Sick in the head… maybe

I have been sick, struck by severe tonsillitis – however that is spelt. Initially I thought Chinese medicine would rid my woes but as fate would have it, Western technology has the cure.

I also realised that the monthly #2 Black is in East for September. Since my house faces East and the #2 is the Sickness Star… well there you go. Also should have realised earlier that Western medicine, not Chinese medicine would help my sickness this time round. Oh well.

One reason I didn’t update since the last post was because I was ‘in touch’ with that post. It is all just pure shameless, uncensored desire, yearning, wanting for something more. Feelings, the next one stronger than this and after that and after that and after that.

Another reason was because there is nothing certain in life and in many cases, when you are down the only way to go is up. I am still… not believing? Will take a long time for it to sink in.

But I think whether or not the boat will come again is not that important. Many things are out of one’s control. So long the boat is here and now, that keeps the harbour happy. When the boat sails everything will be back to normal. Or not. Depends on what the boat is really carrying. I don’t know. No one will know except for the captain. All remains to be seen. So if you know, don’t ask me anymore. I won’t be able to tell you more than what I have said.

CherryB, you are very right. I think the worrying takes precedence over being comfortable. But I can tell you now, I guarantee that you would be smiling all the time, in your heart, even long after everything is done with. That, I think makes the wait worthwhile. And that is why we keep holding on.



  1. ShaolinTiger says:

    Well life is pretty fucked up. I knew it all along…but well it’s been firmly reinforced now. Shit happens, life goes on, we still have our friends and those people that care about us…those people that show it in times of need are important…those who shrug it off show their real face. I am fucked, life is fucked…but I STILL HAVE DOTA. Man hardcore sex is great (especially the kinky european variety).

  2. the only way to go when u are down is up. chin up. love u

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ahem and ok–maybe you should go get your tonsillitis checked out? If it’s really bad-ass you might need power antibiotics or if it’s really really bad like MJ then a tonsillectomy is in place. Get rid of em’ once and for all, and have plenty of ice cream later *shrugs*
    pls take care btw!

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