Banana fritters

This is something cute from my 16 year old days. I just added a few more lines to make it sound not like a 16 year old. The rough English translation is as below.

pisang goreng

Goreng pisang fried bananas
Here take this one, ini masih panas
My fried bananas are good to eat
Tepung pun garing senang digigit
Pisang ini pisang nangka
Oh yes it is as sweet as gula melaka
Sekali cuba nak lagi rasa
Don’t eat one eat two
Because if you eat one
You will want to eat two
Tentumu tak puas makan satu
Satu tak cukup, makan dulu
Kalau nak goreng lagi kena tunggu
Lepas makan jangan lupa bayar
Because if you don’t nanti aku cucuk tayar
If you can’t drive home aku gelak ketawa
Tulah, nak makan free, padan muka.

(Banana fritters, banana fritters
Here take this one, it is still hot
My fried bananas are good to eat
The flour is crispy it’s easy to bite into
This is the ‘nangka’ type banana
Oh yes it is as sweet as gula melaka
Once you tried it you would want more
Don’t just have one, have two
Because if you have one
You would want two
You won’t be satisfied with just one
Finish eating the first one even if it is not enough
If I were to fry more bananas you would have to wait
After you are done eating do not forget to pay
Because if you don’t pay I would bust your tyres
If you can’t drive home I would just laugh at you
Serves you right for wanting my fried bananas for free)


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