It could only be Damien

One night at Misai during a semi-serious discussion on ghosts and the nether world :

Damien, “You know what’s my greatest fear? That when I die and go to hell, they all start speaking in Chinese to me and I wouldn’t know how to reply them.”



  1. And I lauged like cock…that was funny.. OMG MY COFFEE TABLE ROCKS

  2. LOL…hahhahahahahah…..he worries that after he die ? lol !@!@!@!@!…..didn’t he know underworld king speaks many languages, including binary ? hahhahahahha

  3. LOL…. Damien, just tell them in mandarin ” Wo Yao Chao Ni !”

  4. wo yao gen ni zhuo ai, you mean

  5. No no are all so wrong, all he needs to know is ‘wo ai hardcore sex’

  6. who knows in hell. hokkien could b the international language?

  7. I hope they have babelfish there

  8. hahaha… too funny! hahahaha….

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