Sex education, Suanie-style

Before this recent barrage of news on snatch thieves and robbery, there was renewed interest in the local media on rape and baby abandonment cases.

While I think getting raped is no fun, I do not consider myself worthy enough to educate the masses on rape prevention. And while I think that some girls look most unflattering in tight-fitting apparel that lack cloth material, it does not mean they are easy targets for rape; it means they have an appalling fashion sense. I can tell you that rapists could rape even 80-year old grandmothers, so forget the crap religious, highly conservative people telling you that it was brought on by yourself. Click here for more on rape prevention.

What I am trying to achieve here is to hopefully through general knowledge, personal and non-personal experiences, logical and sensible advise (ahem) bring more awareness about this thing called sex. Not to be confused with love, but that is another story.

Why this honourable decision, O mighty Suanie?

Sex education in Malaysia is almost non-existent. Speaking from my school days, the first official education on sex was when you were 15 – Form 3, Sains Bab 1. Then after that, nothing unless you chose Science stream and took biology class. The information offered in the pitiful first chapter of our Form 3 science textbook came with some diagrams and was mostly about the reproductive organs. General facts, facts and more facts but not enough discussion on the birds and bees coming together.

Fuck the pun.

I am not a doctor. I am not a psychologist. I am not Samantha Jones.

I am Suanie.

And Suanie knows… things.

And I am offering all this information free-of-charge. Be glad.

Many Malaysians are uncomfortable with the sex topic. Then there are the extremely pious ones, religion-wise who brought their kids up on stringent rules then cry foul when their offspring seemingly out of nowhere sprout more offspring.

Then there are the cultural hold backs. My mom has been a teacher all her life, yet she thinks that sex education for her Standard 6 pupils (12 years old) is not recommended. Too much information might scar them, she reasoned. Yes but no information would scar them even more.

But anyway.

Through ‘For Fuck Sake’ I will be touching topics on general sex education then proceed to sexual enjoyment and everything else in between.

If you heard the stories of girls just lying on their backs staring at the ceilings as often as I had, you too would want to jolt them to their senses.

But that’s just me. I don’t think of sex as a relationship or marriage obligation. I think of it more along the lines of responsibility, enjoyment and awakening.

Any names I would be mentioning would have been changed for anonymity. I decided I want to be this liberal but I understand if other people do not.

In case you are wondering, I am pro-choice. And seeing homosexuals kiss in public is not disturbing to me. I approve of gay marriage. I am all for legalised prostitution. If you hate your dick and wish to have boobs, go ahead.

I do not approve of non-consensual sex (it is called rape, people), incest (and you wonder why the Amish folks are weird) and maybe a long line of other stuff that you would maybe discover. I do not approve of 12 year old girls willingly trading their bodies for branded clothes.

But that’s Suanie.
And Suanie rocks.



  1. err..whers d education?? πŸ˜›

  2. la.. wait la… takkan i post everything one shot…

  3. I want SUMMORE!

  4. Sex education in M’sia? Bwaaaahahahaha… we learn more on TV than the whole chapter which is being taught in Form 3.

  5. You rock young lady, more chix0rs with your attitude and the world would truely be a better place ………….. hail Suanie πŸ™‚

  6. Harumph, sex education is really non existance in malaysia as much as they might want to claim it does. People always see sex education as something taboo and evil or only to be share with someone really really in love with. making more and more female in particular fell into deeper and deeper depression.

    As compare to white walking society, sex is almost certain an activity to be enjoyed due to maybe you like that someone and maybe you want make yourself feel nicel. Not ” oh, you’re my first, i must always be with you, please do not lie to me”

    get a life, in fact get two.

    Lack of sexual exposure also made male acted weirdly thus having lust, desire unsatisfied. where do they take it to ? Rape or molesation.

    To all your future parents out there, please educate your children the proper usage of sex. Most important rule is that, teach them how to be safe as we can’t control the amount to them, let them know how it will affect everyone if they are not safe.

    Secondly, tell them sex can be fun. No obligation sex means really, no obligation mentally and physically. After all, orgasm is the best relief to us.

    Why am i wriitng such a long comment when i can bloody blog my own…biachhhssss

  7. wah… ah suan is back! sex education is good. we learnt all our chops from porn video tapes… hahaha

  8. lol god πŸ˜› actually your point of view is debatable… but if dans brown is right then everything is a conspiracy anyway. πŸ˜›

  9. God is correct…for once, it’s a revelation in itself.
    We all live in a sexually repressed society, people are uneducated and thus ignorant about sex and the associated emotional and social issues involved. That’s why the rate of sex crime here is SO high, I also believe it’s partially due to the Islamic doctrines and the fact this is a Muslim country…but that’s an entirely different story all together. The fact is people should be educated about sex, they should know the facts and more than just the biology.

    Look at Japan, on the surface they are even more repressed, but there is a low rate of sex crime…Why you ask? Because behind closed doors they are the kinkiest motherfuckers on the planet..Seriously there are a lot of problems here…the way sex is dealt with is one of them.

    Sex is not a bad, dirty or necessary evil, it’s a beautiful union between yin and yang, orgasm is the split second when you come close to God (if you have a God), physically speaking the moment when your brain becomes totally devoid of thought. It can also just simply be a physical pleasure shared with another human being…none of this is wrong nor evil and should be embraced as such.

  10. Very well said G …. Totally agree with you (partly because what I was thinking was said and furthermore you wrote it better hehehe)

  11. sex education in malaysia – yup form 3 science class and i scored (gosh sound so depraved) anyway learnt abt sex through mills and boon books (aiya! now i sound so lame). u got a point there fluffy wuffy

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