fucking miserable flu!!!

*In Singapore*

When is a holiday not a holiday?

When you are fucking sick like a raped goat forced to hibernate throughout spring and eat stale hay.

Because everything is tasteless to me. I mean Singapore is not known for her culinary expertise (*runs*) but there are some things I want to enjoy! Like Tony Romas or Ramas or something like that. I went there a couple years back and I could never forget the taste of their succulent ribs! But with this flu? I might have been eating 80 cents bread for all I know.

And that’s what I have been eating today. Yesterday Jaime bought some bread from Bread Talk and gave me one. I declined but she insisted and as they say, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! I’d always had this thing about branded bread… like Bread Talk and Bread Story… I thought they were fancy rip-offs with the price and all. But the bread sure is nice… and yesterday I went to buy some more bread for myself… OMG I CAN’T STOP EATING BREAD NOW!!!

S asked me if the air in Singapore was cleaner. DEFINITELY! KL is so polluted and hazy these days… and the week that I am in Singapore, a lot of places will see rationing of water (read : Kim) and bla bla bla… so I was glad that I got out of KL/PJ during this week. On the other hand this weird perverse thought came to mind… Maybe I got sick in Singapore because I am used to the dirty air in KL/PJ? My body has embraced the impurities and is actually dependable on it… Wow… this is no good man… Come to think of it, I almost always get sick when I go back to BP… maybe it is traveling down South in general.

So far there are many good things about Singapore though. Like how everyone queues up. Everybody waits for their turn. So proper and organised! Everyone drives so slow! Everyone stops at red lights! Well I know you are supposed to, but look at Malaysia!!!

And also some things are so cheap and easily available! Jaime and I have been wanting to get the Bar Grooves compilation CDs. KL is selling it for… RM110! Singapore is selling it for… SG$19.90! What the fuck!!! And the CDs are not even protected! Blah!

On Sunday Pinky, Winnie and Yuki took me to Prego’s at Raffles City for dinner. Then Pinky insisted on belanja-ing me. So good! I should go out with her more often NYAH NYAH NYAH!

Yesterday met up with Ash-RUFF who is nearly half-strangling himself to meet some Malaysians. Kesian mamak ni. Come back lah.

Tonight I’m supposed to meet the Ed but I don’t know if this will jadi? Coz I’m looking outside the hotel window and all is cloudy.

The rest of the trip, I’ll just sleep in, take my medicine, drink lots of water, eat bread. So much for a holiday.

I want to go shopping!!!

to singapore

I will be away for a few days.

In case you miss me, here’s a lovely endearing photo of my pretty self to keep you company until I return.

Teeth-baring Suanie

Be safe, see you.

if douglas adams was alive…

… he would flay all the people involved in this movie, take out their organs and feed them to the blasted fishes. Himself included.

Warning 1: Spoilers ahead.
Warning 2: This movie sucks ass.

Marvin the Paranoid Android

I swear I had no good expectations.

I knew the movie would not live up to the books.

I was prepared for it.

But everything has a limit.

I wasn’t prepared for the whole she-bang.

Most importantly, I wasn’t prepared for the extreme level of suckiness that supersedes Teenage Catgirls in Heat.

First of all, the opening scene dragged on for a long time. The dolphins were cute but not that cute. The point could have been delivered by half or three quarters of the total dolphin-featured scenes. That was the beginning of a cheeky rip-off version of Adam’s works.

I thought Mos Def was a little unnatural. Yes I understand that Ford Prefect is unnatural; what I mean is I didn’t think that Mos Def brought out Ford Prefect that well, his reactions seemed to be a second slower… I am no guru in acting skills nor films nor arts but heck! I paid for the movie ticket and that was what I thought!

And they totally massacred the whale scene, which incidentally is one of my favourite scenes!!! There are some things that are better appreciated in writing, like MY SPERM WHALE PLUNGING TO ITS MISERABLE AND UNTIMELY DEATH THINKING TO ITSELF! *sigh*

I like the CGI and technological what-not effects, the visual interpretation was quite good actually. And the scenes when the Infinite Improbability Drive took effect were hilarious. I like how they managed to bring out the Hitchhiker’s Guide the colourful way it was.

I didn’t like the Vogons. Well nobody really likes them in the first place but the evilness of the Vogons in this movie was too Hollywood. I didn’t like Trillian’s role here. Zaphod : too annoying though his flamboyance and high ego were duly noted. Thank you. Arthur… can’t complain. Marvin… disappointment. I just couldn’t connect Alan Rickman’s voice to Marvin. Sounding depressed is one thing, sounding like a snobbish upper class member of the Britain’s royal family is another. If you never read the book I highly doubt you would truly appreciate Marvin’s predicament.

Having said that, I understand it is not easy to bring a movie alive from a book such as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The erratic journey that spawned 5 books is not easy to cover. Still it would have been good if they concentrate on only, say the first book OR the first and second book.

But there is a positive side of the whole movie going experience. We watched it at the 1U’s new GSC cinema – wah lau it was fab! Except for the slow service behind the popcorn counters, everything else was great. The seats were cool, the space was cool, the sound was cool. I think KY will later write about this as well and he might tell you how cool the parking was.

So anyway…

I as an ardent Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series fan beg you to please watch this movie. THEN read the books and you will better appreciate the genius that was Douglas Adams.

Thank you.

pps bash was ons!

So many photos, so many people blogged (and will blog) about it.

So many familiar faces, so many new friends.

So much laughter, so much hunger (until food arrived).

So blur yet so happy.PPS 2nd Anniversary - Collage 1

PPS 2nd anniversary - Collage 3

Things I wanted to do, should have done, but didn’t :

  • Circulate a bit more to meet more people. I know you shy, but I shy too. All shy shy together lah!
  • Taken a photograph with Aiz. He so cute!
  • Brought my horns. Wanted to but last minute forgot about it as I was late.
  • Ate more of the birthday cake. IT WAS TOP NOTCH DELICIOUS SIAL!!!!
  • Followed Kenny back to his hotel NYAH NYAH NYAH! Oklah, I think he’s going to be really scared of me from now on.

PPS 2nd Anniversary - Collage 3

PPS 2nd anniversary collage 2

PPS 2nd anniversary - Collage 4

Congratulations to the winners, you all rock!
Those who didn’t win, you all rock too!
Those who were nominated but didn’t get into the final three, you all also rock!
Those who weren’t nominated, you all lagi rock!
Those who were there, you all rockers!
Those who weren’t there, you all rocketest!


And EVERYONE wants to get it on with Kenny and Huai Bin!!!

PPS 2nd anniversary - Collage 5


i don’t understand

I don’t understand why people who want to be taken as seriously as they claim would not attempt to look at both sides of the story and perhaps find some good light in it.

I don’t understand why people need a conspiracy to satisfy their personal belief that we are always headed for the worst.

I don’t understand why people have to be punished for being happy or lucky.

I don’t understand why our average normal lives are not enough.

I don’t understand why people think other people believe everything that is written.

I don’t understand why propagators of individualism and free speech look down on those who are trying to do the same.

Isn’t that one of the purposes, to get people to freely speak their minds?

Isn’t that one of the purposes, to guide people to think for themselves?

Isn’t that one of the purposes, to help us grow to become more mature, responsible and accountable?

Isn’t that one of the purposes, to promote awareness?

So if it’s personal, does it mean that it is meant to be taken as lightly as possible?

So if it’s personal, does it mean that we do not have opinions on things that matter to us?

So if it’s personal, does it mean that our views and thoughts are next to nothing?

So if it’s personal, does it mean that we have nothing to do with our lives and dwell only within our self-made worlds of fantasies?

At the end of the day, something I wrote strikes a chord with someone, and that is why he or she reads on.

At the end of the day, if you only know one language you are preaching to the converted. Similarly the ‘serious’ and the ‘light-hearted’ may write on the same issue, only handed out in different styles.

At the end of the day, it seems as if we were not one of ‘them’ who think the same way, we are automatically outcasts even though we have valid opinions about it.

At the end of the day, who are we trying to kid? Who are you trying to kid?