The passing of blogs

Beloved family and friends of the blogosphere,

We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of two blogs who have in some way or the other enriched our lives with pleasing, sometimes shocking anecdotes. I would like to take a moment to bestow some praise upon the respective blog owners, as well as express my regrets that and will cease to be updated, maybe for good.

I first got to know of when the blog owner commented on an old blog of mine, also hosted at The comment sparked a curiousity in me like never before. I clicked on the link provided and found to my childlike delight that hey! maybe god was listening after all, maybe there IS someone who shares my contempt for boy bands and awful cheese hamburgers! Maybe… just maybe she could be my friend!

Fireangel, or Malaikat Berapi as she is fondly remembered was no less of an erupting volcano than the ferocity of Krakatoa. Many things in life she loved and hated with endearing passion, and she was not afraid to voice her anger or frustrations of a non-existant sex life unto her little own space on the Web. Through her words and many typos, we learnt that Fireangel loathed Mondays, Tuesdays,Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday mornings and Sundays. Like all bloggers, she also hated anonymous commentors who were too afraid to put a name to their words.

Oh but how she loved! Not many would dare embrace nor go through the fierce passion and enthusiasm for the things she loved. Perhaps a few tried but they lack the originality that be. Number one on the list that could be counted off with five fingers was the usage of the word ‘fuck’. In fact I dare say that Fireangel’s intimate relationship with this very word created her. Try as we might, we would never be able to use this word in our entire lives as much as she did on her blog.

The price of popularity is high. It could also cause REAL people around you to say or do things that hurt you. That was what happened to Fireangel and it got to her quite bad. Hence she made the decision to commit suicide, not without anger nor disappointment that some people could be SO shallow as to be so affected. was relatively new, having been in the scene for only 6 months. Yet good quality stuff are quickly recognised and it soon became a very popular blog. It was even the runner-up of the Asia Blog Awards 2004.

The Hustler (though now known as ‘the cheating hustler’) wrote about girls, boys, relationships, sex and maybe the occasional banana bread. Posts after posts, clicks after clicks – we have never failed to be entertained with ludicrous stories that got us thinking, could that have really happened?!? We were always left in absolute, unmitigated awe that The Hustler inspired between porn downloads.

Then one post did ’em all. One single post that entertained the heck out of everyone but those who failed to get any was the beginning of The Hustler’s death. I need not elaborate for most of you are familiar with the aspects of The Hustler’s work. Nevertheless the single strike of doom loomed.

Hate mail filled up The Hustler’s Gmail account. Vicious comments and blog entries were directed at him. Or her? Who really knows? Who really cares? The ones that made the biggest hoo-haas about it all were unable to differentiate between reality and the lack thereof. Entertaining and credibility? Entertaining OR credibility? I would offer those lamers a beer to move on with their lives, but I knew that even Budweiser would fail to give them a good hard grip.

And so another blog dies.

Both blogs were driven to death by one cause – pressure. Circumstances leading to the final moments were as different as they could be, yet they bear the same pressures of ignorance, vendetta and jealousy. You would donate to those vindictive people RM5 for a good blowjob at Chow Kit – but add another RM1.50 and you could buy for yourself a pack of cigarettes.

The good ones die young.

How true.

Thank you for reading.



  1. dieded? how can this be? quick! perform CPR!! i’ll do FA. u do Hustler. damn it, i aint losing u…

    *char char, lick lick*

  2. That was a great eulogy. You can’t imagine how moved I was by your words. I was practically in tears by the time I read the part where you said you can get a good blowjob in Chow Kit for RM5? I mean, come on, for RM5 it really can’t be that good! Oh, okay……..great eulogy.

  3. Seems like has gone too ๐Ÿ™

  4. michaelooi says:

    who knows they’re sprouting another blog somewhere ? be opti

  5. loonatik says:

    hmm..they will be back, using a different moniker, Can!

  6. At first i was mourning about these two great blog’s funeral, but i slowly came to realise when i was sipping a couple hundreds of vodka neat with my friend, Akira, and ponder up upon the stars, that is only what they called, the great passing (suan has foresight) when older stars die, new ones came about.

    at least these two bloggers will forever go down in history as one of the greatest bloggers. and not drag the story on and on until nobody reads them anymore…..bravo….i would say, a good show…..clap clap clap clap….a good finale ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. hmmm…! I have read the posts of few webloggers about the hustler. I am not malaysian, nor am I a singaporean, also I haven’t known the hustler diaries before. But I think, those webloggers might be taking a rest and one day start blogging again. Who knows? Agree with michaelooi.

    Anyway, interesting blog you have ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Dabido (Teflon) says:

    Makes me thank the unpopularity of my blog.

  9. huh.. I didn’t even get a chance to read what killed the Hustler.

    Haiya.. why so problematic one? Blog is supposed to be a personal thing. What’s with all the pressure thing?

  10. Suanie, I just want to say that you SHOUT out my mind loud and clear in this post of yours. Thank you.

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