn!! wah, educational n can give meimei see hor? ;p

  14. archangel says:

    mating season ~meh??
    sniff ~sniff
    *nose bleed*

  15. LOL. Girl, go out, get some fresh air πŸ˜›

  16. Giant Sotong says:

    Arrrrgh! * nearly dies *

    Have a good one tonight, and good weekend.

  17. u need to get laid suan, but don’t call me.

  18. aiyoh… wot can i say…. haha.. oh… sakit… oh… nabeh…. hahahaha… oh..

  19. O. M. G. πŸ˜€

  20. After seeing it.. I feel d@mm hot horny.. =) hahahaha

  21. water_junk says:

    i got video of homemade animal porn too πŸ˜€


    i love animal porn !!!!!

  23. I think u r horny. wet dream last nite? πŸ˜› lolx.

  24. -sigh-

    If only the guys I’ve slept with were this cute.

  25. Thank you for fusing my headlights, now I can drive blind at night.

  26. WAH!!!! can i bring my furry animals next time???

  27. whoaa!! i’m going to look at soft toys differently from now on.

    seen real people (on the net lah), seen cartoons, seen anime but this first time seen soft toys.

    you are really something, suanie!

  28. That reminds me of Biology and kid’s sex education.

    – life feel

  29. Nah! Seen it all before – but in a book and with Teddy Bears.

    The book listed the authors and all their credentials which made them sexperts! Last Author mentioned was some guy named Colin … said he was a virgin, but was an expert on teddy bears! πŸ™‚

    First time i see it on net though. Well done.

    Hey Why is Spoons Kinky? Spoons was my favourite position (while Cow girl was me Ex’s)
    Why no Cow girl???? It’s very popular, even amongst stuffed toys (um … new meaning for STUFFED toys! hee hee!)

  30. hahah this is good shit !

  31. MorpheusX says:

    So people, now you know why girls get so many soft toys eh.. *wink wink*

    To play with them when they get horny and no ones around….

    Suanie: Thanks, this is something some good shit!
    You just made my day!!

  32. lol, sex… the animal way, by suanie.

    produced by toys r’ us


    a little different than normal post coming from suanie. πŸ™‚

    i love it.


  34. I set all the soft toys up in Ikea once in rude positions, beat that!

  35. oh you sick depraved soul

    gawd that was some funny shit
    thanks sweetie for the smile

  36. Bring on the beanie babies!! Who wants sex with Cthulhu??

    Whodathunk that blogging could be so much fun, or so educational??

    oh, and:


  37. Shan: spank me
    FA: well I just came back from RJ and it looked like someone was sooooo out …
    Kervin: one object, many uses. like the pokok kelapa
    Yvy: learnt something new or not?
    archangel: no ar
    oliviasy: going.. going..
    Giant Sotong: lol come back to life next Monday k
    KY: you think?
    ahseng: say thank you!!
    Sashi: giving you ideas yet?
    Thomas: now, you are the one who needs to go out get some fresh air πŸ˜›
    water_junk: okayyy….
    Terence: oh I bet you do!
    Niresh: ya think??
    Jay: haha HAHAHA picky picky
    8555: hmm…
    matakecik: can, we make full length video documentary
    lucia: lol I got teddy bear, Stitch, a platypus etc etc .. maybe next time
    Life Feel: but I bet it wasn’t this fun
    Dabido: we only take cows, not cowGIRLS
    michael: come back for more pls ty
    jimmy: manufactured by IKEA actually, produced by Suanie. would be fun to do the whole George Orwell’s Animal Farm
    Shiryen: of.course.not.
    ST: hmm KY and I did a light saber fight using the sticks with horse heads…
    Mastah F: hence the need for a bf! Found me any yet?
    Doom Lord: start your own blog.. NOW

  38. Hi, I’m newly ananonymous. Love the blog.

    Question: In ‘Also have to keep the man happy,’ is ‘she’ wagging?!

    The next sound you will hear is that of my innocence begging for mercy….

    Suanie, you the lady!

  39. omg! *LOL*
    you’re very creative indeed.
    this is really funny…..n those look kinda real too.

  40. There doing it like the Discovery Channel!

    Oh! I have a bunch of Teddy bears, that gives me an idea…

  41. its done !!!!! ALL DONE !!!!!

  42. The birth of a new genre of porn.
    Step aside animal sex, here comes suanie’s soft toy animal humping action!

    *jumping madly* Do one on barbie dolls! Do one on barbie dolls!!

  43. plink: oO hello πŸ™‚ the good thing about rats is that they like to do everything at hyper speed, so in answer to your question, s/he was definitely very very happy
    hayanna: real? REAL? HMMM what have you been doing, I wonder? πŸ˜›
    annie: a bunch of teddy bears would be like an in-house orgy, no?
    Wingz: yah I saw! you siao! hehe
    sakuragi: OMG I don’t have any more barbie dolls! But I have lots of books, some salt, pepper, ketchup, soy sauce, cooking oil, a laundry basket… maybe we can cook something up…

  44. FireAngel says:

    Pill + Liqour = BAD

    Spoil my nite oni. LOL

  45. myhorng says:

    Siao! but nice 1

  46. don’t forget about 69 πŸ˜›
    and also my favourite 619

  47. o yars…….think maybe i can bring my pooh bear n barney n then we can have a soft animal orgy, the MORE the merrier. lol!! ;p

  48. FA: ahuh.. πŸ˜›
    myhorng: siao like u
    Life Feel: rats got fat asses so they can’t 69
    Yvy: or transformers with barbie dolls

  49. Shame, shame… πŸ™‚

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