Enter the new year

The party at ST’s was great, even Terence was there. Jaime and I left early as I was tired and had some packing to do.

On a national scale the country did not celebrate at all, even Alan Tam and Hacken Lee’s countdown concert was canceled and the ticket money refunded. Everyone has their own opinion on this issue; that our Prime Minister asked that all grand scale celebrations to usher in the new year be done away with and that he hopes private sectors would follow suit. Some say that it is the right thing to do in light of the recent disaster, some say that it’s rubbish and there should be celebrations of life.

I think to myself, what life? If you are talking about the survivors, well most of the survivors are in high danger of dying as we speak. Yes people should go on living, no use mopping around and things get even more depressing, the PM has no right to tell us what to do and vice versa. True but sometimes I think we all need a little direction. Especially with something unexpected.

But most people I know still attend private parties. Life goes on, tourists in Thailand continue to sunbathe, c’est la vie. To each his/her own, I have no beef with that.

BBC’s piece on how the new year was celebrated in some countries.

On a lighter note, here are some last minute Suanie awards commemorating the year that was.

Man of the year : me dad, Ronny comes in close at second
Woman of the year : me mom
Movie of the year : Spiderman 2
Book of the year : The DaVinci Code (say what you like, this book made the most impact)
Entertainer of the year : DJ Tiesto
Reality TV of the year : The Apprentice 2
Event of the year : my cousin’s wedding
Party of the year : Zouk F1 and Zouk’s opening night
Moment of the year : When I realised that I was not going to die there and then
Noob of the year : Damien

There you go. I won’t be back till Wednesday, going home to attend a good friend’s wedding and to spend time with my folks. Have a good new year, let’s hope it does not suck as much as the last one.



  1. Youre an agnostic?

    Aha nice, and besides I worked at Zouk from the opening, but I doubt I could have remembered any face I didnt know.

    Nice blog.

  2. TheGreatFaggot says:

    FYI : GOD had a deep cut on his eyebrow =D trying to carry G

  3. an agnostic hopeful, that’s why im a buddhist, therein lies the difference ๐Ÿ˜‰ happy new year

  4. counting crows is good, or was good, i like the recovering the satellites album, but lately its been..just not what think of counting crows.

    but then at that point waiting at rock the world to start it was goddamn depressin.

    I like buddism, theres no sky god come down give revalation, doesnt require absolute dogmatic faith,doesnt apply to a certain group. I just think its rational based and always has the softer passive voice of telling thigns. Budda wasnt god , he was enlightened. but the sad fact of reality is buddism as a religion, for most parts and sects, its goddamn riled with rituals and stuff like that. but then i dont need to name a philosophy of life that is for me.

    aha im beginning to like you ;P

  5. fireangel says:

    Happy New Year!
    Apamacam angmoh punya party?

  6. Happy New Year! May it be better than the last.

  7. kimberlycun says:

    Happy New Year *hugs**

    he’s ostentatious and a damn bloody NATO. i miss the old fella ๐Ÿ™

  8. nice blog gal!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Tiesto is great… how bout Armin Van Buuren?

  10. ta hustler ๐Ÿ˜‰ armin is ok, is different, not so edgy anymore (p/s vad3r said his KL gig sucked)

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