why does it always rain on me?

This morning on the way to work, I stopped by a petrol station in SS2 to… pump petrol lah what else…

So I was happily driving towards the Sprint highway en route to Midvalley. At the turn off to enter the highway I noticed something out of place. Something different about the left side of my car.

My fuel tank’s flap was wide open!


I stopped by the side of the road to close the flap.

Then cursed a lot.

Then drove back to the petrol station in SS2 via Sprint and Federal Highway.

Then kena laughed at by the attendant.

Then retrieved my fuel tank cap, screwed it back on and drove to Midvalley using the same route earlier.

Then was late for work.

All this aggravation and the huge detour in a car without air-conditioning (rosak).

To add salt to injury, I received a REAL injury.

A bleeding ugly deep scratch measuring three inches on my upper right arm, thanks to the horrified rush to close the flap.


I’m such a fucking sorhai sometimes.



  1. This does not instill confidence my dear…

  2. kimberlycun says:

    no need ciggy, pour sand in also enuff liao. kakakkaka nasib u realised sooner.

  3. Ouch…the fuel evaporates!

  4. *me puffs his ciggie*
    You’re kinda lucky I’m not around..

  5. maybe becoz you lied when you were 17? and 18? and 19? and 20? till now?


  6. At least you didn’t leave the fuel hose still stuck inside and drove off ahuahuah.. oii i feel like getting some porridge!

  7. NSDS3 : it seemed ok to me.. i just sked someone throw in a cig butt after smoking then masuk my tank then i kaput. one of those urban legends.
    S : u have no idea how young i am, doncha?? hehe
    boney : i not that sor hai ok

  8. Suan the blur, gg

  9. it’s ok HONEY…. u’re still cute….

  10. Dabido (Teflon) says:

    I know a girl who had that happen to her. The service station attendant filled up her tank, took her money, and then tapped her car on the roof and said, “You’re right to go!” So she drove off, and it pulled the petrol bowser over. The attendant tried to sue her for damaging his tank, and they went to court over it, but because he was the one who told her to drive off, it was his fault!

  11. lol…cibai….damn kau funny……..it would be funnier if you turn back to see the NO: 6 petrol kiosk following you with its hose still stuck to ya car…

  12. Dr. B : actually it’s a good thing; now that u are prepared for the worst, the good will be sweet and sulime 😀
    S-Yen : ty darling 😛

    *smacks warhead

  13. Your 5 questions:

    1. If someone were to offer you 10 million dollars or good health for you and your family, which would you choose and why?

    2. Would you prefer to be super good looking, or an academic genius? And why..

    3. If got a free trip round the world, with 5 destinations what would they be?

    4. If you had to choose, no sex ever again or no internet ever again which would you choose?

    5. Someone chartered you to produce a documentary that will be shown all over the world and could really make a difference, what would it be about?

  14. wahlao eh… like that oso can? power la u…

    if anything had gotten into the tank, u’ll have to flush the whole fuel tank. cheers!

  15. That was noob, woman!

    Hmm…come to think of it…I did once forgotten my patrol cap but I gotten something else in return…

    the whole petrol hose! @_@””

  16. viewtru says:

    Good thing it wasn’t raining. Cos you would be unlikely to notice it in the rain. Then rainwater gets into the petrol tank. Just thank your lucky stars that you were not stuck in the middle of the highway asking yourself “Why the fuck can’t this car run on rainwater?”

  17. Dabido (Teflon) says:

    Actually, I drive a Proton – a Malaysian car – and the fuel cap comes attached to the car, so even if I forgot to pu tit on, at least I wouldn’t have to turn around to go back to the petrol station, I could just stop and screw it in.

  18. god, Galvin did that!
    viewtru : I guess I am lucky in that sense but why can’t I be not unlucky at all? A question whose answer eludes me most of the time.
    Mark : erm.. cheers to that.. 🙁

  19. Ahhh…like going into a Ben Affleck movie & not spewing…

    …actually, that ‘s never happened…

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