all your beer is belong to us

I hate it when people waste good beer. Good beer is like, precious commodity, you know!

Wasted Hoegaarden


Be mindful people! It’s not champagne; it’s not sexy! Oh the disrespect!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I’m not sure which one to like, the beer or the chick.

  2. Mmm, classy. You can tell from the expression on the girl’s face that she’s 110% Mensa material.

  3. heh.wats ur fav beer anyways?

  4. Giant Sotong says:

    No you can’t, you storyteller! C8-)

    …maybe it’s cheap beer.

  5. MorpheusX says:

    mmm….. Beer

  6. OMG you blaspheme!!!!!!!!! it’s hoegaarden!!!

  7. HOLY COW.. she’s wasting that amazing bottle of HOEGAARDEN beer!! What a lucky pair of tits.. heh heh. *slurp*

  8. The beer was not wasted la. It flows from her top to her bottom. I’m drinking the beer from her bottom.



  10. Hoi eyeris, beer is not your cup of tea lar… err coffee I mean.

  11. OMFG..>!>!>!>!


  12. damn that woman
    she should be taken into a public square and shot for that abuse to alcohol

  13. thank you goddess suan for introducing us the best tasting beer that is hoegaarden. lets hunt down the chick and shoot her together

  14. that girl is 1000% weirdo…..her breast is so far wide apart that beers just slip like waterfall….no longkang whatsoever

  15. Fireangel says:

    I think she’s not wearing her bra. So how come I can’t see nipples?

  16. FireAngel says:


  17. I wish to drink from her body. U photoshop that pic ka? why that girls boobs got no longkang one?

  18. BawangMerah: like me better
    T-Boy: I’ll have to study more on that one…
    reallybites: hoegaarden ๐Ÿ˜›
    MorpheusX: aye
    thefirstchristmas: WHAT tits ๐Ÿ˜ก
    Willwolf: okay….
    eyeris: Like Peter said, IT’S NOT KOPI OMGWTFBBQ YOU ARE DELUDED OREDI bwahhahahhah
    ST: YEAH I KNOW!!!!
    Mastah F: AYE!
    kim: next time we try something else!
    Terence: she not wearing a bra I think
    FA: dunno.. she bending backwards maybe… it’s your everyday party in the big US of A sweetie
    Kongtender: No leh… I got it straight from the source, shhh don’t tell them

  19. And suddenly those links have my undivided attention! bwahahahaaaa!

  20. Parties in the US – they so rich they can waste anything there.

    But don’t panic – it’s not like she was pouring perfectly good scotch away! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. you upset over the waste of beer or envy over her chest? :/

  22. Hoegarrden white taste like cough syrup after a while… give me Erdinger Dunken or Paulaner Munich dark anytime!

  23. I agree – n besides, wet beer on skin doesn’t smell too good after an hour or so…I should know ๐Ÿ˜‰ my best friend doesn’t call me The Beer Pervert for nothing!

  24. It’s not the spilled beer that troubles me (I’ve toppled the odd tipple meself)…I think they might be playing on a school night!!

  25. the answer is nipple tape. is it my imagination or does the sinner have pigeon chest?

  26. She should try and pour Teluk Bahang’s Kopi Jantan down her chest… then watch all the pakcik-pakcik in the warung go crazy… “Tuang lagi cik adik… TUANG LAGI… BIAR BASAH… PWEEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!”

  27. See? Told you. Generasi Pemuda Intelektual Berakhlak Alaf Baru.

  28. archangel says:

    em licking her dry later.. ^.^

  29. “my best friend doesn’t call me The Beer Pervert for nothing!”

    You have to pay them to call you that???? ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I hear your cries about spilt beer… and then I read the label… and see that it says Whoregarden… ewwwww listen you poor folks – THAT’S NOT BEER – it’s lemonade’n’cider shandy. Ewwww. Now, if she was pouring San Miguel, nectar of the gods, down her front, that *would* be a crime!

    In other news, ‘longkang’ means drain, according to my dictionary. Hmmm. But, another word for drain is gully… but, in English, gully generally is used, in reference to a woman’s anatomy, to another area, much lower down, in front of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, my guess is, ‘longkang’ means cleavage… oh, translation is fun. And I still might be wrong! But, well… anyway, I think I had a point… before I looked in my dictionary… which was that, er, yeah… it’s interesting reading this blog. Or something.

    Drink REAL beer: drink San Miguel! And if you get to lick it of a yanquee chica’s longkang then even better!

  31. Dabido: pfft beer pwns j00 big time
    KY: you think?
    ahseng: Paulaner is the shitz, no kidding but Hoegaarden White ain’t bad. Now if it were San Miguel I wouldn’t have given a shit… sigh
    Shan: haha smells like day-old puke after a while
    Dr. B: you are just trying to say that you are old. Ok you are ready for the next stage in life!
    LT: OMG LILLIAN TOO COMMENTING ON MY SITE!!! BWAHAHHAHA … hehehe you very crever jie..
    cmos: wtf… wouldn’t it burn!!! OMGWTFBBQ
    Doom Lord: yeap, ‘longkang’ means drain, and here it also means cleavage. My my, you are getting too smart for your own good. I won’t even start with the whole San shitty Miguel business….

  32. You got culture shock just because someone play wet Tshirt contest? eeuuu….

    what you tried Hellberger and Warsteiner Beer?

    a blog reader
    – Life Feel

  33. Tips : Do a google image search on WET SHIRT.

    YIppie !

  34. Nah, it’s not an age thing. I could never party hard knowing I had to face work the next day…imagine being in the shittest job in the world…and hungover/coming down…

  35. I won’t even start with the whole San [deleted] Miguel business….

    Good, I hate to see good beer wasted… :p

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