TM rebranding

The original which I did using MS Paint was basically crap. So I smiled at Nic and he being so nice and lovely re-made it and now it’s all real pweetty and professional!

He also did this on his own accord, I thought it was freaking hilarious.

Ah well for RM 9 million, they can take a joke :)



  1. Get a copy of GIMP. It’s now a photoshop look a like … and it’s free. I’ll leave you to figure it out. It will give you something to play with for a while. :-)
    Just type GIMP into google …. and don’t get the Linux one if you are using windows! Ah! Linux! What would we do without it? ahhhhhh

  2. i like ~~~~

  3. well nic rocks my boat 😀

  4. The parody by nic had me rolling on the floor! :) he’s good, and i bet you know it! :)

  5. yeap nic’s great :)

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