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Everyday is a Valentine’s day

This reminds me of something from my childhood.

Some years back my mom was a tad upset with me for not giving her anything for Mothers’ Day (she still gets upset with me now for various other reasons), not a card and not even a wish of Happy Mothers’ Day. She went into a fit and would not talk to me the entire day; trust me, it’s pretty bad if you live with your folks full time. But being the rebellious sulking teenager that I was, I shut myself in my room and refused to talk to her too, silently disdaining her shallow need to feel special on this over-commercialised theme day.

Easily the first reaction of someone who would grow up to become an arrogant over-bearing bitch (at times), I tell you.

Ten minutes in my solitary resentment, I began to feel pretty bad. After all I did forget the significance of the day. I proceeded to make an elaborate card for me mom with a whole paragraph explaining why I do not feel that one singled-out day would compensate her love and sacrifices, and that this whole Mothers’ Day business is over-rated and too commercialised, but Happy Mothers’ Day and I love you.

Very luckily I got away with it.

Lesson learnt #1 : Even if you do not celebrate theme days, it does not mean that others would think the same as you.
Lesson learnt #2 : Pieces of cardboard, crayons, colour pencils and bits of lacy stuff leftover from the Barbie-days lying around the house could bloody well save your life. And your pocket money.

If you talk about Chinese New Year and other cultural festivals, I can understand the need to purchase certain things related to the celebrations. But ‘special’ theme days?

I have no doubt that manyx10000 people like me are baffled at why one needs to be reminded to appreciate another, especially if the person is constantly in our lives. And on one day too; never mind the other 364 days of office slavery and broken hearts and pools of salty tears and not so expensive roses and dinners.

And I bet that out of the many many many many people who think like me, more than half would succumb and go along with the whole love-ideas-for-purchase gimmick.

And from that off-hand figure, quite a few would do last-minute purchases, giving in to the shady red lights of emotional capitalism. Or the longing for physical love to follow.

It is worse if your partner readily expects you to give more than just a sincere love greeting and your bedroom skills. How thick-skinned can one get?

If your male partner needs one pitiful excuse of a February 14th to buy you something nice or treat you extra well, DUMP HIM.

If your female partner just sits around waiting for you to spend your $$ extravagantly on this day, FUCK HER AND BE DONE WITH IT!

Repeat after me :



Hallmark and Memory Lane only want one thing : money.

YOUR money.

That which is…

MY money.

Hold firm your resolve and chant :


Happy Valentine’s Day.